G Pen Nova Review - Nova time like the present
Build Quality73%
Vapor Quality74%
Look & Feel70%
73%100Overall Score

The original G Pen’s infamous herb-burning scandal didn’t exactly put the G Pen in the best light. That was a long time ago, and they’ve been consistently killing the vaping game with every release since. Will they keep the trend of success going with the Nova? Let’s find out.

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Product Pros

  1. Inexpensive
  2. Discreet
  3. Portable
  4. USB charging cable included

Product Cons

  1. Oil can burn
  2. Wax is just okay





G Pen Nova Review: Breakdown


G Pen Nova flat display

Build Quality

Build Quality

The G pen Nova is a budget vaporizer, and it looks like your run of the mill, budget vape pen. It has that shape that we’ve all come to expect, and it has the illuminated single-button interface. G Pen definitely wasn’t breaking the mold when they designed this. However, the pen does look pretty good in its own right.

The Nova ships with a 300 mAh battery that’ll provide most users with at least a couple days of uninterrupted use. It comes with a very comfortable silicone mouthpiece that I enjoyed using, and it even has a ceramic herb chamber with a hidden quartz heating element.

For $35, I’m already extremely impressed by the value of this pen, and there’s still more. It has a variable-wattage feature with three preset temperatures.


Vapor Quality

Oil vapes like a dream in the G Pen Nova. Herb, on the other hand, leaves a lot to be desired. Because this is a budget dual-use pen, I’m sure that their battery and temperature options were limited.

For $35, I have no complaints. Vaping herb in the G Pen Nova is a sub-par experience due to the amount of vapor being produced. It tastes pretty good, and it definitely gets the job done.

The fact that it vaporizes multiple materials at various temperatures in a ceramic herb chamber for only $35 is nothing short of shocking.

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of its herb vape performance, I’d say that the Nova is easily one of the best budget vaporizers on the market based solely on its high-quality parts, versatile options, and low price.


G Pen Nova detached


Look and Feel

Like I said before, this is a vape pen layout that we’ve seen over and over again. Despite the lack of originality, I have to say that it looks really nice. The illuminated button has a nice brightness, and I’m a sucker for minimalist style.

Plus, it feels sturdy in the hand but soft to the touch. The design may be uninspired, but there was clearly effort put into the presentation.



The user interface is just as reused as the design. Click it five times to turn it on. Click it three times to cycle through the pen’s three temperature options. This vaporizer uses a micro-USB charging port, and I love the fact that you can use it while it charges.

Loading the unit, whether it be with herb or concentrates, is a pretty straightforward process that doesn’t really differ from the usual.

G Pen Nova full kit



I love that this device is actually the size of a pen. So many “vape pens” are way too thick to pass as a pen, and a lot of those disappointments only vape one material.

This device manages to vaporize two materials, and it does so for only $35 with an ultra-sleek, premium design. I didn’t know what to expect when I first heard about this pens objective and price point, but I love what I’m seeing.



Due to its small, pen-shaped design, this is a very discreet vaporizer. The dark finish adds to the overall discreetness, while the glowing power button detracts from it ever so slightly.

The variable voltage feature will allow you to turn your temperature down in the event that you need to keep your clouds on the down low.


For $35, you get a very slim, premium-looking, dual-use vape pen with a variable voltage feature and a ceramic herb chamber with a quartz heating element. It’s hard to even comprehend because there’s no vaporizer offering this much value at such a low price. You could spend three times the price of this vaporizer on another unit, and it would perform similarly, but it would vaporize one material as opposed to two.

At this price, I’d be impressed if this pen only vaporized herb at one temperature considering the quality of the parts being used. The G Pen Nova might just be the new king of budget vaporizers. I’d enthusiastically recommend this vaporizer to anyone on a budget.

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