Innokin EQ Review - Bass or Treble?
Build Quality77%
Vapor Quality78%
75%100Overall Score

The Innokin EQ is the new addition to the saturated pod system market and this is actually their first take on a pod device. We have known Innokin for their simple all-in-one devices and they have been really good so far. Surprisingly, they took a different approach on their first pod system as the Innokin EQ has a fire button and went for a bigger body design that kind of looks like the Breeze pod.

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Product Pros

  • Compact and portable design
  • 800 mah battery capacity
  • Dual wattage mode – Normal and Boost
  • Plexus EQ coil

Product Cons

  • Non-replaceable coil


Innokin EQ Review: Breakdown

Innokin EQ available colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Innokin EQ features a very typical Innokin design. All their previous products have this clean, simple and a very minimalist design, which unsurprisingly are the very same characteristics of the Innokin EQ. As simple as it looks, the Innokin EQ doesn’t feel cheap whatsoever.

Innokin is known for the quality of their devices and they didn’t skimp out on the EQ’s construction. The Innokin EQ is available in 5 different color options which are gray, blue, black, purple and red. All these color options have this soft rubberized material that is very nice to the touch and adds a slight grip to the device.

Another cool thing is, I know a few devices that have this same rubberized coating and they always chip after a few uses but the one Innokin applied to the EQ feels like it won’t chip at all even when I tried scratching on its surface. With regards to the shape of the EQ, Innokin opted for a bigger body instead of the most common USB flash drive design.

Innokin went for a flat marker pen design which is very similar to the Aspire Breeze. Just like the Aspire Breeze, the Innokin EQ has a protective cap and it also doesn’t feature a draw activated system. It has a fire button on the middle which also serves as the on/off button and houses the light indicator.

The light indicator on the EQ serves 2 purposes, it shows when the battery needs charging and it also shows which mode you set it with. The Innokin EQ has 2 wattage modes and its boost mode can actually output 15.5 watts of power which is made possible by its 800 mah battery capacity.

As for the pod, it is magnetically attached to the body for easier replacement and it holds 2ml of e-liquid. The good thing is that the pod is refillable but the coil is non-replaceable.


Vapor Quality

The Innokin EQ uses a unique mesh coil called the Plexus EQ coil which has a resistance of 0.5 ohm. The coil’s construction is like a very thin sheet of kanthal with rectangular patterns carved into it. The beauty of this coil pattern is that it has a rapid heat diffusion which greatly increases coil life. This coil build also removes hot spots and promotes a very fast wicking process which greatly improves flavor production by a lot.

I am not exaggerating if I say that the Innokin EQ is by far the best pod system on the market when it comes to flavor production. The Plexus EQ coil works really well and Innokin was never really known for gimmicks. While the flavor you can get off on the EQ is king, the vapor production is somewhat average but it is somewhat better than most pod systems.

Innokin EQ mouth piece detached




The Innokin EQ has 2 wattage modes, a normal and boost mode. The normal mode will let you fire the Innokin EQ at 13.5 watts while the boost mode will let you fire it at 15.5 watts. You might say that a 2-watt difference is not much but for a pod system, it is actually a lot. This difference can actually let you use a normal nicotine based e liquids if the nicotine salt based e liquids are too much for you.

I actually find the boost mode with a 12mg nicotine e-liquid more satisfying than the normal mode with a 30mg to 40mg nicotine salt based e-liquid. With the wattage modes, you can now have more options with your e-liquid selections as some vapers find the nicotine salt based e liquids too strong for their nicotine needs.



Although the Innokin EQ is bigger than most pod systems, it is still one of the most compact and portable devices on the market. It is only 88mm in height, 35mm in length, and 15mm in width. It is a perfect little device for some discreet vaping when you are in a fancy restaurant or in a social gathering.

Charging it won’t be a big deal either due to its micro USB port and as long as you have a micro USB cable and a power bank, you can charge it anywhere.

Innokin EQ side view


I can honestly say that the Innokin EQ is one of the best pod systems on the market right now. It has a simple design but it has an excellent build quality. Its utilization of the Plexus EQ coil is also a perfect decision from Innokin as it adds more value to what the vapers normally need.  But, we also suggest taking a look at the JWELL La Carte if you are in the market for a good refillable pod vape or even the Bo One if you are curious about prefilled units.

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