Eyce Hammer Pipe Review - Hammer of the Gods
Build Quality78%
Smoke Quality76%
Look & Feel85%
Ease of Maintenance80%
80%100Overall Score

Today we’re taking a look at the Hammer, a molded silicone piece from our friends over at Eyce. This is a traditional bubbler with an all-in-one twist, as it contains many of the features we’ve grown to expect in the market for all-in-one water pipes as well as some rather unique qualities for a bubbler. Considering how wallet-friendly the price is, the Hammer might be precisely what you’re looking for. Eyce is certainly getting a lot of love on social media lately, but is it deserved? Let’s dive into the specifics and see what the hype is all about.

Product Pros

  1. Unbreakable silicone body
  2. Snap-in glass bowl
  3. Hidden storage container – built-in
  4. Stainless Steel Poker – built-in

Product Cons

  1. Hard to judge hit size due to opaque body


Eyce Hammer Silicone Pipe Review: Breakdown

Eyce Hammer Silicone Pipe side view


Build Quality

Build Quality

Like many other products we receive from Eyc, this one is made of molded silicone. This means that breakage and cracks are a thing of the past. Bubbles are built for travel, and this particular model is even better than typical. This piece is perfectly sized for stashing in a duffel or backpack, particularly due to it’s all in one quality.

The snap-in bowl was a worrying feature that I actually found rather pleasant. The ability to rapidly switch from concentrates to flower with ease is yet another benefit to a brand that specializes in adding special features. The piece is light but still sturdy, and I was delighted by the (seemingly) rear don intentions in the body, which actually serve to aid you in passing, holding, and loading this piece.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

Smoke quality is not the area in which this style of the piece will shine. It smokes fell, it will deliver larger clouds, seized lungs, and coughing fits, if that’s what you happen to be into. The Hammer is also perfectly designed to serve up snaps and smaller hits for those who prefer to keep their composure in a session.

What the Hammer fails at spectacularly is allowing the particular user to determine which sort of hit they would like to take. A completely opaque body leaves experienced smokers to rely on hit time and draw strength in order to make a rough estimation of the size of the hit they have amassed within its chamber.

Less experienced smokers are left to guess and hope for the best. It’s a pretty glaring flaw which one has to get over in order to really enjoy an Eyce piece.

Eyce Hammer Silicone Pipe mouth piece




Look and Feel

I really enjoy the aesthetic of the solid-colored Hammer. Unfortunately, red is the only solid color it comes in. Those who would prefer another color will have to make do with Eyce’s signature (and wholly unfortunate) “swirled” options.

These unique pieces are composed of three or more colors of silicon all injected into the same mold in order to form one piece. The color choices appear to be random combinations of unrelated shades, rather than any sort of themed mixes drawing from color theory or aesthetics.

They are ugly online and they are, if anything, less attractive in person. Aesthetics aside, this piece has a pleasant feel to it. Even when the hidden container is removed, the head still has enough weight that it can sit upright unsupervised. The quality level is clearly there, and it’s clearly a bargain as far as manufacturing quality is concerned.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

Cleaning this piece is a complicated exercise. For starters, when do you clean it? The opaque body means that you may forget to remove the residue and particulate matter that gain gather anywhere that water splashes within the piece. Let’s assume that you undertake a regular cleaning schedule in order to avoid developing clogs or buildup.

Very good! How do you know when you’ve finished cleaning the Hammer? This piece is relatively easy to physically clean, but in practice, it quickly becomes a tedious effort. All of these factors combine to create a situation in which purchasers are likely to clean this piece far less frequently than hygiene would recommend.

Eyce Hammer Silicone Pipe back view


Even with all its flaws, there is no denying that this piece is an incredible bargain. If you’re the sort of smoker with an appetite for outdoor adventures, this is probably going to serve you quite well. The all-in-one functionality and the indestructible silicone body are a pretty tough combo to match.

However, this piece is not suitable to be your daily driver. The opacity makes it difficult to use and even harder to maintain. The smoke quality is acceptable, but certainly not exceptional, or even impressive. The only reason to purchase this piece is if you are specifically looking for a rugged piece to travel with.

If you are looking for more of a unique take on the modern pipe be sure to check out the Genius Pipe and for a more affordable glass spoon pipe check out the Jane West Spoon.

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