Innokin Pocketbox Starter Kit Review - Pocket Boxing
Build Quality75%
Vapor Quality77%
65%Overall Score

The Innokin Pocketbox is one of Innokin’s new all in one device that offers new vapers a very affordable and super simple to use device to help them make the switch and have a quality vaping experience. It has a max output of 40 watts and has a built in 1200 mah battery. It also comes with a sub ohm 0.35 coil and features a dual adjustable airflow to give everyone a personalized vaping experience.

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Product Pros

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Dual adjustable airflow slots
  • Leak free top fill tank design

Product Cons

  • Small 1200 mah battery
  • Only comes with one coil


Innokin Pocketbox Review: Breakdown

Innokin Pocketbox available colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Innokin Pocketbox is a very simple all in one device and it comes in three different color options. You can choose from blue, white and black. The battery is built-in and it has a 1200 mah capacity.

There is no LED screen display on this mod but there is a LED light indicator on the front that lights green when the battery is full, orange when it is halfway and red when it is time to charge the device.

There is also a micro USB port on the front to charge the device and a glass window cutout for the e liquid capacity which has a max line indicator so you won’t overfill the tank. On the top of the device sits the top cap and the fire button which can also turn the device on and off by pressing it 3 times.

The kit comes with a standard 510 drip tip, so hurray for all the 510 drip tip lovers out there. Overall, the design of the Innokin Pocketbox is very simple. The device is compact and lightweight which is perfect for a grab and go device.

Even though there are only three colors available, it really doesn’t matter since this is a device you can bring anywhere and put anywhere without worrying about breaking it since it is affordable. The thing I like about this device is the carbon fiber design on the back as it makes the device look more premium for its price.


Vapor Quality

The Innokin Pocketbox comes with a 0.35 sub ohm coil. This sub ohm coil is rated to use between 20 watts to 40 watts and is advertised as a direct to lung style coil.

Even though this coil is a direct to lung style coil, it is actually still perfect for new vapers who are still used to smoking cigarettes and here is why. The maximum output of the Innokin Pocketbox is 40 watts, it seems not a lot but it is actually more than enough for beginners.

If you are a new vaper and you are looking for that high nicotine hit, most people or vape shops will suggest you use a 6 mg e liquid, which is actually correct since 6 mg is the right amount of nicotine that can help you transition smoothly to vaping as it will give you a throat hit which you are used to when you were still smoking a normal cigarette.

When I started vaping, I even use a 12 mg e liquid just to get that throat hit I am used to. I eventually went down to 3 mg as years go by but starting at higher milligrams of nicotine really helped. The Innokin Pocketbox also features a dual adjustable airflow on the top cap which can greatly help to personalize your vaping experience.

When you are just starting out on vaping, you can set the airflow control to the lowest setting possible to get that tight mouth to lung drag to simulate cigarette smoking or as open as it can be to get an airy drag which helps produce more vapor. The tank can be filled up to 2 ml of e liquid which is enough if you are only vaping at 40 watts or lower.

Innokin Pocketbox mouth piece detached




The Innokin Pocketbox is a very basic vaping device. The 1200 mah battery is built-in so you can’t replace the battery if needed. It is also an all in one device so you can’t replace the tank as well but at least you can change the coil.

Innokin is offering a 1.20 ohm mouth to lung style coil on their website so if you want a mouth to lung vape, you might want to get that. The drip tip is a standard 510 drip tip so you can easily change it if you want to use some of your fancier 510 drip tips.



The Innokin Pocketbox is made to be an ultra compact and lightweight all in one vaping device. The whole device is just a tad bigger than a credit card and fits easily in the palm of your hand.

It is perfect for carrying around in your pocket or even storing in your bag. Even though this mod is being marketed as a beginner mod, most old time vapers love this style of device as it is a perfect grab and go vaping device.

Innokin Pocketbox different parts


Overall, the build and style of the Innokin Pocketbox all in one device is perfect for new vapers and old vapers alike. New vapers will benefit from its simplicity and ease of use and old vapers will benefit from how portable it is. Even though this kit only has a 1200 mah built-in battery, it is more than enough for a max 40 watt vaping. The 0.35 sub ohm coil is perfect for a direct to lung hit and even a mouth to lung hit with a slight adjustment from the dual adjustable airflow control.

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