G Pro Herbal Vaporizer Review - Read before you buy!
Build Quality50%
Vapor Quality45%
Look and Feel55%
Ease of Use 75%
50%100Overall Score

Welcome to the G Pro Herbal Vaporizer Review! Don’t get too excited, it’s a proper herbal vaporizer that handles dry herb, and better still, we’ve seen this unit before. If you’ve seen the Titan I or Kandypens K-Vape then so have you, because this unit is a slightly modified version of these same vaporizers! The Titan 2 surprisingly did worse than the G Pro (titan 1), so check out the Best Portable Vaporizer  here after you done with this post. Haven’t seen that one? How about the Apex vaporizer? No? What about the Tundra vaporizer? Yup, this unit has made the rounds for sure. Regardless, Grenco did make some changes to it, so let’s see how the changes altered the experience by diving head first into this G Pro Herbal Vaporizer Review!

Editors Note: Let’s be blunt, this unit has not aged very well, yet it is still popular because of the price and lingering reviews from years past. If you are looking for an affordable starter vaporizer we strongly suggest checking out the Utillian 420. The 420 offers a glass mouthpiece, digital display, which are features usually reserved for higher tier units. For under $100, this unit is a steal.

Product Pros

  1. Easy to use
  2. Pretty portable
  3. Pretty quick heat up
  4. Lightweight
  5. Multiple temperature settings

Product Cons

  1. Plastic used for a lot of the unit
  2. Vapor tastes a bit like plastic
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G Pro Herbal Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The build quality is sharp and, in our opinion, an unwelcome departure from Grenco’s standard approach to vaporizers and incorporates way more plastic into the unit than we think is necessary or beneficial. The main body of the unit is plastic, which isn’t a huge issue as it can serve to make the unit a lot lighter and still keep it durable, but the problem is the use of plastic in the mouthpiece. That plastic ends up causing problems down the road, but one thing we can say is that the plastic is well machined so there aren’t any rough edges, sharp corners or parts that don’t fit well together to make you feel like they didn’t try at all when building the unit.


Vapor Quality

Vapor quality is the first section where this unit’s use of plastic starts to hurt the unit. The vapor you get from this unit has a plastic flavor that you can’t help but notice when taking draws from the unit. The next issue is that the heating chamber is actually quite close to the mouth piece so the vapor doesn’t have much time to cool down. This can be fixed some with the extended mouthpiece sleeves, but it still isn’t great, and guess what the sleeves are made of. We’ll give you one guess – it rhymes with fantastic and is anything but!

G Pro Herbal Vaporizer Review - All the accessories with the vaporizer


Look and Feel

The all black look really helps with this unit. The Tundra suffers for it’s lack of originality and makes for a much uglier looks. The problem here is that there is still a lot of plastic used in the construction of this unit so it feels like a cheap unit. The mouthpiece is probably the most underwhelming part of this as it doesn’t feel like it sits on the top of the unit very securely. This doesn’t help the already cheap feeling this unit gives off.



The all black look helps this unit in terms of discretion as well. The color makes it harder to see and less noticeable to the average individual in passing, which is a good plus. The unit’s temperature flexibility also means you’ll be able to dial down the vapor thickness to make it less noticeable and easier to hide while you use it in public settings. Lastly, the size lets you more or less conceal it in your hand while you’re using it to keep others from seeing the unit while it’s in use.


Ease of Use

Having only 1 button is a great way to make it easy to use your unit, although you could make it very complicated if you wanted to. The unit turns on and off with 5 button presses and changing the temperature can be done by pressing and holding the power button until the little LED light changes color. Loading, unloading and cleaning the unit are also pretty simple tasks thanks to a removable screen in the mouth piece and the stainless steel heating chamber that can be easily swabbed with Isopropyl alcohol to clean it.



This isn’t the most comfortable vaporizer to put in your pocket, but it is by far not the worst either. The unit is just sort of awkwardly shaped which make it a little bit strange to keep in your pocket. The unit is light and has a decent battery life which will let you go about an hour before having to find yourself a place to charge it up. Luckily, the plastic is durable so you won’t feel worried about being a bit rough while carrying it around.


The end verdict is that this does function on a basic level as a vaporizer, but it doesn’t exactly do it that well. It is by far not the best unit on the market, but seeing as this is the first unit that actually vaporizes dry herb from Grenco, it’s a start. Unfortunately there are better units out there for herb at about the same price, like the ZEUS Smite. Where the G Pro Herbal falls short, in terms of plastic tasting vapor and cheap-looking design, the Smite really takes the cake in comparison! The Smite uses a silicone or glass mouthpiece and its aluminum shell makes the unit look and feel much more polished and well machined than the G Pro Herbal.

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7 Responses

  1. illav10

    hey, i just bought titan 1 vaporizer from vapespartmart because you know looks good, it’s cheap and for what i have seen its not that bad (i think), you think i did well by getting this one, what problems can i have with this? it was 49 bucks

    • Dan C

      Hey man, for 49 bucks, I wouldn’t expect it to last too long, but it should be a decent unit at least for a little while! Did it happen to come with a warranty?

  2. Chris

    Quite disappointed with this unit after a while.

    Initially very excited to find one in Australia for $100.
    Worked well, attractive enough, and very useful for a couple of weeks. After that the mouthpiece cracks and falls apart.

    Replacements are available, however the Aussie stockist has none – so I have to buy from the States.

    Reasonable cost for the replacement part, but the postage of $34.00 was disgraceful!

    So, after waiting a couple of weeks for the replacements, they finally arrive, and they have lasted not even as long as the first piece.

    A useful and attractive unit ruined by poor design – again.

    A threaded mouthpiece would have avoided all this hassle.

    Or competent distribution.

  3. Andrew

    I used this vapor for over 2 months and i can say that a lot of from this review is true but you must mention that it can be bought for 30 dollars.! And plastic taste?….i tried also Arizer Solo Vaporizer and taste is exactly the same, only little bit less hot.

  4. Micru61

    IMHO …. avoid this product and Grenco! They are both truly frustrating and disappointing. Bought a genuine vaporizer from a local smoke shop. It never worked from the start and only really worked a bit on high. After a few days of trying various grinds and strains, packing tight and loose… cleanings..no improvements. After 10 days use it won’t turn on, just flashes red s few times even after plugged in various places and with other cords. Basically I tried everything and watched every video. The store Double Barrel in Kindersley, Vsbada refused to refund me and grenco put up so many barriers and gave bad advice telling me to take it apart!!!???. I tried to take it apart as per their advice to extract the parts that they don’t accept. Now they tell me not to take it apart. Too late… the cover is broken now. Oh and btw… mouthpiece already cracked Finally, I am authorized to send it back… but it’s gonna cost me 40 to send it quickly and it has already cost me 144 dollars. I won’t spend a dime more on this pile of excrement. It’s a complete rip off!

  5. Giovanni

    This product is of poor quality, might as well take it off the shelves. avoid at all costs!!!


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