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iJoy is one of the leading companies when it comes to new battery technology as they are one of the first few companies that have a good mod utilizing a 20700 battery and now they have a mod using a 21700 battery, the iJoy Capo 100. These batteries are not new though as they have been around for years but it really didn’t gain popularity until now compared to the smaller 18650 batteries since there are no good mods before that use 21700 and 20700 batteries.

It is always nice to see a company like iJoy bringing us technology that we can use these bigger batteries and even including their own batteries in the kit. Also, check out the Vapesterdam Ultimate Vape Buyers’ Guide to learn about all the e-cigarettes available out there.

Product Pros

  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • 0.96 inch OLED screen display
  • 1 x Joy 21700 battery included
  • Compatible with single 20700 or 18650 battery (with adapter)
  • 100 watts maximum output
  • Convenient sliding top fill design
  • Thread-less coil head for easy replacement

Product Cons

  • Not compatible with 810 drip tips


iJoy Capo 100 Review: Breakdown

iJoy Capo 100 available colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

On the first glance, the iJoy Capo 100 reminds me of the Eleaf iStick Pico and the Smok AL85 because of its battery cap on the top that sits beside the atomizer. I believe it is called the “Capo” because of this big protruding battery cap. On the side of the mod, you will see a big fire button which is nice and clicky.

On the front, you will see a bright 0.96 inch OLED screen display, the up and down buttons, and a micro USB port for charging and firmware upgrade. On the back of the device is a cool looking design on a glass-like material that I thought has an LED inside since it kind of illuminates when you are looking at it at an angle but I guess it is just the chemical property of the paint.

Overall, the build quality and design of the iJoy Capo 100 looks very premium. The iJoy Capo 100 is very compact and ergonomic since it uses just a single 21700 battery and the way they designed its shape is perfect. It is rounded on the battery side and kind of boxy on the fire button side which makes it super nice to hold.

Another cool thing about it is you can also use a single 20700 battery to power the device or even a single 18650 battery with the use of an adapter which is included in the kit. The iJoy Capo 100 has a maximum output of 100 watts and feature options such as temperature control, TCR and custom power curves.

The tank included in the kit is the Captain Mini Subohm tank. The Captain Mini tank is 22.5 mm in diameter and has a 3.2 ml e liquid capacity. It features a super convenient sliding top fill design and has dual adjustable airflow.

The cool thing about the Captain Mini tank is that it uses thread-less coil heads which are easier to install and replace compared to most tanks that use threaded coil heads. The iJoy Capo 100 is available in 5 different color options. You can get it in black, gun metal, yellow, stainless steel, and rainbow.


Vapor Quality

The Captain Mini Subohm tank comes with two coil heads. Pre-installed is called the CA-M2 and included is the CA-M1. The CA-M2 coil head has a resistance of 0.3 ohm and is rated to use between 50 watts to 80 watts while the CA-M2 has a resistance of 0.5 ohm and is rated to use between 30 watts to 60 watts.

Both coil heads are practically the same as they both have the same coil build inside and a very little difference in resistance. The iJoy Captain Mini tank is in my opinion, one of the best subohm tank atomizers on the market and the flavor and vapor production you can get from these coil heads are superb.

This is due to the fact that the base of the Captain Mini has a unique and innovative design. Its base has a unique internal groove design that reduces the heat transmission from the coil to the shaft which will give you a smoother airflow and better flavor.

The iJoy Captain Mini also has dual adjustable airflow so you can set it as a restrictive type of vape or airy one depending on your vaping style.

iJoy Capo 100 detached




The best build aspect of the iJoy Capo 100 is that it is compatible with 3 different battery sizes. Although iJoy is kind enough to include their own 21700 battery with a capacity of 3750 mah in the kit, it is always better if you can use your old 18650 batteries or 20700 batteries to power it.

There is a huge significance to the battery capacity of the iJoy 21700 battery in terms of the Capo 100’s build and design. A capacity of 3750 mah is almost equal to two 18650 batteries, which means you are not sacrificing battery life if you are going to use a single 21700 battery.



The iJoy Capo 100 is more compact and ergonomic than most mods that use dual 18650 batteries. That is one of the good things about it since you are not sacrificing battery life to have a sleek device.

With the Captain Mini installed, it is only 132.7 mm in height, 52.3 mm in width and 30 mm in thickness. You can also charge the device through the micro USB port which is very handy when you are traveling.

iJoy Capo 100 front display


Mods that use bigger batteries are becoming a trend and the iJoy Capo 100 is one of the better mods out there. It has all the features that cater to the more advanced vapers while still being super easy to use for the newbies who are looking for their first vaporizer. Just the fact of having a single battery mod that has almost the same battery life as a dual battery mod, and at the same time sleeker and more compact is a win for me.

If you are looking for something a good starter mod style vape check out the SMOK G150 and if you are just looking for the best check out the SMOK Procolor.

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