Haze Square Review - Anything but Conventional
Build Quality85%
Vapor Quality87%
Look & Feel84%
Ease of Use78%
85%100Overall Score

The Haze Square is a geometrically shaped portable vaporizer that will leave you satisfied. This unit was released by Haze Technologies and improves upon its predecessor, the Dual V3. If you are looking for an on the go vaporizer that can tackle both your waxes and your flowers, the Haze Square looks like a winner. But will it hold up under further scrutiny? Let’s find out!

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Product Pros

  1. Quad chambers
  2. On-demand convection
  3. Adjustable temperature
  4. 3-second heat up to 320°F
  5. Customizable sessions
  6. Revolutionary, 45-minute USB-C charging
  7. No stirring necessary
  8. 45-second safety turn-off
  9. Smartphone app

Product Cons

  1. Single type of heating element



Haze Square Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Haze Square side view

Build Quality

Build Quality

The design of the Haze Square is unique. In order to get to all the working parts, simply turn the latch on the back and the two pieces come apart. On the inside of the first piece is the ceramic heating element. The inside of the second piece houses the 4 stainless steel chambers.

One aspect of the Haze Square we really appreciated was the lack of plastic. Instead, the inside workings are made of stainless steel, silicone, and ceramic. All of these high-quality materials are housed inside of a strong aluminum exterior. The unit even claims to be impact protected!


Vapor Quality

By far the coolest part of the Haze Square is the quad-chamber design. Not only do you have the choice between 4 different chambers, you can switch between them with almost no effort. That means going from your herb to your wax in about zero seconds flat!

In terms of the temperature, you can choose any heat level between 320°F and 480°F. The device also features smart temperature technology. This means the herb will heat evenly and you won’t have to worry about stirring or burnt flavors.

Overall, the vapor quality of the Haze Square is above average. The draws are long, the flavor is yummy, and the clouds are large. You will definitely feel good after a few hits from this powerful unit, and you will be able to take around 7 before recharging.


Haze Square heating chamber


Look and Feel

The Haze Square looks exactly like you think it would: square. Just by looking, you wouldn’t guess this contraption was a vape of any kind. In fact, we love the simplicity and unassuming aesthetic.

The feel of this device can only be described as addicting. Whether or not we were smoking, we found playing with the changeable ovens had our hands busy! In addition to the fun Rubik’s cube characteristic, the overall feel is one of stability and longevity.



Haze Technologies has made it possible to switch between 4 different vapor experiences with no muss or fuss. You no longer have to duck down an alley when switching out your vaporizing material! In the future, we hope other manufacturers will add this discreet feature.

Another attribute of the Haze Square that adds to its inconspicuous nature is the overall design. This thing could be kept on your desk as a paperweight and no one would have any idea that it isn’t. You could also reasonably pass the device off as an external hard drive.

Haze Square flat display


Ease of Use

On-demand convection heating makes the Haze Square easy to use. Simply press the button 3 times to take the unit off of standby mode. For a draw, press the button until the unit vibrates to let you know it has reached your desired temperature. Then, with your finger still on the button, take a sip. If you want to pre-set your favorite heat levels, get on the app! We found it much easier to use than something like the Firefly 2 which demands a bit more skill.

The most difficult part of using the Square is understanding how the 4 pods work. There are 3 layers. The top of the pods is made of silicone and has a hole. You can either leave this on when you vape your concentrate or take it off.

Below the lid, you will find the wax pad. If you want to load herb, take out the pad and you have enough space for about .25 loose dry flowers. Don’t want to fill the whole pod? Replace the pad to cut down on excess space.



In terms of on the go use, the Haze Square passes with flying colors! It is a relatively lightweight, compact device. That means it can be carried in your pocket without worry.

The Square even includes 4 pods so you can fill it with your whole day’s material in the morning. No more refills! The mouthpiece storage is even built into the unit to increase on the go manageability.


We are quite happy with the Haze Square. It performs above average in every category, and offers vapers a fun and affordable way to get their convection on! If you aren’t sure, consider that Haze Technologies offer a 10-year warranty on all of their products.

If 4 chambers seems a bit overkill for you but you are still interested in affordable convection vapor, we highly recommend checking out the Utllian 721.

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