Focusvape Pro Review - Better than the Original?
Build Quality77%
Vapor Quality79%
Look & Feel76%
Ease of Use85%
77%100Overall Score

Today we are excited to review the Focusvape Pro. The Pro is an upgraded version of the original Focusvape Vaporizer. The new pen offers a few additions such as adjustable temperatures instead of preset heating options. However, there are no guarantees the upgrades will fix all of the issues we had with the original Focusvape. Before we come to any conclusions, let’s find out!

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Product Pros

  1. Adjustable temperatures between 176°F – 464°F
  2. Heat up time between 20 and 30 seconds
  3. Pyrex mouthpiece
  4. No combustion, only conduction
  5. Glass bubbler
  6. Extra glass mouthpiece and screen filters
  7. Removable Samsung 3200mAh battery

Product Cons

  1. Takes several hours to charge the large battery
  2. Device gets warm around heating unit


Focusvape Pro Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

One interesting feature of the Pro’s build quality is the Pyrex glass mouthpiece. We applaud the ingenuity, because the fragile nature of glass is always a barrier to complete portability. No longer! In addition, the high-quality threading is of the 510 variety.

One of the most ingenious additions to the Focusvape Pro is the fantastic battery. Not only is it 3200mAh, it is also removable. We were impressed. Similarly priced vaporizer pens rarely feature batteries this powerful. Let alone a removable one.

If you like the sound of that but want something also capable of handling concentrates check out the Focusvape Pro’s hybrid cousin the Tourist.


Vapor Quality

In terms of vapor quality, the Pro wins when compared to its predecessor. Just the difference in temperature control is enough to make the original Focus outdated. With precise controls, the newest iFocus can heat herb anywhere between 176°F – 464°F. The wide variety allows for greater user control of the cloud quality.

There is no combustion involved in the Focusvape Pro. This keeps vapor quality clean and pure. Furthermore, the glass mouthpiece doesn’t allow any harmful materials to leach out. It also helps cool the clouds being heated in the high-quality ceramic chamber. To get even cleaner quality, use the included glass bubbler.

A feature adding to the cloud size is the airflow control. The dial ring is easily accessible and easy to use. This allows all vapers, new and old, to control the size of their draw and clouds. Overall, we were impressed with the Focusvape Pro’s vaporizer quality.

Since this device uses conduction, you must pack it accordingly. The best way to fill the large oven is with a medium pack. Keep air pockets minimal to reduce uneven vapor.



Look and Feel

The OLED adds a nice touch. We like seeing the temperature and battery life conveniently displayed. Another feature of the Pro that increases the look and feel is the sleek silica outside.

This keeps the unit from rolling around in the car as well as slipping out of your hands. In addition, the micro USD charging port is almost invisible.



Since a fragile mouthpiece can hurt discreetness, we are happy with the use of virtually unbreakable glass. In fact, the Pro has us wondering why more vaporizer manufacturers don’t use Pyrex.

Additionally, the airflow dial ring allows for vapor control. This increases the inconspicuousness of your on the go session.

Unfortunately, the Pro is a bit larger than what will comfortably fit in a hand. More like 2 palms.


Ease of Use

The Focusvape Pro is easy to use. There are only a few parts to worry about keeping together. Additionally, 2 buttons control all the functions. Namely, turning the unit on and off as well as changing the temperature.

The Pro also has haptic feedback. This comes in handy when it isn’t convenient to look at the display. It also does away with the need for noise and volume control.

iFocus’s newest pen is also smart. So smart, it can remember your last session’s temperature no matter how much time has passed between uses.



As we mentioned earlier, the Pyrex mouthpiece makes this Focusvape more portable than any other vaporizer utilizing glass. Now you can carry your pen without worry. You also can bring your Pro out for the day without the need to recharge. Simply carry around a charged battery to swap out when the original runs down.

Unfortunately, you may get asked what you are hiding in your pants. Although portable with the potential to be discreet, the Pro isn’t exactly a back pocket vape. We recommend hiding it in a jacket, purse, or bag.


Overall, we think the Focusvape Pro is A-Okay! This iFocus vaporizer is easy to use, features a good-sized ceramic oven, feels great, and provides a tailored experience. We were very impressed by the array of different ways to mix up your vaping practice. If you are looking for the Focusvape Pro you can pick it up from an authorized Focusvape retailer.

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