Flowermate iHit Review - Don't Hit Me!
Build Quality75%
Vapor Quality74%
Look & Feel70%
Ease of Use74%
76%100Overall Score

The Flowermate iHit is a very unique unit that doesn’t quite fit into any single category. So rather than attempt to categorize it, let’s talk about its design and various functions. The main unit is a 5000mAh battery with a user interface that gives you precise temperature control. It can function as a desktop vaporizer, but that massive battery holds an impressive charge that technically makes this a portable vaporizer.

It’s hard to categorize this unit because it basically does everything. It’s a desktop vaporizer, but it’s also portable. It’s a desktop vaporizer, but it’s an e-nail too. Additionally, it’ll vaporize anything. Now that we’ve gotten the lengthy explanation of this weirdly awesome unit out of the way, let’s take a closer look to see what it’s all about.

Product Pros

  1. Multi-Setup
  2. Multi-Material
  3. Internal Battery

Product Cons

  1. Bulky
  2. Herb is average


Flowermate iHit Review: Breakdown


Flowermate iHit full kit

Build Quality

Build Quality

The Flowermate iHit’s build quality is absolutely superb. The main unit feels as solid as a brick, and every attachment that comes with it feels just as high-quality.

The glass mouthpiece looks almost exactly like that of the V5.OS, and if we had to guess, we’d say it’s actually the same component. This isn’t a complaint, because of the Flowermate V5.OS’s glass mouthpiece is one of its best features.

It delivers pure vapor with flavor unhindered by low-quality materials, and it does the same thing for the iHit. Both the wax and dry herb attachments are built very well, and they function optimally. In terms of the iHit’s build quality, we have no complaints.


Vapor Quality

The iHit’s vapor quality is a mixed bag. Both the wax and herb attachments produce a ton of vapor. However, the vapor quality that you get from the wax attachment is second to none, while the dry herb attachment leaves a little to be desired.

The flavor is definitely above average, but for when it comes to desktop vaporizers, we’ve come to expect a little more. On the other hand, the flavor that you get from the wax attachment is great. Overall, the vapor quality from this unit is very good, but the dry herb portion could be more refined. We tend to enjoy the Focusvape Tourist experience a bit better in that regard.


Flowermate iHit back side


Look and Feel

The main unit is a slanted, matte black brick with a unibody design. The iHit’s dimensions and finish give it a premium look. The backlit LED display isn’t the nicest we’ve seen, but it doesn’t look bad. The herb and wax attachments are a little bulky, but that bulky design offers unsurpassed performance.

Were they sleeker, the unit’s performance would likely drop. That being said, we have no complaints. The iHit’s overall look is of premium quality.


Ease of Use

The iHit isn’t a device that we’d recommend to novice users. There’s a fairly steep learning curve due to the sheer number of pieces involved. None of it is plug and play, and you’ll be assembling parts every time you use it.

Most users would be able to figure it out given some time, but a first-time vaper could easily become overwhelmed by the sheer number of parts and required assembly. This is an enthusiast product intended for those that are already pretty familiar with the ins and outs of vaping.

Flowermate iHit side view



The iHit is a very versatile device with a lot of options. It features precise temperature control, and it comes with two bowl attachments. One is for dry herb, and it comes with a glass mouthpiece for direct vaping. With this attachment, it functions just like a desktop herb vaporizer.

The other is for concentrates, and with this attachment, the unit functions just like an e-nail. It has a unique attachment on the bottom that makes it compatible with virtually any water pipe.

Regardless of the stem’s size, whether its a male or female connection, the Flowermate iHit is compatible. There isn’t much that the iHit doesn’t do, and we love that it covers the full spectrum of vaping.



The iHIt’s dry herb portion has a rather large herb chamber that’ll be ideal for group sessions. The concentrate portion, like most concentrate vaporizers, is a hit by hit affair.

Once you drop your wax inside, it’ll be vaporized within very little time. Both the concentrate and dry herb attachments have very long cords, making group sessions even easier to enjoy.


The iHit isn’t so much a unit as it is a vaping kit that does virtually everything. It’s a large, inclusive set of parts and accessories that offer a full-fledged experience, and in the hands of a seasoned vaper, it’ll really shine. It isn’t intended for the novice user, although a new vaper could probably get very good at using it given some time. The learning curve is steep, but that’s the price you’ll often pay for a truly versatile experience. It does everything fairly well and looks great while doing it. What more can you ask for? The Flowermate iHit gets our seal of approval.

If you like the idea of a multi-material device but want something a little less bulky to be sure to check out the Focusvape Tourist.

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