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Build Quality78%
Vapor Quality77%
73%100Overall Score

Released as the successor to the original Endura T20, the Endura T20-S by Innokin improves on a variety of key features such as battery life and a new and improved airflow design which promises better flavor with every puff. Toting an internal 1500mAh LiPo battery, the T20 makes full use of its 18-watt maximum output to deliver an all-day hassle-free vaping experience. Utilizing Innokin’s Prism S coils, the T20-S isn’t exactly a dedicated mouth to lung device nor is it specifically a direct lung vape, instead, skirting the fine line between the two. 

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Product Pros

  • Improved flavor over predecessor
  • Great for beginners
  • Leak-proof design

Product Cons

  • Non-standard atomizer diamter


Innokin Endura T20-S Review: Breakdown

Innokin Endura T20-S colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

Innokin has always been a manufacturer known for building elegant yet sturdily constructed mods, and the same rule applies to the Endura T20-S. Available in a series of color options, there are two main finishes available when deciding on which colorway to get. The stainless steel and black colorways feature a standard smooth metal finish, while a textured rubberized finish can be purchased in blue, red, grey, and purple.

I’m quite a fan of the rubberized finish as it deviates from the norm of tube-style devices that feature smooth textures which can get pretty dull to hold at times. Not only does the rubberized texture make the T20-S less prone to accidental drops or slips from the hand, it also slightly improves the robustness of the mod by offering a small layer of shock absorption should in case the device be accidentally dropped.

With a total diameter of 20.5mm that extends from the base of the mod all the way up to the tank, it falls somewhere in between the standard 22mm tube mods and stick-thin pen vapes. While it shouldn’t be a big deal for many users, I’m slightly disappointed that Innokin didn’t just opt for a standard 22mm in diameter, especially considering that the T20 tank uses a standard 510 connection. This means that you won’t be able to use standard 22mm atomizers on the T20-S.

The clicky firing button found on the main body of the T20-S is highlighted by an LED indicator used to relay remaining battery levels, and the system works pretty well. A green light means that the battery is close to full charge, when the battery is halfway depleted the indicator will flash yellow, and when the battery needs recharging a red light will be displayed. While it’s nowhere as informative or detailed as standard LED screens found on bigger devices, it still does the job.

Included in the kit is a highly detailed and informative visual guide to help beginners get started on how to use their vape. Extra O-ring seals, an extra coil head, a micro USB charging cable, and an alternate drip tip/top cap combo are also among the accessories that come packaged with the kit.


Vapor Quality

The T20 tank that comes bundled with the kit holds up to a maximum of 2ml of eliquid and uses a top fill method for filling the tank. The top cap easily twists off to reveal the portholes where you drip eliquid into. There aren’t any adjustable airflow options available on the tank so airflow is mostly dictated by the type of coil heads you use with the kit.

In the case of the two 0.8-ohm coil heads that come included with the kit, they feature a restrictiveness that falls somewhere in between the looseness of a direct lung coil head and the tightness of a mouth to lung coil head, striking the perfect middle ground between the two. While strict mouth to lung or direct lung vapers might not be exactly thrilled by this, I find it to be perfect for the beginning vaper who has yet to figure out their personal vaping preferences.

In terms of flavor, the included coil heads do a good job of delivering crisp and clear notes of whatever eliquid you’re using in the tank. Vapor production is around whats expected; its definitely no cloud machine yet it also manages to output a respectable amount of vapor. The Prism S coil heads offer great longevity, lasting around 7-9 days before flavor and vapor production start to taper off.

It’s also important to note that when using the coil heads for the first time, they need to sit for around 5 minutes with the tank filled so as to let the eliquid properly saturate the organic cotton wicks.




While not the most feature-rich device, T20-S offers a variety of safety features that make your vaping experience safe and problem-free. Battery overcharging and discharging protection is pretty much a standard for devices like these. Short circuit protection is also built into the regulating chip which will prevent the device from firing if ever a short occurs somewhere inside the mod.

Just in case you prefer a tighter or more restrictive airflow which gives a similar sensation to puffing on a tobacco cigarette, Innokin also offers dedicated mouth to lung coils which are available as a separate purchase.



While the Endura T20-S only has a 0.5 amp charging rate, it still charges quickly enough without feeling like a bother. The internal 1500mAh is plenty sufficient for all day vaping at the 18-watt output with the 0.8-ohm coil heads and should last even longer when switching to the 1.5-ohm coil heads that let the device reach a maximum wattage of 16 watts.

Closely mirroring the form factor of pen-style vapes, the T20-S is easy to pocket and store. The 132mm height might give you trouble when trying to slip it into smaller pockets so it’s important to keep that in mind.

Innokin Endura T20-S exploded


The Innokin Endura T20-S is a strong option for beginners looking to start their vaping journey. It delivers lots of flavor and the vapor production isn’t anything to sneeze at as well. Pairing that with Innokins solid build quality and stylish looks, and you’ve got an elegant little performer in your hands.

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