Grav Gravitron - Classing up the Gravity Bong
Build Quality85%
Smoke Quality82%
Look & Feel86%
Ease of Maintenance88%
85%Overall Score

Welcome! Thanks for taking a moment to read our review of the Grav Labs Gravitron! This baby is a blast from the past, and a much needed take on an old favorite, the gravity bong. Most of us can remember using a far less classy version of this device. Perhaps you struggled to shove a halved 2-liter into a bucket of filthy water. Or maybe, (like yours truly) you realized that the whole process was easier if your bottle had a handle.

Regardless, the results were the same. Mountains of smoke, fits of coughing, and the ever-present dilemma: how do I get all of this smoke in my lungs without  getting any of this water in my mouth? Ah, the good old days. But we’re grownups now, aren’t we? Grownups don’t spit on their floors while holding in hits.

Grownups don’t have buckets of smelly pipe water sitting in the corner of their living rooms. And grownups don’t smoke out of volatile plastic. Why? Because grown ups deserve better. Meet the Gravitron. It’s for grownups.

Product Pros

  1. Huge hits
  2. Great for sharing
  3. Great for snap bowls

Product Cons

  1. Rubber gaskets don’t last forever


Grav Gravitron Review: Breakdown

Gravitron gravity bong in 3 colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

This is a simple, high quality piece. The glass is thick, the seals are tight, the bottom of the “bottle” is cushioned to avoid accidents and breakage. Given that this is meant to replace the DIY version, it’s only right that it we judge it against the best possible version you could craft at home.

That being said, it blows them all out of the water. Do you know how to cut glass? Me either. That’s why every gravity water pipe I ever built was made out of plastic. If you’re still smoking out of plastic, please stop. It’s terrible for you. Saving money by compromising your health is just a bad deal. This is a much better version than anything you could build yourself. We’re all adults here, make the investment.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

These things are popular for a reason. There’s something incredibly satisfying about packing a tiny bowl, pulling it slowly, and watching a chamber fill with enough smoke to leave you red-faced on the couch. This kind of piece is one of my favorites for parties and gatherings. It can almost be seen as the Volcano of smoking, because of the sheer amount of smoke you can get.

Not only is it simple to use (explaining the complexities of proper water pipe usage can get old rather quickly), but you can skip the hassle and fill the chamber for any newbies who still wish to partake. The fact that it’s made of glass instead of flimsy plastic means that it resists the pressure of the water and gives a standard, reliably sized hit, every time.




Look and Feel

I can’t explain how excited I was when I saw this piece. Those who are used to using a homemade version are probably also used to explaining away the lack of build quality of their homemade version.

It is great to excel at building pipes and water pipes, but the stuff you craft at home is simply never going to reach this level of quality. Again: we are adults. Adults deserve pieces they are proud to show off and share.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

Remember that sinking feeling when a part of your gravity water pipe failed, and it was time to throw it away and start over from scratch? Let’s never experience that again, ok? This thing is going to last you forever, and it’s a dream to clean.

This may be one of the easiest clean up jobs I’ve ever experienced with a piece. The whole thing comes apart simply and there isn’t really any aspect that I’d describe as ‘difficult to reach’.

Even your simplest pipe is harder to clean than this lean, mean, huge hit machine.

Larger and smaller gravitron with downstems


This piece is a wonderful step-up from the handcrafted gravity bong that we’re all guilty of using from time to time. The craftsmanship is solid. It’s incredibly attractive, and it ensures you never go through the trouble of making a water pipe again.

Let me be clear: unless you are a blacksmith or a glass blower, there is no reason to craft your own pieces. Let the experts at Grav Labs take care of it for you, and spend your time doing literally anything else. This piece is awesome, and I didn’t realize how much I needed this addition to my collection until I had it in my hands.

Bring this thing out the next time you get together with friends, and take a walk down memory lane. Not only will you have a wonderful smoking experience, you’ll all get a kick out of being adults with jobs who don’t have to whittle their smoking devices out of whatever trash happens to be handy.

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  1. TiffyBobby

    Your comments about adults deserving better, and not needing to craft devices out of trash on hand decided this purchase for me. I have never used a gravity bong of any sort, but was considering this as a gift. The intended recipient had been describing how to make and use a gravity bong, and it all sounded very confusing as to how it all worked, and they ended by saying it was fun, but a mess that they out grew. When I saw that you could purchase the Gravitron I thought it had good gift potential, but as the recipient was the person who would normally advise in these matters it was time for reviews. You made it very clear with your comments what you thought and that decided the matter. The Gravitron is wrapped and under the tree, so I can’t yet say how this all works out, but I am hoping that it is something that will be fun to use and show off to his friends ( which seems to be a desirable trait in glass, from what I gather). Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight.


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