Jane West Spoon Review - Spoon me!
Build Quality85%
Smoke Quality83%
Look & Feel88%
Ease of Maintenance92%
86%100Overall Score

Good day, and welcome to our review of the Jane West Spoon by Grav Labs. Those who know me know that I am practically a pipe evangelist. Sure, I love a fancy water pipe, with their down stems, and their percs. I love a well made bubbler when I’m on a trip or at a party. But if you come to my house to smoke with me, I’m far more likely to pull out a pipe. A pipe is a simple machine. There are no extra parts. There is no technique to learn. You don’t have to tell a new acquaintance what angle to hold it at, or precisely how to set it down. They travel. They’re hardy. And dangit, they last forever. So, as you can imagine, I was pretty excited to see that Grav Labs loves pipes as much as I do. Let’s test the baby out and see what we’re working with.

Product Pros

  1. Gorgeous modern styling
  2. Doesn’t look completely different when dirty
  3. Glass is crazy thick

Product Cons

  1. Didn’t need another pipe, bought this one anyway


Jane West Spoon Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The glass is thick, the pipe sits smooth and level, but that’s not really what I want to talk about. Instead, let’s talk about bowl size. More specifically, I’d like to discuss pipes with giant bowls. Why exactly is that a thing?  I’m not a fan.

Apparently the lovely folks at Grav Labs feel the same way that I do.  This bowl is perfectly sized for two or three people to enjoy a session without spending half of it tasting charred flower.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

The reasonably sized bowl on this pipe serves yet another purpose, in that it allows for a relatively large chamber. This means the smoke has a place to collect and cool before you take it into your lungs.

The inexperienced among you will think that this is a minor detail, but anyone who’s tried to take more than two or three hits out of a short one-hitter knows precisely the kind of throat burn that I’m looking to avoid.

Yet another detail to love is the relatively large carb. It’s the perfect size for the chamber and allows you to clear the whole thing quickly, avoiding any staleness in your smoke.



Look and Feel

The day I turned 21, I bought a beautiful pink pipe. I used it for a week, then I cleaned it, and I have never used it since. The unfortunate thing about a lot of pretty glass, is that it turns some very ugly colors when it’s dirty. In fact, a lot of shops place glass over black velvet before you buy it, just to ensure you’re comfortable with the color it will be when you use it.

I have never liked this. When I buy a pipe, it’s because I like how it looks now. I don’t want it to change. This cobalt glass is perfect for people like me. After a couple weeks of heavy use, the glass is a little closer to navy, but I’m fine with that. It still looks like it did when it arrived, and in the world of pipes, that says a lot.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

One of the many reasons to love pipes is the fact that they are incredibly low maintenance. Can you clean this pipe every time you clean your other pieces? Sure, why not? Toss it in a bowl of alcohol and pat yourself on the back for your incredibly classy smoking habits.

But do you need to? No. You do not. Quite frankly, even the most fastidious smokers don’t keep spotless pipes. Heck, pipes are the only piece of equipment that work a little better when they’re dirty. I’ll probably get around to cleaning this pipe around this same time next year, and it will be totally fine.


I’m a big fan of pipes, and of the Jane West series as a whole. This piece is solid, with thick glass, and a bowl that’s perfectly sized for personal bowls, but still excellent for groups of two or three people.

It’s an attractive combination of all my favorite pipe features, and you know what? Pipes are awesome. Whether you’re heading to the beach or just hanging out at home, pipes are the kind of investment that you know you’re going to get a return on.

Whether you toss yours in your bag, or shove it in a pocket, every smoker needs at least one good pipe. I happen to own quite a few, but I’m still going to make room to add this one to my collection.

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