Innokin Pocketmod Review - Pocket Rocket
Build Quality76%
Vapor Quality75%
77%100Overall Score

The Pocketmod from Innokin embraces this same tried and tested formula with a trusty 2000mAh battery and the ability to switch between mouth to lung and direct lung mode, its a great starter kit for beginners who have yet to discover their vaping preferences. Let’s delve into the details below and find out what makes this little compact device worthy of more than a cursory glance. 

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Product Pros

  • Versatile functionality
  • Solid construction
  • Easy to use and operate

Product Cons

  • Battery a bit lacking in DL mode
  • Inefficient wicking


Innokin Pocketmod Review: Breakdown

Innokin Pocketmod Review


Build Quality

Build Quality

The outer chassis of the Innokin Pocketmod utilizes a rubberized finish which feels soft to the touch, making the mod quite comfortable to hold. On first glance, you might mistake the Pocketmod for a stick of lipstick, and it’s possible that Innokin purposefully designed it this way to make it more appealing to women. Even the chrome-like finish that wraps around the area where the tank is located closely mirrors the overall look of lipstick.

One more thing you might notice about the Innokin Pocketmod is that it houses a cap on top. Besides being used for the practical purpose of keeping the mouthpiece sanitary, it’s also where the included lanyard attaches to for easy portability. You’ll require a bit of force to get the cap on and off- more than what might be comfortable for most people, unfortunately, but that’s mostly due to Innokin wanting to secure the mod to the lanyard when carrying it around.

The Pocketmod uses an internal 2000mAh battery to power the device. Operation is easy and hassle-free making it a good option for beginners to vaping. A single button is used to fire the device and to turn it off, removing much of the unneeded features seen in other modern box mods. An LED indicator can be found close to the firing button to give you a rough idea of how much charge is left in the mod.

A micro USB charging port is located towards the bottom of the device which can easily charge the battery fully within a span of 2 hours, ensuring minimal downtime between vaping sessions. Some battery venting can be found directly at the bottom of the mod which is always a good thing to see when considering battery safety.

The top of the mod houses the wide bore Delrin drip tip which is always a nice addition to any setup. Aside from this, it might be worth noting that the Pocketmod uses a proprietary tank system which isn’t compatible with other devices and vice-versa, meaning you won’t get to use your tank of choice when using this device.

There is a silver lining however as there is some degree of customisability allowed which comes in the form of the tank being compatible with 510 drip tips.


Vapor Quality

Flavor production on the Pocketmod doesn’t disappoint at all and is even more pronounced when using the additional 1.2-ohm mouth to lung coil head. Although the kit comes with the 0.35-ohm direct lung coil pre-installed, I feel that flavors were crisper and more defined using the 1.2-ohm coil. While using the 0.35-ohm coil, flavors were a bit muted.

Vapor production, however, was obviously greatly increased when using the direct lung coil. I also found the 2000mAh battery to be a bit lacking in terms of lasting power when using the 0.35-ohm coil and by the middle of the day, the Pocketmod would already be in need of a recharge.

The tank which is included in the kit uses a fully adjustable airflow which is great for nitpicky vapers as they get to customize the amount of air taken in with every puff. With a total e-liquid capacity of 2ml, the Pocketmod doesn’t hold a lot, especially when vaping it in direct lung mode.

Using the 1.2-ohm mouth to lung coil, however, yielded better results as I got to see some lasting power in not only the amount of e-liquid in the tank but also overall battery life. My only complaint about the 1.2-ohm coil (which also extends to the 0.35-ohm coil) is that I found them to be unable to fully wick all the e-liquid in the tank, requiring you to top off the tank with more e-liquid even when it wasn’t empty.

Innokin Pocketmod detached




Besides the option to choose between vaping in mouth to lung or direct lung modes, the Pocketmod also uses a fixed voltage, meaning that even as the battery discharges, the Pocketmod will still output the full power when taking a puff, giving it better battery longevity.

The ability to use your own drip tip is also well thought of considering that the Pocketmod does use multiple types of coils, and hence multiple modes of vaping, so it should follow that you use the best size drip tip to suit your preferences.



While not as compact as the pod style vapes which are roughly the size of a USB stick, the Pocketmod is still remarkably tiny, standing at a maximum height of 118cm, roughly the size of a piece of lipstick. Battery life is strong, especially when using the mouth to lung coils, but longevity will vary and will most likely suffer when using the direct lung coil.

The lanyard also offers a nice degree of portability making the Pocketmod an ideal device for taking out to concerts or parties where the risk of losing personal belongings increases.

Innokin Pocketmod flat display


The Innokin Pocketmod is a handy little device to have and can be a great mod for beginners to learn the ins-and-outs of vaping. The simple operation and reliable performance make this a good bang for buck option. Even veteran vapers might be interested in grabbing one as its a good device to take with you on short trips outside the house or office where bringing a larger box mod might not be such a good idea.

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