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Build Quality86%
Vapor Quality81%
Look and Feel86%
80%100Overall Score

Today we’re excited to be reviewing the Firefly 2. For those of you who are familiar with the original Firefly, we want to start by saying this really is a new and improved, upgraded version of the original. Some of you may recall that the first Firefly launched with a ton of hype but kind of fell flat and didn’t live up to the expectations. The Firefly 2 shatters them. There are so many things to love about this thing. On-demand, pure convection heating? Yes, please!

That’s not all it has to offer though. If you are looking for a premium vaporizer, then this is a very good place to start because overall this thing is fantastic. There are a few minor setbacks that we wish would have been addressed, and we’ll be sure to go over these thoroughly in the review.

Product Pros

  • On-demand, convection heating
  • Works great with concentrates
  • Outstanding vapor flavor
  • Smaller and lighter than the original
  • Comes with 2 batteries

Product Cons

  • Heating chamber is a bit small
  • Can only charge batteries when inside the unit

Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Where the original Firefly was a bit bulky and awkward, the Firefly 2 is sleek and elegant. They put a ton of work into making sure this was built well, and it really shows. From the moment you open the packaging, you can tell that you have received a premium product. It’s not often that the packaging of a vape can get you excited, but somehow this does.

The actual design is also superb. All of the materials are flavorless and foodsafe, and the vapor pathway is made entirely of glass. The on-demand convection heating is a first in the vaporizer world as far as we know, and it is awesome. It only takes a few seconds to go from nothing to fully heated and producing amazing vapor.

Following in the footsteps of the Crafty, there is also an app associated with the Firefly 2. The layout is incredibly simple and straightforward, so you shouldn’t have any problem figuring out how to use it. This is the only way to set the temperature, and you can also check the battery life here.


Vapor Quality

Wow. Talk about great flavor. This is what all vaporizers should aspire to deliver. There are a few things that the Firefly 2 does differently that I think helps deliver this next-level performance. The first is the on-demand, convection heating. This means that when you aren’t pressing the button and inhaling, your herbs aren’t being heated. Nothing at all is being vaporized off, including the flavor-producing terpenes.

The other thing that probably helps is the all-glass vapor pathway. This makes sure your vapor isn’t reacting with plastics or metals and subtly affecting the flavor.

As an added bonus, this also delivers great vapor from concentrates. You get three concentrate pads in the box that you have to place in the heating chamber first, but other than that vaping concentrates is exactly the same process as dried herbs. We’ve heard reports of many people switching to this instead of their normal wax pens for overall convenience.

While the Firefly 2 excels in delivering flavorful vapor, cloud chasers may be frustrated, at first. The different heating style means you can’t really pick this up and start using it like any other vaporizer and get the exact same results. Play around with draw speed and length if you want to get bigger clouds and denser vapor. We found that long, continuous draws worked best, but we’ve also seen reports that puffing it like a cigar works well.


Firefly 2 heating chamber closeup


Look and Feel

Everything about the Firefly 2 looks and feels high-end. The packaging is awesome, the design is incredible, and the materials are high quality and well-machined. Like I was saying before, they were clearly trying to position this as a top-level vape and I think it worked.

We’ve seen quite a few places throwing around allusions to this being the iPhone/Apple of vaporizers. That’s actually a pretty good comparison, but if you don’t like Apple, don’t let that comparison stop you from considering this vape.



I’ll start with a positive note. I was really impressed by the lack of odor produced by the Firefly 2. In that regard, you can use this in relatively public locations and not draw too much attention because of the smell being put off.

The problem is visually this looks like a pipe when you use it. If you are trying to fly under the radar, I’d suggest making sure that you aren’t in anyone’s line of site when using this.

Firefly 2 on charging dock


Ease of Use

This is another area where I’m conflicted. Overall, the Firefly 2 is incredibly easy and straightforward to use. You just fill the chamber, press the buttons to engage the heat, and then take a draw after a few seconds of heat up time. There is even a light that will begin to blink when you press the buttons and then turn solid when it’s fully heated, ensuring you know exactly when it’s ready. Cleaning it is as easy as any vaporizer I’ve ever cleaned, which is also a nice feature that most people never consider.

There are two drawbacks. The first has to do with the batteries. You get two, which is awesome, but you can’t charge a battery unless it’s inside the unit. It would make a whole bunch more sense to have an external charging option so that you can charge one battery while the other is in use. On top of this, there is no pass-through charging which means even though you have two batteries, you’ll be dealing with regular downtime to get the batteries ready. On the plus side, owners of the original Firefly can use their old device as an external charger!

The other frustration has to do with the app. There isn’t anyway to change the temperature setting without accessing the app. With how connected most people are to their phones, this may not seem like a big deal, but it would have been nice to simply cycle temperatures by clicking the buttons.



The Firefly 2 is definitely a lot more portable than the original. Its considerably smaller and lighter, making it much more convenient to carry around in your pocket. 

There is room for improvement in terms of battery life though. Even though this comes with two batteries, the combined battery life is really just on par with most average vaporizers. They could fix this easily by offering a simple external charger, allowing you to make sure you always have one battery charged.

The other issue that affects portability is the need to stir your herbs during your session to get an even cook. While this is not a problem at home, it is a serious problem when trying to get a session in out and about. On a windy day your not going to want to pop off the lid to give your herbs a stir. This issue is compounded by the lack of a built in stirring tool which forces you to carry around a separate tool just to stir your herbs.

The Firefly 2 really is best suited for home use; while it is small enough to be considered portable, this unit demands a more controlled environment for proper functionality.

Firefly 2 heating chamber


This is going to be a very popular portable vaporizer for some time to come. The manufacturers really nailed a bunch of important metrics, including vapor quality and overall design. While the price may seem high to some, it’s worth every penny.

If you are looking for a truly high-end vaporizer, then this should make it on your short list. They did a very good job making sure this was a true upgrade over the original, and not just an update. If you were a fan of the first Firefly, then you’ll rave over this one. You can pick up your Firefly 2 from, they offer free shipping on orders over $100.

If the price tag is just too high but you’d still like to get outstanding vapor quality, consider a unit like the Utillian 720. The design is quite as slick, but it’s still a fantastic vaporizer.

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As always, let us know what you think! What do you like or not like about the Firefly 2? Have you tried it with concentrates? Leave a comment below and help our community find the perfect vaporizers…

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One Response

  1. Riik

    I agree with your FF2 review. I’ve had one for few months now.
    The quality of vapor is excellent, it is very ‘economical’ to run and the easiest to clean.
    I agree with you on its main drawbacks being the battery charging system and its lack of portability because of the need to stir that shallow bowl.
    I found that the learning curve on how to use it properly makes it a truly personal vape, not one for sharing. Too many boxes have to be ticked to make it a good experience. To be pedantic, the smoke pathway is not purely glass but it also has the metal and plastic found in the ugly mouth piece, pity. I found the phone app not too reliable, battery charge always seems to always be off mark.
    As a side comment, 3 of us ordered a FF2 and 2 of these were operational but faulty, getting this redressed was not easy and took the best of 4 weeks.
    All that said, I would still recommend this vape but to the purist. As much as I luv my FF2 I have other vapes for daily use.


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