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Build Quality75%
Vapor Quality70%
71%Overall Score

The Innokin EZ Watt is both simple to use yet doesn’t shy away from features that potentially improve your everyday vaping experience. Utilizing a 1500mAh internal battery to power the mod, and with an operating wattage of 13-35 watts, it’s clear that the EZ Watt is mostly intended to be a mouth to lung style vape. Let’s dive down into the details below and find out if you really are better off getting the EZ Watt over other starter kits.

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Product Pros

  • Great Flavor Production
  • Easily Pocketable Form Factor
  • Easy Menu Navigation

Product Cons

  • Need another tank for Sub Ohm


Innokin EZ Watt Review: Breakdown

Innokin EZ Watt Colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

Available in a variety of elegant yet subdued color options, the facade of the EZ Watt clearly belies its intended purpose as a mouth to lung device. The mods diminutive size makes it an ideal stealth vape, easily concealed in its entirety by the palm of your hand. The matte finish gives off a nice satin-like feel when held, and the contoured shape and any lack of sharp edges make it a joy to hold especially for long vaping sessions.

I’m honestly impressed with the build quality of the EZ Watt. Everything from the firing button to the singular wattage button gives off a very premium feel, not only to the sense of sight but to the touch as well. The firing button feels solid and responsive and the same applies to the wattage button.

Even the Micro USB port found on the front feels sturdier than most. The matte paint on the EZ Watt feels like it’s definitely built to last the test of time with its powder coat-like finish, and although I haven’t dropped the EZ Watt yet, I’m confident that the aesthetics will hold up pretty well to wear and tear.

There is no rattle whatsoever when handling the EZ Watt which is partly due to the inclusion of the 1500mAh internal LiPo battery removing the need for a battery door. One thing I noticed is that the mod doesn’t have much in terms of battery ventilation, but I suppose this might be due to the fact that since the mod doesn’t fire at high wattages, there shouldn’t be any reason for the battery to heat up. Still, it would have been nice to see some vents even at the expense of sacrificing aesthetics a bit.


Vapor Quality

I’m not going to beat around the bush, the EZ Watt vapes great with the included Prism tank. The bundled Prism coils deliver a solid mouth to lung hit, densely packed with flavor and moderate vapor output. I found that the Prism tank vapes best when vaping at around  18 watts though your results may differ depending on the nicotine level of your e-liquid. Also since this is a mouth to lung device, its recommended you use e-liquid with a higher nic content if you want to get the most out of the EZ Watt.

Coil longevity is great as well which can also be attributed to firing the coils at such a low wattage, normally lasting at about a week at least but this is, of course, subjective to the type of e-liquid that you use. They don’t  take too long to saturate with juice and a few minutes is all a fresh coil head needs to before you can start vaping.

Operating the EZ Watt is exceedingly simple. Just hold the wattage control and firing button until the display above it changes to reflect the current wattage setting. Rinse and repeat until the display shows the wattage level you intend to vape at.

The first arrow on the bottom indicates the lowest setting which ranges from 13-14 watts, the second arrow lighting up means you’re vaping at 16-18 watts, and finally, the third arrow up on top means your vape is set to fire at 30-35 watts. In case you forget the ranges, don’t worry because Innokin printed the legend which can be found on the bottom of the device making it easy to check.

The Prism tank is easy enough to fill. Just unscrew the top cap off the tank and drip e-liquid down the side making sure you don’t drip any inside the airflow chimney (otherwise you might experience some flooding or leakage), screw the top cap back on, let the coils prime for a few minutes then you’re good to go!

Innokin EZ Watt Disassembled




Although the EZ Watt is primarily designed for MTL vaping, that can be easily changed since Innokin gives you the option to screw down any atomizer you wish onto the device. Depending on the coils you use and airflow settings on the tank, the EZ Watt can easily be used as a direct lung vape.

The EZ Watt doesn’t support temperature control or any of the other advanced vaping options such as pre-heat, and adjustable TCR since that would simply go against the concept of the device itself. Its lack of proper screen doesn’t hold it back either with the included light up display being plenty sufficient for relaying information to the user.



Thanks to the quick 1 amp charging rate of the EZ Watt, the lack of swappable battery doesn’t hurt the overall portability of the device. Plug in the EZ Watt to any USB power source such as an ubiquitous power bank and you should be ready to start vaping again within a couple of hours. 1500mAh battery holds up pretty well for everyday use although vaping at the devices maximum wattage consistently might lead to the battery draining before the day is over requiring a recharge midway.

The EZ Watt’s well-designed ergonomics coupled with the small form factor design and light weight make it a great option to take on the field, easily slipping into small pockets or compartments for easy storage and handling.

Innokin EZ Watt Top Off


The EZ Watt is a great device for beginners to vaping who want to get a similar experience close to smoking a tobacco cigarette thanks to the devices tight mouth to lung draw. It’s ease of use, great build quality, and reliable performance should make it an instant purchase for anyone who is a fan of the aesthetics of the mod. Thanks to the mods support for alternative tanks/atomizers, its also a possible option for advanced vapers although there are definitely better options out there for those who like direct lung style of vaping.

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