Ghost MV1 Review - Real MVP or Bench Warmer?
Build Quality93%
Vapor Quality91%
Look & Feel85%
Ease of Use85%
87%100Overall Score

Today we are extremely excited to review the Ghost MV1! This widely acclaimed, futuristic device is the newest portable vaporizer from Ghost Vapes. This manufacturer claims to deliver true convection heating with zero charring and no stirring. Is the MV1 going to be the newest portable vape MVP or will it be another bench warmer? Let’s find out.

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Product Pros

  1. Pure vapor flavor
  2. Precise temperature control
  3. No distorted taste
  4. Heats up in seconds
  5. Medical grade
  6. Removable battery
  7. A Greater number of sessions between charges
  8. Smartphone app

Product Cons

  1. Preset temperatures for herb (340°F, 365°F, and 390°F)
  2. Preset temperatures for wax


Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Ghost MV1 available colors

Build Quality

Build Quality

The build quality of the MV1 is excellent. Ghost uses only medical grade materials in the construction of this vaporizer. All parts are custom made, and we were able to tell as we handled each of the parts.

The quality of the build is such that this Ghost can be used for long sessions. It is also responsible for the quick heat-up time of the vaporizer. In fact, it only takes seconds for the MV1 to heat up.

We do find the device to be a bit chunky for a “portable” vaporizer with a massive battery pack taking up most of the space. And with the size of the battery pack we were expecting a large capacity, but surprisingly the battery is only 2600mah.

We are also not nuts about the crucible style bowl which can be a bit finicky to get together and to sit properly in the device. The glass mouthpiece also could use some tweaking as it tends to make a grinding sound when pulled out or pushed into the device.


Vapor Quality

Overall, the vapor quality of the Ghost MV1 is pretty good. The aroma of the dry herb no longer just has to please your nostrils. With this vaporizer, you can actually taste what you smell! That applies to both the wax and herb.

This unit uses convection heating to extract the delicious vapor without downgrading the quality. While the manufacturer states the herbs don’t need to be stirred we found that not to be the case and some stirring can help for a more even cook.

In terms of temperature, this dual-use vape falls short. We were hoping for manual temperature control, but instead received 4 preset temperatures: 3 for dry materials and 1 for concentrates. With the use of an app you can set 2 custom temperatures but for such an expensive, high-quality vaporizer we were looking for more.


Ghost MV1 internal parts


Look and Feel

The look of this vaporizer is decidedly space-aged but it is a little chunky and awkward looking for my taste. You can purchase this device in 4 stylish colors: rose gold, satin silver, black chrome, and nickel. We are not huge fans of the glossy variants as we find them to be fingerprint magnets and tend to show scratches relatively easily.



One of the best features lending to the discreetness of this device is the on-demand heating. Instead of waiting around and increasing your chance of being seen, you can take a few quickdraws.

However, that is where the discretion with this device ends. The overall chunky and space-aged looking design is certainly going to attract the attention of any on-lookers.

Ghost MV1 back side


Ease of Use

Although the Ghost MV1 may seem difficult at first, you will be surprised at how quickly you catch on. For herb, simply fill the removable oven. Then, hold down the button to choose a temperature. Press the vape button and wait for the haptic feedback to tell you when its ready.

If you are going to vaporize concentrate, the process is almost as easy. The only real difference is the need to place a liquid wax pad in the chamber before loading the wax. You can get to concentrate mode using the same button used to choose the herb temperature.

Our biggest complaint when it comes to convenience is the crucible itself which can be a serious pain in the ass to load. Placing the lid on just right and getting it to fit in the crucible slot can be challenging for those who lack fine motor skills.



A glass mouthpiece is usually a downside to portability. They are easy to break and don’t exactly make carrying a breeze. However, the Ghost MV1 is different. It features a retractable glass mouthpiece that solves this major obstacle.

Unfortunately, we think this larger portable is best used as an at home vaporizer to be taken on the go when needed. Anyone that wants a true portable should look elsewhere, perhaps to a compact unit.


Overall, the Ghost MV1 delivers on vapor quality but tends to lack the well-roundedness of over top-tier vaporizers. The bulky design and awkward packing method make it less than ideal for on-the-go vaping, this is one portable unit that should live at home. If glass mouthpieces in a vaporizer is important to you we would suggest checking out the Arizer Solo 2 which we feel is a much stronger offering for the price than the Ghost MV1.  If you are looking for something more portable then either of these 2 at home powerhouses we suggesting giving the Utillian 721 a look.

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