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Build Quality86%
Smoke Quality83%
Look & Feel80%
Ease of Maintenance70%
80%100Overall Score

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Vapesterdam! Thanks for checking in for another review. Be sure to subscribe to our social media so we can keep you up to date on what’s new in the world of herb and herb accessories. Today’s piece comes to us from Grasscity. The website? Yes the website. Though you may be mostly familiar with them for their forums and reviews, Grasscity sells an extensive collection of glass and various other herb accessories. When you’re dealing with a piece that comes from a well-known name in another area, you’ve got to be careful. Often the entity will simply contract with a manufacturer and never have any input about the quality of the piece.That’s what we’re here for. Let’s take a look at this glass bubbler with showerhead perc and see what has to offer.

Product Pros

  • Thick glass
  • Multiple color options

Product Cons

  • Has to be cleaned frequently


Honey Bee Bubbler Review: Breakdown

Honey bee bubbler dab rig side view


Build Quality

Build Quality

This little piece is surprisingly solid. Given the low price point, I expected something light and flimsy. Instead the glass is reasonably thick and all of the pieces fit together smoothly without any give. The bubbler is heavy and fits comfortably in the hands. Like most showerhead diffusers, this bubbler must be held at precisely the correct angle in order to deliver a proper hit.

However, the downstem is angled well, so the piece is easy to handle, even for beginners. The bowl that comes with the piece is also a pleasant surprise. It has a sizable rollstop and is made of impressively thick glass. The bowl is not the cheap, mass produced bowl that typically comes with a new piece. Instead, this has a quality level on par with bowls you purchase individually. The bowl alone makes this bubbler a fairly good deal for the cost.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

Shower head diffusers are a wonderful aspect of glass technology. The second a hit is drawn, it cascades through rivers of bubbles. This ensures a hit that has cooled significantly by the time it reaches your throat. Why do we care? Because cooler smoke feels better as it’s inhaled, and because cool smoke allows us to taste what we’re hitting.

This piece has no room for ice, but using super-chilled water provided an icy cool hit that was super easy to inhale. The bowl has a sharp angle to it, making it excellent for milking small personal bowls as well as large party bowls for groups.

Honey Bee Bubbler Dab Rig heating chamber



Look and Feel

This piece comes in multiple colors, but I purchased it in green. This sunny piece traveled with me to my first festival of the year. It readily fits into even the smallest storage container and it travels without feeling delicate or precarious. This little piece draws attention in a crowd. It is easily loaded and passed amongst a small group, and it’s operation is fairly intuitive.

One of the best travel aspects of this bubbler is how little water it requires. This makes it easy to change the water frequently and ensure that every hit is as cool and flavorful as possible. This piece is also the ideal size to take the place of your daily driver.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

The maintenance on a piece of this sort is complicated. A showerhead diffuser is one of the most difficult pieces of glass to clean. There is nothing short of time which is going to remove oily residue from this piece. Fill it with isopropyl alcohol and prepare yourself for a wait of several days. Adding any rock salt could end in heartbreak, as salt is (to my surprise) hard enough to crack thin glass.

Commercial cleaners could make this process quicker, but you may have to go through several cleaning cycles before you completely remove stubborn residue from the channels cut into the diffuser. The only upside to this piece is the fact that it is small, and thus inherently easier to clean than many other popular pieces available at this price point.

Honey Bee Bubbler Dab Rig front view


This piece is fairly standard for the price point. I was not exceptionally impressed with any of the features, but it is certainly a good bargain. If you need a piece to travel with, this is certainly a good option. The fixed nature of the downstem means you can’t break it down all the way, but I traveled with it and never felt that it was in danger of breaking. That being said, this piece is an absolute nightmare to clean. It isn’t physically strenuous, given the small size, but after a few months, the repeated cleanings are going to get old, and you are going to find yourself questioning your purchase decision. This bubble isn’t a bad deal, but it has a lot of flaws.

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