Grizzly Guru Vaporizer Review - Grizzly Bear
Build Quality70%
Vapor Quality72%
Look & Feel60%
Ease of Use66%
60%100Overall Score

As one of the only vaporizers capable of handling concentrates, dry herbs, and liquids, the portable Grizzly Guru is making waves with vapers who enjoy convenience, durability, and style. With the ability to connect 510 threaded atomizers for vaping, the Guru is the first unit of its kind to provide three-in-one capabilities.

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Product Pros

  • Use dry herbs, concentrates, or liquids
  • Portable design
  • Easy-to-use
  • Quality materials
  • Great flavor, minimal odors

Product Cons

  • Pricier than other vaporizers
  • Bulky, especially with all the attachments
  • Isn’t as discreet as some units




Grizzly Guru Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Grizzly Guru mouth piece

Build Quality

Build Quality

Day-to-day activities can easily damage a vaporizer if you aren’t careful. However, the high-quality materials used in the construction of the Guru ensures that you’ll have the pleasure of using this vaporizer for a long time to come.

Each of the attachments included with the vaporizer is just as durable as the next. It’s also easy to change out the attachments as you switch up your smoking style. t’s thanks to the ceramic design that the quality of the unit is sustained.

Many other vaporizers built today use low-quality plastics, which are potentially hazardous to the health and cause the unit to wear down quickly. There are even air chambers in the heating element that ensure a smooth hit, puff after puff.


Vapor Quality

High-quality, tasty vapor is one of the best qualities the Guru offers. Most vaporizers provide the ability to adjust the temperature, but few allow you to do this is the middle of your session. The plus and minus buttons mentioned above adjust the Guru temperature by 8 degrees Celcius each time it is pressed. Starting with a lower temperature and adjusting it ensures a smooth product burn.

A glass mouthpiece is one of the first unique features the Guru offers. This mouthpiece is comfortable and easy-to-use, helping you get the full flavor of your vape. There’s also a ceramic dry herb chamber on the unit. This ceramic unit ensures that none of the taste of the product is lost.

With the help of both convection and conduction heating, you get a great-tasting, clean, smooth hit every time. Most vaporizers use either conduction or convection, but not both.

The Guru gives you the best of both worlds, providing a memorable smoke session time after time. Hybrid heating also reduces herb waste. Any smoker knows that you waste not, want not when it’s herb. The vapor stops when the herb is gone.


Grizzly Guru heating chamber


Look and Feel

The Guru is sleek and stylish, offering an attractive appearance that appeases the eye. This is a unit you’ll proudly show off to all your friends and feel good about owning.

The unit feels great in the hand, with the temperature control and power button both on the bottom of the unit. Smooth, easy operation further appeases the needs of most smokers.



The bulkiness of the Guru prevents as much discreteness as some users would like, though it is still a vaporizer that is easy-to-use wherever life takes you.

Although you may not be able to use the vaporizer at every public location that you attend, it does suffice enough for many locations that you’d otherwise be unable to smoke. Since there is no odor, that is yet another worry eliminated when the Guru is in use.

Grizzly Guru in hand


Ease of Use

When you’re ready to smoke, the Guru is ready to make it happen. The vaporizer has several attachments, so it will take a bit of adjusting and learning before using the Guru.

Once you learn the functionality of each part, changing atomizers so you can enjoy a different smoking experience is simple and fast. Some beginners may find it difficult to use at first but easily adjust within a few uses.

The dry herb atomizer is larger than the other attachments. It is easy to use by removing the glass mouthpiece and filling the chamber with the herb of your choice. Grinding the herb is best, although the sufficient temperature reduces waste. The glass mouthpiece is comfortable and allows a strong hit with each pull.

The wax atomizer for e-liquid is the smallest attachment in the box. It screws into the battery portion of the vaporizer. Snap on the e-cartridge adapter, locking into place using the back tab. Next, choose the appropriate attachment.

Two are included: the clear attachment, used for e-liquids, and the black atomizer, which is used for concentrates.

Screw the attachment to the top of the Grizzly Guru and fill with the liquid or concentrate of your choice. Fill the chamber to the top and screw on the lid. It’s easy-to-fill the concentrates since you need to only remove the mouthpiece.



The Grizzly Guru promises that it is the smallest dual-purpose vaporizer out there today, though the unit is bulkier than many other products. The bulky size doesn’t interfere with the ability to place it in your pocket, purse, or bag so that you can take it with you or keep it out of the sight of the wrong eye.

It’s also lightweight and easy-to-assemble, no matter the type of smoking sesh you’re enjoying.


Grizzly Guru is a vaporizer with a sleek, stylish design. You’ll proudly use it around friends, in public, and at home, knowing the impressions begin from the moment eyes set. The amazement of the vaporizer only continues after the product is used. It’s easy-to-use, includes all of the accessories needed to use and maintain the product, and has a display and temperature adjustment that customizes your vaping experience.

Though the price point is more expensive than some of the other vaporizers currently for sale, you get what you pay for and this unit doesn’t disappoint. Taking the place of three different vaporizers, the Guru simplifies life as it reduces the money that you spend.

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