FocusVape Tourist Review - The Accidential Tourist
Build Quality87%
Vapor Quality88%
Look & Feel85%
86%100Overall Score

The FocusVape Tourist by iFocus is a 2-in-1 vaporizer, meaning you can rock both your herbs and your concentrates with it. We’re always really curious about vapes designed to handle different types of material, but we’re also often disappointed with how the vapor actually comes out.

Herbs and concentrates require different types of heating to achieve their unique vaping experiences, so we’re really excited to see how the FocusVape fares with their latest tour. Let’s check it out!

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Product Pros

  • Impressive vapor flavor and texture
  • Strong temperature range
  • Unique water filter
  • Strong build quality

Product Cons

  • Portability of design is lacking
  • Battery life could be better
  • Fairly indiscreet


FocusVape Tourist Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

iFocus has built a pretty nice device with the FocusVape Tourist. We’re big on how the vape came with two separate attachments to handle the separate types of material; also, we like how there’s two modes for using the Tourist, one for herbs and one for waxes and concentrates. The included attachments give the Tourist a fair amount of temperature flexibility, and you can use the Tourist in wax mode and get more life from the battery due to the generally shorter session length.

The herb attachments can be set from 90°C to 240°C, giving the user a wide range of heat to get varying flavors and textures from the Tourist. This attachment is set up like a ceramic heating chamber found on most units, and you should be able to pack a fair amount of herb in the chamber for a long-lasting session. The wax attachment works like an e-rig similarly to the Dr. Dabber Boost; the ceramic rod under the titanium nail heats up to super-high temperatures allowing the vaporization to occur.


Vapor Quality

Flavor quality from the Tourist is pretty impressive, especially in the lower temperature ranges. You can get some nice thick vapor from the Tourist as well, just make sure to use some of the higher temps (as far as 240°C), especially when using concentrates.

Either with herbs or with concentrates, if you like to keep your vapor a bit cooler and thinner but don’t want to be limited, this is a really good sweet spot for vapor production and taste. The water filter makes the Tourist a great device for people to try turning up their heat a bit, as this will help to soothe any potential sore throats.

FocusVape Tourist with both atomizers


Look and Feel

While this isn’t exactly the smallest setup, the overall look and feel of the Tourist is definitely more than satisfactory. It’s strong and sturdy, with well-machined parts that feel smooth and intuitive while in handling.

When using the Tourist just for herbs though, it basically just becomes like a bulkier version of the FocusVape Pro, so this becomes more of a value as a high quality concentrate vaporizer.



Like its namesake would suggest, the Tourist is not really built for discreetness. It has a fairly thick design, and the glass components make it stand out a fair amount even when not in transit. When in use, it definitely looks like you’re using a big, although quite nice, vape.

It will also probably stick out of most pockets, making the Tourist better suited to a private environment


Ease of Use

The separate attachments make it really easy to switch from herbs to concentrates, ensuring your material is vaporized most efficiently. Make sure to set your device to either “Dry Herb” mode or “Wax” mode depending on which kind of material you’re using. Other than that, operating the Tourist is super simple. Just flip the switch, set your temperature, and get drawin’.

The spill-resistant canisters are also a bit harder than usual to clean, as you’ll have to blow air through the mouthpiece to get cleaner out of the filter. Rinsing thoroughly with water right after will get of any remaining residue.



The Tourist uses a removable 18650 battery, which helps extend the lifespan of the Tourist as you can potentially charge these batteries externally. The generally sturdy build also lends itself to traveling pretty decently while in transit.

Unfortunately, all the separate pieces and glass filters required make this Tourist better suited to at-home adventures, though it still handles quite nicely for taking around the house.


By creating a vaporizer adept at handling both herbs and concentrates with ease and aplomb, FocusVape has really stepped their game up. This is one of the few 2-in-1 vaporizers to give us effective vapor for both herbs and extracts in an easy-to-use and affordable package. The water filtration is a great addition and will make a marked difference in your vapor quality. So while there may be some slack in the portability and discreetness departments, the FocusVape Tourist is definitely worth taking a tour with. You can grab one here.

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Have you taken the Tourist out for a spin yet? Let us know how well it worked for you in the comments below!

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  1. Brian

    Im considering getting a 2 in 1 incase i get access to wax and this seems to the be the best one. Quick question, can i take it out of the base and just use it as a pen for the dry herb? Thatd make it a lot more portable.


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