Healthy Rips Fierce Review - Just how fierce?
Build Quality72%
Vapor Quality75%
Look & Feel74%
75%100Overall Score

The Healthy Rips Fierce vape features just about bigger and stronger everything without compromising discretion and quality sessions.  Compared to the Healthy Rips Fury 2, the Healthy Rips Fierce Vaporizer has longer battery life that is now removable, a larger compartment and OLED screen, and a higher-powered hybrid heating element that packs a mean punch. Developed for over half a year, we find that this new iteration of the Fury 2 is very impressive. This is one tasty, power packing portable that would be hard not to like. Let’s get to this thing.

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Product Pros

  • Optimal draw resistance
  • Hybrid heating
  • Flavor

Product Cons

  • Battery Life
  • Removable battery coin screw door piece




Healthy Rips Fierce Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Healthy Rips Fierce front view

Build Quality

Build Quality

The Fierce definitely feels well-made and doesn’t come across as a plasticky and cheap.  It possesses a high-quality alloy unibody that’s really strong and durable.  The Fierce utilizes a coin screw door piece to lock the battery in place and it makes for fast access but can easily be lost.

When we tried to look at the new battery, the coin-screw door popped right off onto the floor.  Minor issue at the end of the day, but something we wanted to bring attention to. The native mouthpiece of the Fierce slides off with ease, but also is fairly secure as it features a magnetic attachment that snaps it in place.

Lastly, the Fierce uses a now replaceable LiPo 4050 mAh battery keeping it running for up to 2 hours.  The replaceable spare battery was definitely a welcomed addition, as many users expressed concern in the market.

In addition to the base kit, there are a variety of glass accessories and mouthpiece add-ons you can incorporate into your Fierce system, making it pretty customizable with high-quality components.


Vapor Quality

When it comes to vapor qualiy the Healthy Rips Fierce is pretty much more of the same when compared to the Fury. In fact the heating chamber from an aesthetic standpoint looks identical. It uses the same hybrid heating method as the Fury, which we found produced decent vapor.

Though it is a bit disappointing to see the same chamber, though the overall device does just feel like the larger Fury 2, than a whole new device.

One thing we do like about the Fierce is the isolated glass vapor path that created decent tasting vapor and flavor without any other additives from the Fierce material.


Healthy Rips Fierce flat display


Look and Feel

A stout, unibody, about 2/3 the size of the classic Mighty, the Fierce Vaporizer feels “apple-ish” as far as a sleek and modern, look and touch.

This solid alloy body doesn’t feel bulky in the pocket, and weighs more than the original Fury as its 2 times the size.  It does have a wide body, 3 physical buttons on the side, with haptic feedback for all commands.



Although larger than the Fury 2, the Fierce Vaporizer is small enough for the palm of your hand for stealth sessions.  The odor is minimal although one would need to be careful with the native mouthpieces because contents could easily spill, leading to unwanted odor.

The Fierce has a protective ‘smell’ cover, that’s supposed to prevent this so it’s always a plus when the manufacturer considers these important items.

Healthy Rips Fierce full kit


Ease of Use

The easy usability of the Fierce may, in fact, be its best feature.  You load it upside down and it takes 3 clicks of the power button to turn it on and off, simple as that.  Even better, the Fierce features haptic feedback, vibrating when turned on or off and when the desired temperatures is reached.

The convection system heats up in 30 sec with a timer display at the bottom of the screen.  Tired of always cramming your charger in incorrectly?  The Fierce utilizes a USB-C reversible connector that’s a supercharger.  Want to know how much battery you’ve got left without moving mountains?  The Fierce features a “once click battery check”, displaying batt life instantly.

Like many of its competitors, the Healthy Rips Fierce vape doesn’t use a mobile application for heating and other features, it’s as easy and straightforward as it gets for those looking for a reliable go-to vape.



Weighing 10 ounces, sized 4”x 2.9”x1.1” with a nice sized chamber capacity (.25g-.3g), the Fierce is a low key, small handheld that can be carried in pants pockets, and small backpack compartments.

Some of the glass attachments may not be as portable as the native piece, but the Fierce provides several options in the base package.


Overall, the Healthy Rips Fierce gets a split review. While the new features and removable battery are welcome additions, we can’t get over the fact that this unit is basically a larger Health Rips Fury 2, without much improvements to the actual heating chamber and vapor quality.

If you really really liked your Fury 2, The Fierce may be a good step up, but we also find its not enough of a deviation to make it worth it and would advise checking out units that offer a bit more power in a smaller portable device, like the Zeus Arc.

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