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Build Quality80%
Vapor Quality77%
Look & Feel78%
Ease of Use79%
77%100Overall Score


If you are looking for a high quality, simple interface with just the right amount of technology and a shockingly enjoyable vaping experience, look no further than the Hera 2 Vaporizer from VapeDynamics. If you’re looking to explore all your vaporizer options available, we have the Vapesterdam Ultimate Vaporizer Buyers Guide here to help illuminate all the vaporizer choices available to you.

Product Pros

  • Works very well with flower or concentrates
  • 2 mouthpieces, for dry herb or extract
  • Ceramic & stainless steel dual chamber
  • Precision temperature selector
  • Outstanding vapor flavor
  • Small and sleek
  • 1-year warranty that can be extended to 10 years

Product Cons

  • Mouthpiece is located directly over the heating chamber
  • Touchscreen is a bit small for those with larger hands
  • Battery cannot be charged outside of unit


Hera 2 Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Hera 2 Vaporizer tank

Build Quality

Build Quality

The Hera 2 vaporizer is an incredibly sleek and well thought out piece of vaping technology. It’s clear that there was a lot of attention paid to the details of this vaporizer, from the packaging to the actual product. The box is attractive and nests the Hera 2 unit along with both mouth pieces (dry/extract) in the top tray, while placing the rest of the accessories neatly beneath.

Included in the box is an instruction booklet, a warranty card, 2 soft fabric carrying bags for the Hera 2 and the cleaning brush/dab tool. Also included is a micro usb charger.

The Hera 2 is a premium vaporizer with a fantastic mouth and hand feel. Fast and variable temperature control within a 100°F range with a 5-minute safety shut-off feature means that you can enjoy a consistent and worry-free experience that is versatile and extremely customizable, in terms of temperature and your choice of smoking material.

When you hold the Hera 2 unit, it just feels good in your hand, due to its smooth, aluminum alloy design and its discreet size.


Vapor Quality

I have one word for you…flavor. Because of the ceramic and stainless steel chamber, there is nothing between you and your choice of flower or extract, meaning that all you get is flavor flavor and more flavor, no matter what type of material you choose. At lower temperatures, the Hera 2 produces less vapor and behaves more like a vaporizer, allowing the taste of the herb to really shine.

When you raise the temperatures, climbing anywhere from 430°F – 450°F, you will experience more billowing vapor on each pull. At higher temperatures, the throat feel is much more powerful, often eliciting a cough or two.

This unit heats up quickly and holds its temperature well, engaging the conduction chamber as needed to maintain a consistent temperature. The first draw might have a little less vapor, but each subsequent draw offers more. Cloud chasers! At higher temperatures, the Hera 2 does not disappoint.


Hera 2 Vaporizer detached


Look and Feel

The Hera 2 is an exquisite unit with a very attractive design. Judging by how it feels in your hand, the materials used are high-quality and it is very solid and well put together. VapeDynamics took their time with this one, and it shows.

A state-of-the-art touchscreen on the front of the unit offers users a much more customizable experience than many other vaporizers, with the ability to select a Fahrenheit or celsius readout, your choice of vibration (haptic technology) or no vibration, once the unit reaches the desired temperature, and also a mode selector, easily allowing the user to switch between herb and extract with just a touch. The touchscreen also has an easy-to-read charge indicator, so you never get caught unexpectedly with a drained battery.

There aren’t a lot of unnecessary buttons all over the unit. In fact, there is only 1 button for powering up, located on the right side. On the other side is a micro USB charging port and 5 LED lights. There is also a VapeDynamics light up logo on the front of the unit just below the touchscreen that shows when the selected temperature is reached by changing from red to blue.

With its sleek design and modern touchscreen, the Hera 2 vaporizer is a very attractive unit in all aspects.



Although this unit measures 118mm (about 4.6in) long, it is small enough to fit in your front or back pocket or in the palm of your hand. Measuring only 20mm (0.8in) deep and 38mm (1.5in) wide, the Hera 2 is slim and easily portable.

Maybe it’s because the unit is so well-designed, but the Hera 2 does not smell very much at all when not in use. The ceramic/stainless steel chamber make it a tightly built unit, with very few places where any vapor could escape.

Hera 2 Vaporizer in hand


Ease of Use

The Hera 2 Vape is easy to use, right out of the box. Switching out the mouthpieces is a snap, and loading your choice of smoking material is simple, due to the large and deep chamber. Included in the dry herb chamber is a metal, reusable “butterfly” screen which really helps keep the heating chamber clean, especially if you are someone who might not empty your unit after each use.

