Flowermate V5 Nano Review - Age of Nano
Build Quality74%
Vapor Quality76%
Look & Feel77%
74%100Overall Score

The V5 Nano is the newest vaporizer from Flowermate, a brand known for its high-quality, budget devices. They’ve always offered a great bang for your buck, but they’ve outdone themselves with this one. Flowermate took a design that everyone loved and made it even better. Flowermate vaporizers aren’t going to compete with vaporizers from brands like Arizer and Davinci, but if you’re on a budget it’ll easily be one of your best options.

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Product Pros

  • Great draw resistance
  • Hybrid heating
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • Removable Battery

Product Cons

  • Battery life
  • Chamber lid



Flowermate V5 Nano Review: Breakdown


Flowermate V5 Nano front display

Build Quality

Build Quality

The Flowermate V5 Nano is a very well-built device. Its aluminum body feels premium in the hand, and it’s just a solid, well-engineered device. The design is similar to that of previous Flowermate devices, and we couldn’t be happier with that. It’s an extremely intuitive design, and you should never fix something that isn’t broken.

Like its predecessors, it has a glass mouthpiece that’s stored at the bottom of the device. A lot of portable vaporizers use plastic mouthpieces because they’re less likely to break in your pocket, but mouthpieces like that will often negatively impact your vapor’s flavor. This bottom-storing design gives you the best of both worlds. It offers ultimate portability and pretty great flavor.

The V5 Nano uses a replaceable 18650 battery, which should extend the unit’s longevity. It also features a fully isolate airpath for healthier vapor with increased flavor. It’s rocking a black ceramic herb chamber. It looks really cool, and ceramic herb chambers are pretty much the standard for flavorful vapor at this point. It comes with a magnetic funnel for easy loading, and we think that every vaporizer should have something like that.


Vapor Quality

The isolated airpath and ceramic herb chamber result in pretty flavorful vapor, although it isn’t the best out there. It uses a combination of convection and conduction heating, and on paper, all of those factors should result in the vapor of the highest quality.

Its vapor production and flavor are definitely above average, but it leaves a little to be desired. We’d still dare to say that this is the some of the best vapor quality that you’ll get from a vaporizer with precise temperature control in this price range. If I were to step up from here, I’d probably be looking at a convection based unit like the Utillian 721.


Flowermate V5 Nano heating chamber


Look and Feel

This is the best looking Flowemate device yet, and that’s saying a lot. The previous models weren’t at all ugly, and they managed to feel fairly premium. It’s a very sleek and stylish vaporizer.

The display could be nicer, but we’re not complaining. You have to cut corners somewhere in order to deliver this kind of value, and even though the display isn’t the best, it’s far from looking bad.



The magnetic funnel makes loading the Flowermate V5 Nano extremely easy, and the user interface is pretty simplistic. Pressing the fire button five times turns the device on. Once it’s on, hold down the fire button for a couple of seconds to initiate heating.

It’ll automatically heat up to the last temperature you used, and setting a new temperature is as simple as using the other two navigational buttons to increase or decrease the temperature in one-degree increments.

Flowermate V5 Nano full kit



This isn’t the most portable vaporizer on the market by any means, but it’s found a nice balance between portability, performance, and convenience. It isn’t extremely small, but they had to make room for that replaceable battery and the storage area for the glass mouthpiece.

Those are extremely convenient features that we wouldn’t trade for a smaller device. It’ll already fit in your pocket without a problem, and it’s light enough to carry comfortably. In terms of the device’s portability, we have no complaints. If you are looking for a smaller vaporizer that can put out serious clouds be sure to check out the Zeus Arc.



The Nano’s all-black design makes it very discreet. It doesn’t really stand out. At first glance, without the mouthpiece, it resembles a power bank. With the glass mouthpiece, it kind of looks like an AIO (all in one) e-cig.


All things considered, this is one of the best vaporizers you’ll find for only $120. I say “one of the best” because other vaporizers focus on different things. The Pax 2, for instance, is within that price range. It’s way more compact, but the vapor production and flavor is pretty on par with that of the Flowermate V5 Nano. With Pax, you’re not getting a replaceable battery or precise temperature control.

If you’re on a budget and want a well-rounded, premium vaporizer, the V5 Nano won’t disappoint. It’s compact, feature-packed, and discreet. Its vapor quality will impress most users. It isn’t the best, but it’s extremely good. If the Nano is still too much for your budget we recommend having a look at the Utillian 420.

The intuitive design is honestly one of the best on the market, and we really think that more vaporizers should have mouthpieces that store within the device. We also wouldn’t mind seeing more replaceable batteries. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this vaporizer. It’s a great value, and it’s simply a great device.

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