Flowermate Slick Review - Slick it Back
Build Quality72%
Vapor Quality73%
Look & Feel75%
73%100Overall Score

Flowermate is a brand known for their high-quality, budget units. They consistently produce low-priced devices that function well and look great. We’re glad to say that the Flowermate Slick is no exception. It’s stylish, and it produces vapor of a much higher quality than you’d expect from a budget vaporizer.

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Product Pros

  • Slim cylinder design
  • Removable Battery
  • Glass Mouthpiece

Product Cons

  • A bit large
  • No battery life indicator






Flowermate Slick Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Flowermate Slick is a solid device. It feels sturdy and well-built. It features a black ceramic herb chamber and a glass mouthpiece. This combination results in fantastic flavor. We’re seeing more and more herb vaporizers utilize designs with replaceable 18650 batteries.

We say keep them coming! If the size of the device permits it, the ability to swap out an 18650 potentially adds to the units longevity, and it gives you the option to charge up a second battery while the other is in use. You’ll never have to worry about charging times again if you keep that cycle in rotation.


Vapor Quality

The quality of the vapor that you get from the Flowermate Slick is pretty similar to that of the rest of the Flowermate lineup.

The flavor is definitely above average, but the vapor production is just average. For the price, that’s not bad. This is a device with mid-tier performance at a low-tier price.


Flowermate Slick mouth piece detached


Look and Feel

The Flowermate Slick has a carbon fiber pattern that looks undeniably cool. All that we technically know about the finish is that it’s “laminated.” “Laminated” is usually a fancier way of saying it’s covered in plastic, but lamination can be conducted with a number of materials.

Although the product’s description never uses the word “plastic,” they don’t specify otherwise. In the hand, it definitely feels like plastic, and if it were covered in a material of a higher quality, it’s fair to assume that they would’ve specified.

Plastic or no plastic, the device doesn’t look or feel bad. The carbon fiber pattern is one that you don’t see on vaporizers very often, and the 18650 battery gives it a premium-feeling heftiness. We really like the illuminated ring around the fire button. It compliments the overall aesthetic very well, and it even changes color to indicate the set temperature.



They’re not reinventing the herb vape user interface with this one, and that’s not a bad thing. It means that if you’ve owned most any vaporizer with preset temperatures, you can just pick this one up and use it.

Five clicks of the fire button turn it on, and three more clicks will allow you to cycle through the unit’s three temperature settings. This is pretty standard stuff, but there’s no need to fix a system that isn’t broken.

Flowermate Slick in hand



Portability is this unit’s weak spot. You could fit it in some pockets, but in most, it’ll stick out at least a little bit. It’s overall shape and design makes it resemble a budget version of the Arizer Air, but unlike the Arizer Air, it has a cap that’ll protect the glass mouthpiece.

So it’s more portable than the Arizer Air, but it’s still not very portable. It’ll be fine in a purse, but otherwise, this is more of a portable, at-home unit.



This is one of the flashier herb vaporizers on the market. The carbon fiber pattern, semi-reflective coating, and illuminated button draw more attention than you’ll want if discretion is a priority.

The cap used to cover the mouthpiece reduces the blatancy of this unit, but everything else about it begs for attention.

Flowermate Slick flat display


This isn’t the best vaporizer on the market by any means, but that isn’t the Flowermate Slick ’s purpose. Its purpose is to deliver a well-rounded experience at an affordable price. For a device of this size, we initially expected more in terms of performance, but the size is just a trade-off that you have to make if you want something with a replaceable 18650. For the price, higher expectations are just wishful thinking, but the bulkiness of the device can be a little misleading.

The Flowermate Slick isn’t bad by any means, but you should know what you’re getting into. Despite the size, shape, and overall design,  this isn’t an Arizer Air competitor. However, it does offer great performance and versatility for the price. This is one of the least expensive portable herb vaporizers on the market. Yet it manages to deliver surprisingly exceptional performance, a fairly stylish look, and a replaceable battery.

Overall, the value of this unit is matched only by the Flowermate V5 Nano. The two units just have different advantages. If you like what you see, by all means, pick up the Flowermate Slick. If discretion and portability are a priority for you, think about getting a V5 Nano instead. It’s basically the same experience, but it’s a bit more compact, with a box-shaped design.

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