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Build Quality80%
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Today We’ll be reviewing the iJoy RDTA Box, a 200-watt device that features a built-in RDTA with a massive eliquid capacity of 12.8ml. While this mod isn’t exactly meant for beginners but rather for vaping enthusiasts, let’s dive down into the details of this device and figure out if its the right mod for you.  Let’s find out! Also, check out the Vapesterdam Ultimate Vape Buyers’ Guide to learn about all the e-cigarettes available out there.

Product Pros

  • Massive e-liquid capacity
  • Easy to Build

Product Cons

  • Limited support for 3rd party atomizers





iJoy RDTA Box Review: Breakdown

iJoy RDTA Box Color Select


Build Quality

Build Quality

Fresh out of the box, the RDTA Box is a tanky looking device that tosses subtlety out of the window in exchange for its sporty and somewhat aggressive design evident from the bright contrasting color schemes the mod is carried in. Although seemingly quite large measuring out to 135mm*55mm*12.8mm, it’s not that much bigger than your average dual 18650 box mod thanks to the recessed RDTA chamber and the massive tank that’s built on to the top of the device.

Yes, that’s right, instead of using a cylinder of  Pyrex glass fashioned into the tank which is what most manufacturers do, iJoy has decided to utilize the entire top section of the RDTA Box, turning it into a massive tank that can carry up to a maximum of 12.8ml of eliquid.

While this does present certain challenges in cleaning the tank, simply rinsing the built-in tank with water is an effective method to give the chamber a good cleaning. Is it a safe method? I cant be 100% certain since the mod makes no claims of being waterproof or water resistant, but for those careful enough, rinsing the tank out without getting the rest of the components wet shouldn’t be a problem.

The RDTA Box is solidly built offering zero rattle when shaken. One thing I didn’t appreciate about the feel of the device though is despite the firing button being clicky and responsive, it had a very hollow or tin-like feel whenever pressed on which never failed to distract me and serve as a reminder that the firing button isn’t that solid.

Fortunately, the rest of the device does not have similar hiccups, looking from the crisp and informative LED display to the solid battery compartment and the more than adequate battery venting, there isn’t much more to complain about with this mod.


Vapor Quality

Firing up to a maximum of 200 watts, the iJoy RDTA Box is definitely a powerhouse especially when factoring that in with the versatile and relatively easy to use Velocity style build deck that lets you slap on any custom coil build of your choice to fully maximize the power of this device.

It’s definitely not the most beginner friendly option though since the RDTA doesn’t support standard coil heads which you simply have to screw in. Instead, as a user, you’re going to have to purchase pre-wrapped coils or learn to wrap your own coils from simple wire.

While this definitely is a plus to the versatility and potential of the device, if you’re a beginner, you’re going to need a bit of practice with this tank before you can start vaping it at 100% of its potential. It’s a good thing that iJoy has also included a deck with pre-built coils already installed so you can get to vaping right away.

Needless to say, flavor and vapor production on this tank is great. You get to experience the full performance of an RDA with the convenience of a tank, and overall performance can be further enhanced when moving on from simple round wire builds to more advanced or exotic coils.

iJoy RDTA Box with build




An odd thing to see in this sort of device is the lack of a 510 adapter connection that lets you use standard atomizers with the RDA Box. You won’t be able to use your favorite tank or RDA with this mod, unfortunately.

Instead iJoy has made the RDTA Box compatible with a specific series of build decks which can be separately purchased with each of these decks offering distinct differences in overall feel that is mostly left up to your preference.

For ease of use, the Velocity style deck has been included with the kit, but the iJoy RDTA Box also supports iJoy’s 4 post deck, a post less deck, and a Goon style clamp deck, among many others. So while the variety of potential builds aren’t infinite, it’s definitely not limited in any significant way.

The RDTA Box supports temperature control with modes for stainless steel, nickel, and titanium and while performance varies depending on the quality of the coil you’re using, I found it to be performing up to par with the included pre-built deck.



While not exactly the most portable device, it certainly manages to maintain an adequate charge throughout a full days worth of use thanks to the dual 18650 batteries.

You’ll have to be extra careful when taking this mod outside though as RDTAs are prone to leaking if left on their sides too long so the RDTA box might not be the best option if you’re used to pocketing your mod.

iJoy RDTA Box Battery Compartment


The iJoy RDTA is an innovative and powerful device that has a lot to offer in terms of flavor and overall vapor quality. There is a slight learning curve if you want to maximize its potential so beginners should definitely take note of that.

While this device can be used as a carry around device, be prepared for the inevitable leak if you choose to use it this way. As for me I personally prefer to use it as a staple indoor mod thanks to its massive tank that doesn’t require me to refill often letting me chain vape in the leisure of my own home.

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