Focusvape Aero Review - The Straight and Aero
Build Quality75%
Vapor Quality76%
Look & Feel65%
70%100Overall Score

The Focusvape Aero is a convection-style vaporizer with an unusual yet intriguing design. It isn’t slender enough to be an effective on-the-go vape, but its impressive dry herb capacity, vapor production, and battery life make it a great portable vaporizer for at-home use. At $130, this is a mid-range vaporizer offering top tier performance.

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Product Pros

  • Dual chambers
  • Convection vapor
  • Haptic feedback
  • Large Battery
  • Built in stir tool

Product Cons

  • Long draws
  • Odd mouthpiece
  • Bulky Design



Focusvape Aero Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Much like the original Focusvape, the Aero is a sturdy little vaporizer, but its build isn’t what you’d call “premium.” Although it’ll survive its fair share of falls, it lacks high-quality materials, and the overall design looks kind of clunky. This vaporizer’s value doesn’t lie in its looks. Rather, this is a performance-oriented vaporizer.

It might not be the easiest on the eyes, but it gets the job done. Plus, it’s packed to the brim with features. The Aero’s OLED display grants you precise temperature control, and the massive 4800 mAh battery will keep you vaping for a while.

This unit’s haptic feedback will make it hard to forget. Your Aero will vibrate whenever it reaches a temperature that you’ve set, and it’ll do the same whenever you turn the unit on or off. The Aero even features a unique dual-chamber design that’ll let you pack both chambers at once.


Vapor Quality

Aero’s vapor quality is a mixed bag. The flavor is very good, but it’s far from the best. The Aero features two stainless steel herb chambers, but you can only use one at a time. This is a convenient feature that’ll lend itself well to extended sessions.

You don’t have to pack this vaporizer as often, but that’s the only real advantage that the second herb chamber provides. The Aero’s ceramic core, isolated airpath, and zirconia mouthpiece all contribute to the Aero’s above-average vapor quality.

The Aero’s vapor production is nothing to scoff at, but again, it isn’t the best. The Aero’s overall vapor quality, in terms of both its flavor and vapor production, is above average. It manages to do better than most, but it’s by no means a cutting edge vape. We tend to like the vapor production from the Utillian 721 better.



Look and Feel

The Aero looks sturdy, but its parts look cheaply made. It offers high-quality performance at a low price, but it seems that the Aero achieved this by cutting back on the unit’s aesthetic appeal.

It isn’t the worst-looking vaporizer, but its design isn’t appealing. The zirconia mouthpiece manages to look fairly premium, but sadly, it stands out from the rest of the Aero’s design.

The Aero’s overall aesthetic could be a lot better, but the price would likely skyrocket were the unit’s looks improved. The style took a hit, but it took a hit in order to make this powerhouse vape affordable. If you want high-quality vaping at a low price, you have to make cuts somewhere.



Using the Aero couldn’t be much easier. Turn the unit on by pressing the power button five times, and adjust the temperature by using the “increase” and “decrease” buttons located under the OLED display.

Once the Aero has reached your set temperature, it’ll vibrate to let you know that it’s ready. Once you’ve gotten that far, you’re ready to vape! Take a long, slow draw from the zirconia mouthpiece. You’ll get tasty, voluminous clouds in no time.



In both size and shape, the Focusvape Aero bares an uncanny resemblance to the Arizer Solo. Like the Arizer Solo, the Focusvape Aero isn’t very portable.

Walking with this vape in your pocket would be very uncomfortable. The Aero’s massive battery technically makes it “portable,” but this unit is really more of an at-home vape.



Don’t let the Focusvape Aero’s matte black finish fool you. This vape doesn’t blend in well. The Aero’s peculiar size and shape make it an attention magnet. Vapers will see it in no time, and they’ll know exactly what it is. The uninitiated might not immediately identify this is a vaporizer, but it’ll grab their attention regardless.

This isn’t a very discreet vaporizer, nor was it meant to be. The point of this vaporizer is to provide high-quality vaping at a low price, no matter the cost. Does it deliver on that? I would say that it does.


The Focusvape Aero isn’t the prettiest vaporizer on the market. It isn’t very portable, discreet, or luxurious. However, it does provide vapor with quality that exceeds expectations. Most vaporizers in this price range simply won’t match the Aero’s vapor quality and vapor production.

Focusvape wanted to bring high-quality vaping to budget vapers, and they did just that. A lot of the unit’s other aspects suffer in order to make this possible. Nevertheless, this is an awesome vaporizer with a value that’s hard to beat.

If convection vapor has your interest piqued be sure to check out the Utillian 721 and if you are interested in other Focusvape products check out the Focusvape Tourist 2 in 1 vaporizer.

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