Firewood 4 Vaporizer Review – Firewood 4 Kindling
Build Quality70%
Vapor Quality60%
Look & Feel80%
63%100Overall Score

The Firewood 4 Vaporizer is touted as one of the fastest vaporizers to feature on-demand convection heating. Like the recently reviewed Underdog, this is a mostly wood construction meant to offer on-demand convection heating in an artisan type design.The chief appeal of this vaporizer is the quick heat-up time, “draw-sensing technology” to preserve battery life, and of course, the rustic and beautiful hand-crafted wood elements. However, anyone who has used a wooden vaporizer can vouch for the variable vapor quality from such unwieldy devices. In any case, we’re a huge fan of seeing what people can do with wooden vaporizer designs, so let’s throw some Firewood on!

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Product Pros

  • Very cool wood design
  • Uses rechargable, swappable batteries
  • Fits well in pockets

Product Cons

  • Combustion risk
  • Hot vapor
  • Battery and charger sold separately

Firewood 4 Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

These are very well-built devices for the type of design these have. Powered by a single swappable lithium-ion 18650 battery, the heating runs from a coil, which heats up from cold in approximately 5 seconds and can start producing vapor within 20 seconds. The vapor path is made from glass and stainless steel, and the mouthpiece uses “Proprietary Draw Sense Technology” which basically just means the unit becomes active when it’s being drawn from, and turns off when it is not being used for drawing. Even the power button is made of wood, which is admittedly pretty cool. The Firewood also comes with a 1-year limited warranty, so overall the Firewood has a fairly secure build.


Vapor Quality

As with the recently reviewed Underdog, vapor quality from the Firewood 4 is not nearly as good as the design which goes into it. There are four designated temperature settings for the Firewood which can be adjusted using a fairly convoluted set of instructions detailed on the Firewood website. The flavor of the vapor is informed somewhat by the wood nature, which is not necessarily a knock against it (pun intended?). This is definitely preferable to the taste which comes along with the vast majority of plastic-based vaporizers.

You should be able to get around 5-7 pulls from each session, though the draws will get harsher and less flavorful as you go.

Firewood 4 Heating Chamber

Look and Feel

The most basic version of the Firewood 4 comes un-sanded and un-furnished, but you can also get the wax buff versions which are fine-sanded and then given a buffing with caranuba wax to help smooth out the surface.

The Firewood reminds us of high-tech upgrade of the dugout-style smoking devices of yesteryear. In particular, the black walnut Firewood has a natural color which can range from medium to dark brown, showcasing a pleasing array of shades within a single piece.



The general look of the Firewood 4 will blend into most other wood furnishings, and the use of haptic feedback also helps to increase the discreetness factor. However, the device is overall way too cumbersome to be used without drawing substantial attention to go with the substantial draws.


Ease of Use

These are not exactly the easiest devices to learn how to use. We recommend consulting the Frequently Asked Questions section on the Firewood website; otherwise, you’ll lose a fair amount of the device’s functionality. To begin, holding the power button for 5 seconds turns the Firewood on; There is a “Quick Start” mode to get the Firewood started at your temperature of choice, as well as a “Party” mode to extend the length temperature is held after the end of a draw.

Even drawing will require a bit of a learning curve. Start with a brief draw to activate the heater, then wait a few seconds, then take another, longer draw. This unit will definitely get hot after a session, so we do not recommend having multiple sessions in a row.



The size and shape of the Firewood 4 is fairly portable, with the flat shape fitting well in most pockets and the light weight keeping the heft in line. As well, the use of “draw-sense” technology helps to preserve overall battery life. Using swappable batteries is a good call for portability.

However, it must be mentioned the Firewood doesn’t come with the dang battery!! Not only this, but you have to buy a charger too!! Did I mention these vaporizers are already close to $200?? Even if the combined cost is still less than most quality portable units out there, we start to balk when costs started adding up.


The Firewood 4 is a really, REALLY cool-looking piece. Similar to the the recently reviewed Underdog vaporizers,the Firewood 4 is gorgeous to look at and a pleasure to handle. The problem with these wood vaporizers is they are way too cumbersome to become really all that pleasurable to enjoy. We can certainly understand why people find these kinds of devices appealing. Perhaps even with enough practice, one can get some substantial vapor production. Until then, we encourage vaporizer collectors to keep their ears to the ground for better-performing wood devices, or perhaps to look to models like the Utillian 720 for convection heating with more convenience at a similar price point.

Have you used the Firewood 4 yet? Get in here and lay some kindling down in the comments below!



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