FlytLab Lift Review - Lift Me Up!
Build Quality65%
Vapor Quality55%
Look & Feel50%
57%100Overall Score

FlytLAB (or however it’s being stylized, but NOT “Flytab”, as it has sometimes become known) is a vaporizer company with a few years and a few different vaporizing products under their belt by now. FlytLab has made their name by sponsoring parties featuring Rick Ross and French Montana, but the company didn’t even make its name on to Reddit until late last year. Now, they’re back with the Lift, a convection-style herbal vaporizer meant to be one of the smallest and most portable devices in the game. Is there some transcendent appeal in the Lift or does it get stuck on the ground? Read on to find out!

Please don’t tell us this is your first herbal vaporizer. BUT if it is, then check out the Vapesterdam Ultimate Vaporizer Guide to get the full scoop on what’s available to you.

Product Pros

  • Ceramic heating chamber
  • Compact size and shape
  • Decent vapor flavor

Product Cons

  • Vapor and device both get hot
  • Very little cloudiness
  • Herbs have to be ground very finely


FlytLab Lift Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The body of the FlytLab Lift looks to be mostly just left over parts from the FlytLab H2FLO, refashioned into a smaller, more compact design. The build quality feels mostly like a decent enough construction, but nothing to really set it apart from other, similar devices like the G-Pen Elite or even the V2 Pro Series 7. There are a few benefits, though. The ceramic chamber is nice and large, housing about .25-.35 grams of material for a relatively even cook.

There’s a pretty cool retractable glass-type (is this acrylic?) mouthpiece, but it doesn’t seem to come out or stay set particularly securely, so be careful while handling this piece.


Vapor Quality

Vapor quality with the Lift is also fairly standard and unspectacular. Heat-up time for the Lift is 60 seconds, which is a bit longer than most convection-vaporizers at this point. Three temperature settings are available between 365°F and 425°F. If you’re using Celsius, then go by the following: low temp (blue) is 185, medium (yellow) is 215, and high is 225°F. We recommend only using the two higher temperatures, otherwise you may not be able to get much action happening.

The glass mouthpiece helps to keep the flavor somewhat pure for the first couple of draws, but this would have been helped even more so by the entire air path being glass or even ceramic. As it is, the aluminum-style air path is merely serviceable. Using only two tiny air holes create a fair amount of draw resistance and limits the amount of vapor you can get, not to mention making it quite a bit warmer than we would like.

FlytLab Lift Mouthpiece & Chamber

Look and Feel

The cylindrical design of the Lift is nothing particularly special or innovative to write about. It’s small and smooth which is nice for handling, but still feels a bit like a cheap Chinese knockoff in terms of style and handling.

At just over 4 inches tall and weighs about 67 grams, this makes the Lift one of the lighter vape models out there. It’s also is available in either black or white



The size and shape of the Lift are designed to make the device relatively discreet. It’s small and light enough to fit in your palm, and the retractable mouth helps to keep a low profile.

The light behind the function button is fairly light, but you can cover up the main power light pretty easily with your hand to keep visibility down.


Ease of Use

Like pretty much every other one-button vaporizer under the sun, the Lift is fairly easy to use. Clicking the button three times turns the unit on, and the light will turn green to let you know when the device is charged. Hold the button to cycle through the temperatures

You’ll have to grind your herb pretty fine to get it into the small heating chamber for even distribution. There’s a fair amount of draw resistance as well, so don’t be surprised if your first few pulls are akin to sucking up a thick milkshake (but not as tasty). Be sure to clean the screens after pretty much every session as well, or pulls will just keep getting harder.



The small size and relatively light weight of the Lift makes is pretty decent for taking on the go. Battery life should last for a day of moderate use, the chamber is fairly roomy, and it carries fine enough in a pocket or bag.

The retractable glass mouthpiece is a boon for portability, though we have our worries as to how well it will stay put while in transit.


At $150 USD, the Lift is a little too much to recommend as a value-based vaporizer. There’s nothing really too problematic about much of the design or performance quality, but there’s also nothing to really recommend it beyond a cursory glance. The vapor quality is particular is below average, even for a lower-priced vaporizer. The ten-year (!!) manufacturer warranty is appreciated, although this doesn’t cover battery life so if it goes, then you’re up poop creek. Overall, there are much better options out there for vaporizers at this price point, from the aforementioned G-Pen Elite to even the V2 Pro Series 3 (which is even less expensive) or Pro Series 7 (which can also handle concentrates). Either way, there’s other ways to get lifted without the Lift.

If you’ve tried the FlytLab Lift, we would love to hear from you! Leave us a comment below and tell us your thoughts, feelings, rants, and raves!




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  1. Vape Kitty

    I love my LIFT vaporizer, This is the best vape around from my over the years buying experiences..
    Never thought a dry herb vaporizer can gives such a clean vape
    love the taste, and how compact it is.
    I bring this beautiful device everywhere I go, ppl always impressed and ask me where i got it. I feel very lucky to be a FLYTLAB LIFT user, this is mine daily to go. you should give it a try, im sure you will feel the same. xo


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