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Build Quality65%
Vapor Quality60%
Look & Feel 65%
65%100Overall Score

Designed and built by Hopper Labs in the good ol’ US of A, the Grasshopper looks to be the feel-good vape story of the year, with a successful crowd-sourced funding campaign through Indiegogo resulting in an insanely popular and constantly back-ordered vaporizer. After months upon months of delays, the Grasshopper is finally here! Possibly the smallest and potentially most discreet pen vape put there to offer true vaporization of dry herbs, the Grasshopper is already super appealing. We’re always pretty wary of hype though, so we had to see how high the Grasshopper goes for us.

If you haven’t already, definitely dig into the Ultimate Vaporizer Buyers’ Guide on Vapesterdam to see how the Grasshopper stacks up against other portable vapes out there.

Product Pros

  • Super svelte and discreet
  • Good temperature range
  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • Convenient on-demand heating

Product Cons

  • Hot vapor from short pathway
  • Relatively brief battery life


Grasshopper Portable Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The all-titanium exterior of the Grasshopper is impressive to lay eyes on immediately, and the rest of the build generally follows suit. There’s a nice wide temperature range, although the dial is pretty small and makes controlling the heat a bit difficult.

Perhaps the only real shortcoming with the Grasshopper’s built is how the small size creates unavoidably warm vapor. The short vapor pathway will force you to use the silicon sleeve, which is ugly, attracts dirt easily, and is very difficult to clean. One wishes Hopper Labs just made the sleeve black instead, but hopefully the super warm mouthpiece will be addressed in future iterations. In the meantime, the Grasshopper will function better between 180°C and 200°C without being too uncomfortable on your lips.

The lifetime warranty included from Hopper Labs should massage away any lingering doubts about build quality, but we don’t imagine customers needing to use this any time soon.


Vapor Quality

Vapor from the Grasshopper is pretty impressive for how small the device is, although the mouthpiece will definitely get hot, so watch out for this. Otherwise, vapor is pretty flavorful and you should be able to get decent effects within moments of use.

The Utillian 720 manages to have much better battery life while maintaining vapor quality and remaining quite portable, so definitely consider this an alternative option. We encourage you to try the Grasshopper with a water pipe like the GH 14mm pipe adapter; this will cool things down substantially and you’ll get noticeably more flavor from the vapor.

Grasshopper Portable Vaporizer Second Shot

Look and Feel

This is one smooth operator; it’s quite sleek and should feel good in your hands, and honestly just looks and feels like a high quality pen. Don’t be surprised if you end up pulling it out to leave your John Hancock at some point.

Not quite everything about the Grasshopper is top-notch, though. The silicone sleeve included will at least help to get things from getting too warm, but it also gets dirty easily and is not nearly as easy to clean. Overall though, this is a solid construction and should handle quite nicely for you while in use.



The Grasshopper is really discreet when not in use. When in use, the vapor clouds are pretty easy to control as well, once you get control of the heating dial.

While in use, it does kind of look like a pen being put in your mouth; nonetheless, the Grasshopper effortlessly blends in with its surroundings and can be hidden away really easily. There’s hardly any odor leakage either, leaving no one the wiser while you’re out with it.


Ease of Use

The Grasshopper is extremely simple to use; literally just fill with herbs, set the temperature by using the dial on top of the unit, and clicking the top button (just like a pen) to get vapin’. Taking short, first draws will help get the vapor chugging along as well.

That said, there is still a section for tips and tricks on the Grasshopper website which may be beneficial to check out if you’re devoted to snagging a Grasshopper.



At only 5.6 inches tall and .5 inches in diameter, the size of this thing puts even the Pax 3 to shame. At weighing just 67g, the lack of heft makes it feel practically weightless in your pocket. And with the Grasshopper coming with two 750mAh batteries, and each battery only getting you between 2 and 4 draws, unfortunately this only really makes it worthwhile for quick sessions.

Removable batteries like these will help to extend the portability, but even then this is not really a device to be used while out for the day. The Grasshopper can be considered more for very quick and casual use around the home, especially if you try the water adapter attachment described previously to help cool down the otherwise hot vapor


The size of the Grasshopper is hugely appealing, as it looks pretty much just slightly thicker than the average fountain pen. As well, we’re always willing to give it up for domestically designed and built the big ups, and the fact you can get really good rips from the water pipe attachment also makes for big potential.

There’s definitely some room for improvement, though. The fact that 2 batteries will give you a maximum of 8 draws total is somewhat disappointing and hinders portability, and the hot vapor and pathway were less comfortable than we would have liked. There are other pen-shaped vaporizers out there which may able to give you a bit more bang for the buck (like the G-Pen Herbal), but overall the Grasshopper is an exciting addition to the portable vape world and we’re stoked to see where they go.

What do you think of the Grasshopper so far? Let us know how it’s been working for you in the comments below!

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