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Build Quality83%
Vapor Quality88%
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The E-Leaf iKonn 220 with Ello is one for fans of hi-tech, powerful and versatile vaporizers that are packed full of features. As the name states, the iKonn 220 unit has a massive 220 watts of power available. Even with the amount of power that the iKonn 220 boasts, the unit is built to be extremely safe even when charging. It even serves as a power bank for your other devices! So, let’s take a proper look at it shall we and see what the iKonn 220 really does with all that power.

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Product Pros

  • Easy to operate
  • 220W of Power
  • Good flavor from Ello Tank

Product Cons

  • Bottom Airflow

iKonn 220 with ELLO Kit Review: Breakdown

E-Leaf iKonn 220 available colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

The iKonn 220 is a quality unit. It comes with Dual Circuit and Reverse Polarity Protection, preventing over-charging, over-current and over-discharging of the unit as well as battery anti reverse circuit in the circuit board, making it one of the safest units on the market today.

Even with all the features packed into the iKonn 220 both the 2ml and 4ml models are lightweight and compact. These features aren’t just there to look good either.

The design is sleek, modern and comes in a variety of colours to suit most tastes. The unit comes with the ELLO Atomizer in either the 2ml or 4ml tank options that come with two different coils from the HW series.


Vapor Quality

With the HW3 Triple-Cylinder 0.2ohm Head and HW4 Quad-Cylinder 0.3ohm Head coils included in this kit, the iKonn 220 produces some pretty impressive clouds. The coils included in the kit are the best cloud-producing coils in the HW series so far, perfect for anyone looking to show off their tricks.

Kicking out up to 90wats of power, the iKonn 220 continues to impress us with its power. The flavour is pretty great too, though you’ll find better taste using the HW3 coil. If flavour is more of a priority for you than cloud then you might want to add in the HW2 coil as an optional extra as it offers the best flavour quality of all the HW series but you compromise on vapour cloud with this one.

The iKonn 220 boasts a handy preheat function that allows you to preheat your coil quickly to give you the best vaping experience from the get-go. The amount of power that the iKonn 220 packs really does make a difference to the vapour quality and you’ll definitely see and taste the difference when you upgrade from a less powerful unit.

E-Leaf ELLO Tank deconstructed




You can really tell that the iKonn 220 kit was built with tech-lovers in mind. Everything about it appeals to us tech-heads inner desires from the screen with its 3 interface modes to the fact it can be updated to have the latest firmware by plugging it into your laptop. With the iKonn 220 you’ll always have the most up-to-date version without having to buy a whole new unit.

The ELLO atomiser comes with two drips, a tapered one for style or a wide bore for bigger clouds and better taste. Each of the parts is detachable for easy cleaning. It also features a convenient retractable top-fill. All you need to do to refill is slide the top back and drip your juice in the port and you’re good to go.

The iKonn 220 unit itself is highly compatible and can handle tanks of up to 28mm. It also can double up as power-bank. Yes, that’s right, it’s so versatile that it can charge up your other vaporizer units, mobile phones or whatever other tech you have on you while you’re out and about!



The iKonn 220 is extremely portable considering the power it’s packing. Even the bigger, 4ml model isn’t going to take up too much room. It’s surprisingly light too so you can easily carry it in your pocket.

The battery is pretty good, but will burn through charge quicker when you’re using higher power settings or preheating mode.

However, it’s good to remember that it’s able to be used as a power-pack which says a lot for the amount of charge the unit can hold.

iKonn 220 mod in hands


The iKonn 220 with ELLO boasts a lot of great features and is extremely versatile. It’s one of the most powerful units on the market and is great for anyone who enjoys their tech. The one issue might be that it could be too much for beginners and would suit someone who is looking to upgrade to something more powerful. Overall though we would recommend it for anyone who loves those big clouds or performing tricks, but beginners would probably be better going for a more basic kit like the E-Leaf iStick Pico or Kanger Topbox.

If you already have the iKonn 220 kit, let us know what you think of it! Did you find there were any problems with the kit? Did you find it as versatile as we did? Make a comment and share your experiences with the community.


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  1. curtis

    hi everyone,
    My best friend and I both have the Ikonn 220. We been using ours since July2017. Other than the dim screen, which is not a real issues, ours have been trouble free. He runs a cleito 120 on his and loves his. I run a evo, regular cleito, and a fireluke tank on mine. They have fell, been dropped, and the occasional get of the couch too fast falls. Nothing broke, doesn’t rattle, no dings, but does have a few scratches. I am really hard on it since its my daily go to mod. Have other mods but definitely my favorite right now. No issues what so ever. Both ours have been updated with firmware and custom logos that we made ourselves. Battery life below 80 watts and these things shine..but running them higher is just like any other mods. They get thirsty for both juice and battery life..but nothing extreme. Have never failed to run great. He has sony vtc5 in his and i am running hg 3000mah chocolates. I charge with usb and an external charger and haven’t had any issues with either. Cant comment on the tc side of it because we both are wattage vapors. Also never tried any of the charging functions. I have tried pre-heat a few times…but the device responds so well there really is no need for my builds or tastes to use it. But it did work well when tried it. That’s our experience so far. We love them.


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