Jane West Steamroller Review - Keep Rollin, Rollin, Rollin
Build Quality90%
Smoke Quality83%
Look & Feel85%
Ease of Use92%
88%100Overall Score

Welcome! Thanks for taking a second to read our review of the Jane West Steamroller, by Grav Labs. This piece is an attractive new take on an industry standard. Large, hardy, and built for passing, steamrollers are a standard piece that every smoker should have in their collection. Because they’re such a ubiquitous piece, a lot of smokers are prone to engineering their own steamrollers from cardboard tubes. Even setting aside the insanity of combining fire with paper, then bringing them close to your face, the quality level of these home-made products leaves a lot to be desired. This results in a lot of smokers with less than stellar memories about their experiences with steamrollers. But honestly, a well-crafted steamroller is a thing of beauty, so without further ado, let’s test this thing, and let the chips fall where they may.

Product Pros

  1. Super thick glass
  2. Sturdy legs

Product Cons

  1. Colored glass makes hit size hard to judge


Jane West Steamroller Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The first thing that I noticed about this piece is the legs. They’re sturdy, solid, and relatively large. The legs are the most important aspect of this piece, which may sound silly unless you’ve owned a steamroller without them.

My first steamroller lasted 3 weeks before it rolled off a coffee table and shattered on the floor. I truly wish I could say this was a rare occurrence.

In the course of my short life, I have seen no less than five Steamrollers take a slow-motion trip to the floor below. It’s sad. It sucks. And the sound of broken glass ruins a party.

It may not seem as important to you now but learn from my mistakes. The structure of this thing is top notch.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

For most of us mere mortals, steamrollers are not an every day, every session kind of piece. These are traditionally the piece you pull out when you’ve got company or even a crowd. In keeping with this usage, the piece has a perfect cone bowl.

The duality of these bowls makes them one of my favorites. Can you load a giant bowl for a huge group in this? Most certainly. But snap bowls are where it will really shine. A nice cone ensures that you can torch the whole thing and get the chest fulls of smoke this thing was built to provide.

As with all colored glass, an inexperienced smoker may have a difficult time judging your hit size, but let’s be honest: it’s a steamroller. If you aren’t choking, you aren’t trying.



Look and Feel

This is another Jane West beauty. The styling is modern but utilitarian in unexpected ways. The symmetry is attractive, of course, but it serves a much greater purpose. At one end, the tapered mouthpiece means the smoke stream of this particular pipe is much easier to handle than some of the large tubes you see.

At the other end, the compacted carb ensures a greater smoke density. The tube is small enough to fit in any hands, and the legs serve a dual purpose, as they not only allow the tube to rest without rolling but also provide a great grip point for passing and loading.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

Steamrollers are probably the easiest pieces to clean and maintain. There’s not really too much to them. This particular steamroller is a one piece model, so if you’re feeling lazy, you can put the whole thing in a bowl of alcohol and call it a day.

The only real maintenance issue you’re going to have is that the bowl is affixed to the pipe. This could make cleaning the very base of the bowl just the tiniest bit difficult, but honestly, I highly doubt that you’re going to have any problems.


I’m a big fan of the Jane West series and this piece is no exception. It’s gorgeous, low maintenance, and built with a lot of design sense. As someone who is very guilty of attempting to rig a cheap substitute, this was a nice reminder that when it comes to smoking equipment (and nearly everything else in life) you get what you pay for. Steamrollers have a very specific purpose in your collection.

This isn’t the sort of piece you want to hit while you’re watching tv by yourself. It’s still kind of a lot if there’s only two of you. But for large groups of people, steamrollers, (and particularly this one) cannot be beaten. This is a steamroller of such high quality that I know that I’ll actually get to keep it for awhile. In a world full of poorly designed glass, that’s a big deal. Grav Labs has obviously put a lot of thought into the design of this piece, and it definitely shows.

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