GoBoof Alfa Review - Alpha or Beta?
Build Quality60%
Vapor Quality60%
Look & Feel70%
Ease of Use65%
58%100Overall Score

The GoBoof Alfa, despite its goofy name, has been championed by both critics and consumers as a solid and simple portable vaporizer in the last few years. However, like so many vaporizers on the market, it can be hard to determine how much long-term scrutiny the device can stand. Therefore, higher-profile devices should be revisited and reevaluated to see how they stand the test of time. Read on to find out if the Hollywood-based, Ireland-made GoBoof Alfa still charms after all these years, or if an upgrade could potentially be needed. If this is your first time investigating portable vaporizers, do check out our buyer’s guide to help you determine your wants, needs, and deepest desires (okay, maybe not that far, but it is very enlightening).

Product Pros

  • Customized temperature options
  • Unique heating chamber
  • Easy to keep discreet and portable

Product Cons

  • Short battery life
  • Disproportionately long charging time
  • Variable vapor quality


GoBoof Alfa Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The GoBoof Alfa looks to be fairly well put-together, with a few issues worth noting.

Battery life averages around 1 hour, which would be acceptable if not for an exceedingly long charge (just shy of 4 hours). 1 hour of battery life per 4 hour charge is just not kosher these days anymore, and the lack of micro-USB compatibility (using pin-connection) just drives this point home.

While the Alfa offers a reasonable 5 temperature settings, it is set apart by two unique modes to further customize heating. A/T (automatic time) slowly increases the temperature from lowest to highest over a 10 minute cycle, which is perfect for people who want to increase their temperatures without fussing over individual settings. A/P (auto-puff) slowly increases temperatures with each draw take, helping to preserve flavor while maintaining consistent clouds.

The heating chamber has a unique feature in a small post in the middle of the bowl; the post is heated at the same time as the rest of the chamber, giving herbs a significantly more even cook without having to stir it up. Finally, the small hinged door of the bottom chamber can make one nervous about the security of the herbs within.


Vapor Quality

A bit lacking here. Lower heat settings did not produce much vapor during testing, so you will have to lean on higher settings to muster any effect. As with several other conduction vaporizers, it is best to pack your herbs more tightly than you would with a convection oven to create a more even heat.

On higher settings, you can generate a thicker vapor but this sacrifices overall quality, as the harshness from the short vapor path makes for a rough trip down the throat. If higher-quality vapor is a priority, then one may do better to seek out the Zeus Smite Plus for specific temperature control, or the consistent convection satisfaction of the Utillian 720.

GoBoof Alfa Bottom Chamber

Look and Feel

The Alfa retains a basic and satisfying design. While the body design is unspectacular, it is made from quality materials which should last for a decent length of time. The mouthpiece is quite short and made from silicone, forcing the user to endure a slight chemical taste for the first couple of sessions. The shorter mouthpiece does help keep the Alfa looking less conspicuous, though. Overall, the GoBoof Alfa is far from stunning but still appears respectable enough for longer-term use.



Smooth and slim design fits easily in a pocket, with a soft velvet-type case helps to keep the device feeling secure and demure. The short mouthpiece becomes a benefit in this department as well, letting you create very low-key sessions while on the go. Also, the bottom-loading chamber is never a great bet for keeping discreetness, as the lid is not airtight and causes some odor leak in transit (even more so when the device is heated).


Ease of Use

The Alfa starts at the bottom, where you load your herb (more tightly than usual due to the conduction oven), then flips over to be controlled by the top dial. The control dial is a unique and intuitive feature not seen yet on other units, though bottom-loading chambers are not necessarily preferred due to travel encumbrance. Auto-shutoff is enabled after ten minutes to protect the device’s battery life, which is always appreciated.



The GoBoof Alfa has a great shape and size for portability, but there is a crucial flaw in how the slippery dial control is constructed and placed. Be aware of the Alfa when in your pocket, as this little rascal can be easily switched on when rumbling around. Nothing like having your herb ruined before you even get to it; take note on adding a lock mechanism, GoBoof. As previously mentioned, the short battery life also limits portable appeal; prepare for only maybe 2-3 sessions tops when out with the Alfa.


The GoBoof definitely earned its buzz when it first came on the market, but like most competitive markets, it has been quickly outpaced by similar, better-performing, and more affordable vaporizers. In particular, the Zeus Smite Plus has a noticeably lower price (approximately $40 less than the GoBoof) while also offering exact temperature control (a feature sorely lacking from the Alfa). As well, the Utillian 720 is also cheaper and uses convection to more even cook herbs for a more flavorable session. So while the GoBoof Alfa holds up decent enough from when it arrived, it’s good to know there are stronger options out there.

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