When ready to vape, push the power button 3 times quickly, select your desired temperature and hold the power button until it vibrates. Once that happens, release the button and watch on the touchscreen as the temperature climbs, which is does really quickly. When the Hera 2 reaches the selected temperature it vibrates again, and both the lit-up logo on the front of the unit and the 5 LED lights on the left side change from red to blue (the 5 LEDs flash red when not ready, then turn solid blue when ready).

Another helpful feature of the touchscreen is that you can see the digital reading fluctuate during use because it heats up as needed to maintain a consistent temperature. This, in my opinion, is a very nice touch, enabling even more of an intuitive feel.

Charging the large, 2680mAh Li-on battery is simple and a full charge is quick and offers up to 90 minutes of use. Unfortunately, there is no way to charge the battery outside of the unit, which is a minor drawback, as it means that each battery must be charged while still inside the Hera 2. If I could change one thing about this fantastic vaporizer, this would be it.



As mentioned earlier, the size and shape of the Hera 2 vaporizer is perfect for a night on the town, a long day at the office, or anytime you want to vape on-the-go. It fits in the palm of your hand and is slim enough to slide easily into a pocket or a purse.

With its large capacity battery that offers a 90 minute period of use and an easy-to-read digital charge read-out on the touchscreen, there is no guesswork with this unit.

In terms of use, the Hera 2 is phenomenal. The unit heats evenly and consistently, offering a smooth vapor and an continual method of delivery. Unlike some of the other vaporizers on the market today, there is never any need to stir your dry herb in order to get an even burn.

Also, when the used dry material is emptied out of the chamber, it has a uniform look that is never black or burned and always seems just like well-cooked herb. This is a great thing in terms of measuring how it burns in the chamber and it also means you will always have a delicious experience because nothing will ever taste overly heated or burned.


Like its main competitor, the PAX 3, the Hera 2 vaporizer is a very popular choice for vape connoisseurs who are looking for a reliable, easy-to-use, and long lasting unit. Although it has a bit of a higher price point, it is well worth it and should be looked at as more of an investment, rather than a temporary accessory. If you keep this unit clean and charged, there is no limit to how long you could own it.

The Hera 2 is durable, attractive, sleek, and versatile. With its 2 chambers for dry herb or extract and it digital touchscreen, the Hera 2 is very customizable and more and more intuitive after each use. If you are looking for a vaporizer that doesn’t mess around and delivers clean, crisp vapor and allows you the ability to taste your chosen material without any hint of burned or smoke flavor, look no further than this state-of-the-art, well-crafted vaporizer.

We do recommend you also check out the Utillian 721 if you are in the market for a vaporizer, the 721 uses convection heating rather than the conduction that is found in the Hera 2 to offer a vapor experience that rivals a certain German brand.

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  1. Tom Rutledge

    Customer Service sucks so bad these days.
    Good Evening. I going to give a public warning about the Hera 2 Vaperizor. The one I got from VAC was only 14 months old when it started to actually fall in pieces. A very expensive and popular model. I call Tweed and they disowned any warranty and asked me to Call Germany to sort it out. I called, I email to no avail. So I called VAC and got well you know. OK no Problem and through others on this page I call 420 in Kingston to purchase a PAX 3, I was told the Hera 2 was better and it was on sale for 330.00 all in. I go down a couple of days later and purchase one, asked the right question and left. NO ONE SAID all sales final. But understandable, So my New Vape is good and strong for a week or so. Then it would not charge past 75%. I poked around the net and nothing. I send an email to Vapedynamics in California. 3 days later a reply comes. Basically it maybe the charger, So i switch usb wall chargers and it started working Once. Now it will only blink between 87 degress and 89 Degress. I reply to the email with my findings. A day or two go buy and an email comes. Sounds like it maybe something else, will you send the unit back. No problem, How and when and what do I have do while my Vape is gone, As I used as a medical device. 8 days now have passed and no answer, By email or phone. The phone just rings and rings. No Voice mail no nothing. So Today I headed down to 420 in Kingston for assitance. The young lad at the door at first was helpfull. Then the other guy came over, pressed the button and said it works, I said look at the temperture as it was bouncing back in forth. He says yeah nothing I can do, all sales final. I asked him to call the suppler in a bid to help. He looks at me like I was growing a second head, why would I do that. Customer service I replied, he then says something but the body language and attitude, were so obvious that he just didn’t care. I got pissed, 2 weeks ago I spent 330.00 for this and your not even sympathic. I promised both companies free advertising so here it is. 420 Kingston’s Customer Services sucks plain and simple. Vapedynamics is in the same. Thanks for letting me rant.


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