Firefly Vaporizer Review
Build Quality80%
Vapor Quality55%
Look and Feel55%
Ease of Use60%
66%100Overall Score

Welcome to the Firefly vaporizer review! Today we’re taking a look at a portable vaporizer that is loved by many enthusiasts for it’s size and functionality. This unit has done pretty well for itself in terms of it’s popularity and that coupled with requests from some of our readers put this unit on the top of our list of reviews for the new year! Without further delay, let’s get into the Firefly vaporizer review to get a closer look at the unit from the Seattle-based company of the same name!

Product Pros

  1. Easy to use
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Looks kind of cool

Product Cons

  1. No temperature display
  2. Temperature not precise
  3. Expensive
  4. Battery doesn’t last very long
  5. Too big to be very portable
  6. Heavy
  7. Magnets wear out quickly because of heat


Firefly Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Firefly has some good build quality, something that we expected given the fact that the unit is as heavy as it is. The Glass used in the vaporizer is FDA approved, food-safe glass and the vapor pathway is stainless steel. The button on the side of  the unit that’s used to engage the heating element is pretty securely placed in the unit and is quite responsive. The rest of the body is aluminum with a powder coating. The unit is pretty simple and there aren’t many moving parts on it. All the parts that can be removed are pretty well machined and fit together pretty nicely, but the top of the unit is magnetic. This would be okay, but the heat of the unit itself, causes the magnets to wear out over time and before you know it, you’ll have trouble keeping the top of your unit securely in place. This is the first of many disappointments that arise from a unit that’s in the same price range as the Ascent.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality from this unit is pretty poor for a few reasons. The first is that the unit’s screen only serves to hold the herb in place, not actually filter the smaller particles out of the vapor. When you take a draw, the vapor moves through a grove in the magnetic top. There is nothing to keep the particles from moving through that groove as well, which means many draws will come with a little bits of your herb, which isn’t exactly desirable. The second thing is that the stainless steel channel that the vapor moves through is warmed by the heat of the unit, which means your vapor gets to your mouth quite warm and can be pretty irritating. The last thing that really kills the performance of this unit is that the unit can actually burn your herb if you aren’t careful how you use it.

Firefly Vaporizer Review - Firefly on its side


Look and Feel

The unit looks pretty cool. It has a sort of sleek and stylish look to it with the build materials and the overall design. It’s got a pretty minimal look to it which makes it seem like it might offer more than it does. The feel is interesting when it comes to this unit because it is much, MUCH heavier than you’d originally suspect when looking at the unit. It’s about double the weight of most cell phones and sort of awkwardly shaped. It doesn’t exactly look like the most amazing vaporizer on the market and it feels way heavier than it should be for a portable unit, and together that puts it below average in this category.



Good luck being discreet with this vaporizer. The thing is pretty massive for a portable and doesn’t fit well in your hands, so concealing it in your hand is pretty much impossible. This isn’t helped by the way you use it, which is sort of reminiscent of using a pipe. It definitely looks pretty conspicuous while in use and doesn’t disappear very easily which spells out a pretty terrible score in this category.


Ease of Use

This unit is incredibly easy to use. There is literally only one button and one switch on the unit; all you have to do is flip the switch to the on position and press the button to engage the heating element. It’s a lot like the MFLB or the Palm 2.0 in that respect and is a pretty good unit for a beginner when it comes to functionality. The problem this unit has is when it comes to how long you engage the heating element. This unit has the ability to burn your herb, so mastering a technique to get vapor that’s just right for you can take some time. That learning curve is something we doesn’t exactly shun in all unit, but when it comes to a unit that’s in the same price bracket as premium units like the Solo and the Ascent, this isn’t really acceptable.



The size and shape is the first major issue for this unit in terms of portability. The unit is pretty awkwardly shaped and pretty big to boot. This means you’ll find it difficult to store this unit in your pocket between sessions or while you’re in transit. This second thing that stands in this unit’s way of being really portable is the fact that it’s quite heavy. Even if you do manage to find a pocket big enough to hold this unit, it will weigh down that pocket significantly to the point where you won’t be able to go anywhere or do anything without the constant reminder that the Firefly is still with you. The last thing is that despite the size and weight, the battery is actually pretty terrible. It only lasts about 3 sessions, which is pretty bad considering the size, weight, and fact that the unit doesn’t have any displays that could suck energy from the unit beyond just engaging the heating element. To make matters worse, the unit heats up quite a bit, and the heat will degrade your battery’s overall life pretty quickly.


To sum things up, this unit isn’t exactly a total failure, but given the fact that the unit has such a high price tag, we expected a lot more from this unit. At this price, we’d expect temperature control, better vapor quality, and way better battery life, but this unit couldn’t provide that. This unit left us wanting more, as it seems almost like a metal Magic Flight, and less like the premium unit it should be. The Firefly falls short compared to other premium portables like the Ascent, which unlike the Firefly, offers an LED display, precise temperature control and much better vapor quality. So if you are looking for a high end portable that doesn’t just look like a premium unit, but also functions like one, sneak a peek at our Ascent vaporizer review. Maybe Firefly will update this unit in the future and improve on the issues we outlined, but until then, this unit just falls short of its price tag’s  promise and keeps us reaching for the Ascent instead.

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2 Responses

  1. Nick B

    I love the layout of the review, however I think you’re totally off. You state “At this price, we’d expect temperature control, better vapor quality, and way better battery life, but this unit couldn’t provide that”.

    First, this vaporizer has the most control over temperature of almost any vape. Sure it doesn’t have a digital display (which have been proven ineffective at measuring anywhere near the right temp), however the point of the Firefly is to let you “surf” and find your perfect temperature by feel.

    Second, the Firefly is most renowned for its vapor quality. I’ve hit most of the major vapes out there, and have yet to encounter a vape with higher quality vapor. True, it does have a learning curve and may be more for the aficionado, but calling the vapor quality anything less than excellent must mean you hadn’t fully mastered the learning curve.

    Lastly, I agree with you about the OLD batteries. Firefly recently updated the battery. It used to be 750maH, new ones ship with batteries that are 770maH. While that may not seem like a huge difference, the old batteries lasted one session, while the “770”‘s last over 3 sessions.

    • Dan C

      Hey Nick thanks for the feedback! When I review temperature control I really like to know exactly what temperature I’m vaping a ( even if, as you mentioned, the digital display is a bit off). This is because it’s very valuable for my consistent experience with a vape to be able to pre-set the rather than have to ‘surf’ each time. So in one respect, I do see how you could argue the Firefly has OK temperature flexibility, but I wouldn’t exactly call it ‘control’. I appreciate your feedback about the vapor quality too. What I experienced ( the loose particles, warm vapor and the ability to actually combust ) justified my rating, but If you experienced more consistent and pure vapor, I’d be interested to know if you have experienced any of those negatives or if the vapor was just satisfying enough that you could over look those. I am certainly willing to go back, spend more time mastering the learning curve and perhaps my experience will be improved. It is awesome to hear that they updated the batteries though because taking the unit from 1 session to 3 really is a huge game-changer. Although in all honesty, 3 sessions for a portable unit is still not acceptable for me to be willing to take the unit out for the day.


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