Four Twenty Nautilus Bubbler Review - Boarding the Nautilus
Build Quality85%
Smoke Quality83%
Look & Feel84%
Ease of Maintenance65%
79%100Overall Score

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Vapesterdam! Thanks for checking in for another in-depth review. Be sure to subscribe to our social media so we can keep you up to date on what’s new in the world of herb and herb accessories. Today we’re taking a look at a traditional piece with a modern flare. The Nautilus Bubbler is strangely named, since it’s far more water pipe than bubbler, still the price point is incredibly competitive. Here at Vapesterdam, we’re all about the details, so let’s take a look at Four Twenty’s latest offering, the Nautilus.

Product Pros

  • Thick Glass
  • Incline Diffuser

Product Cons

  • Not enough room for ice



Four Twenty Nautilus Bubbler Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

This piece is surprisingly solid. The density of glass combined with the slight stature combine to create a piece which is quite bottom heavy. Incline diffusers are often unstable, tending to favor one side or the other. This particular piece is well-crafted. I passed it among my circle of friends with confidence, feeling no need to stop and tell each of them how to hold it.

The rings up the neck make it easy to hold, hit and pass. Even the interior diffuser seems to be of good quality. The glass looks thick and sturdy. I still worry that it will break when cleaned, but it looks sturdy enough to be worth a try. A surprising value point is the included detachable bowl.

It has a large roll stop and a pleasantly modern design. The glass is thick and I expect it to survive at least as long as the water pipe that it came with.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

The smoke quality of this piece leaves a lot to be desired.  The Nautilus is not an impressive example of incline diffusion. Though the interior is of solid construction, it is only moderately functional. The water pipe must be held at precisely the correct angle in order to get any sort of suction.

The base of the piece is rather cumbersome, so while it’s easy to pass, it is actually quite difficult to hit. This difficulty persists when dealing with the diffusion technology.

Even when the device is held at precisely the right angle, the diffusion barely makes it half the mass of the internal diffuser. Worse, when the water pipe is held at the proper angle, the piece loses suction and generally performs quite poorly.




Look and Feel

The Nautilus is a shrunken versions of a standard incline diffusion water pipe. It has all of the general aesthetics that have made this style so popular across various social media platforms. Because of it’s small size, it also avoids the lopsided and unwieldy weighting that any incline diffusion pieces suffer from.

This is not a piece that you must sit on the table, while your friends gather around and take turns taking hits. This is a highly functional, passable piece of glass. The look and feel aspect of this piece is really where it shines. The sheer functionality of the design makes it worth investigating.

Though the chamber for ice is clearly too small, every other aspect of this design benefits mightily fro the size reduction. This piece is easier to pass and handle than any incline diffusion piece I’ve dealt with.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

Incline diffusion water pipes are nearly impossible to clean. The fragile workmanship suspended in the base render shaking with rock salt or scraping with pipe cleaners unfeasible. A good general rule of thumb is to expect grime to collect in the areas of your piece which are subject to splashing water.

A quick hit reveals that this particular piece has a lot of grime- collection areas with very few readily-apparent ways to remove it. The best action to take is simply to purchase a foaming cleanser from a professional supply shop. While these cleansers are not inexpensive, they are all far cheaper than replacing your water pipe after you’ve carelessly broken the diffuser.

Four Twenty Nautilus Bubbler side view


If we’re to take the talented glass-masters at Four Twenty at their word, then the Nautilus is not a water pipe, but a bubbler. If that is what we consider it to be, then it is a bubbler of exceptional quality. The amount of diffusion is far superior to a standard, bulb-based bubbler. When one takes into consideration the detachable bowl and the ice pinch, the Nautilus becomes an exceptional bubbler at a fairly reasonable price.

Unfortunately for Four Twenty, the Nautilus is a water pipe, not a bubbler. When the Nautilus is considered as a water pipe, it quickly becomes clear that there are design elements which are very lacking. The diffusion (the whole selling point of the piece) not not function as it should. Unfortunately, this rather attractive piece is simply not worth the trouble of owning it.

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