G Pen Pro Review - Try Again.
Build Quality50%
Vapor Quality48%
Look & Feel55%
Ease of Use75%
52%100Overall Score

The G Pen Pro is the latest device from Grenco Science that is designed to work with dry herbs. The G Pen Pro is a more simplified version of the G Pen Elite and has just a few differences and a price tag of under 100. In this article we will touch on the build quality, vapor quality, look and feel, discreteness, portability, ease of use, and overall assessment of the G Pen Pro vaporizer.

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Product Pros

  • Compact
  • Simple to use

Product Cons

  • Small oven
  • Hot on lips
  • Harsh vapor




G Pen Pro Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

For a vaporizer that costs under 100 the overall build quality of the G Pen Pro is right around average, nothing too special. The G Pen Pro uses a built in battery and a ceramic oven. The device uses a one button design which will make it less likely to breakdown due to the fact there are less moving parts.

However when it comes to budget units it does not hold a candle to something like the Utillian 420, which for roughly the same price gives you a digital display, 4 temperature settings, and a glass mouthpiece.


Vapor Quality

The G Pen Pro is similar to the G Pen Elite and produces average quality vapor. The G Pro heats up pretty quickly especially on the lower of the three temperature settings. When comparing the vapor production and taste to other devices that cost under 100 it really doesn’t holds its own, especially compared to the 420.  The first few uses did have a bit of a manufacturing taste to them so you will definitely want to make sure you run it through a heat cycle before use with your material.

The draw resistance was not as good as I would have thought and the device has airflow passage just under the mouthpiece on the side of the unit. If you pack the oven chamber to full the draw resistance gets worse but this is the case for pretty much all portable dry herb vaporizers.



Look and Feel

The G Pen Pro is a slim compact portable dry herb vape that has a simple plain design. The G Pen Pro comes in black, has just one button, an airflow vent on the side and 4 LED lights to indicate temperature level and when the device is ready to use. Overall for a price tag of under 100 the G Pen Pro seems to be a pretty good deal.

If you are looking for a device with more power that is still relatively low cost I suggest looking into the Utillian 721. The Utillian is compatible with the Zeus Iceborn – a new accessory for cooling down draws and delivering a smooth vaping experience.



The G Pen Pro is a very compact device that is more discreet than many portable vaporizers. Although the device does not look exactly like a pen or any other object that you would be carrying with you the black color and simple design does not make it a very eye catching device. If you are looking to be more discrete with this unit you can always have it on the lowest temperature settings and take quicker draws.

If you are a medical cannabis patient you should not be to concerned about being discrete in today’s society though. People are waking up to the fact that cannabis is used for medicinal purposes.


Ease of Use

The G Pen Pro is very simple to use, its design uses the popular one button interface which allows you to do everything you need it to do with different button pressing combinations. If this sounds confusing, trust me it is not. You turn it on by pressing the power button 5 times and change the temperature by holding the same button for a few seconds.

The G Pen Pro has 3 temperature options that you can set it to – Blue is the lowest at 375f (190c), Green is medium 400f (204c), and Red is high at 428f (220c). When you choose a new temperature the lights will flash the color you have chosen, and will turn the same solid color when it’s reached the set temperature.

After 4 minutes of the device being on it will automatically turn off as a built in safety feature. If you’re not done with your session simply power it back on. I personally found that the device works best with slow 10 second draws.



The G Pen Pro is a small device that easily fits into your pocket for on the go use. The oven size can fit about .2 comfortably which is a bit smaller than your average portable dry herb device.

So if you are planning on using it throughout the day or more than a day you will want to have your grinder with more material.

A full battery charge with the Pro can get the average user through the day but if you are a heavy vape user you may need to get a device with a more powerful battery such as the Utillian 721.



The G Pen Pro is overall a nice looking vaporizer that is effective, efficient, and but lacks performance when compared to other vapes at its price range. If you are new to purchasing a vaporizer and have never owned one before I would not recommend it to start with. For the price the Utillian 420 is a way better deal and provides the user a cleaner and tastier session for your herbs. You can learn more about some of the top vaporizers here.

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