E-Leaf iStick Trim Review - Just the Trimmings
Build Quality63%
Vapor Quality72%
60%Overall Score

Eleaf’s latest foray into the world of starter kits comes in the form of the iStick Trim. Bundled with the equally slim GSTurbo tank, the entire mod and tank combo sports a thickness/diameter of only 15 mm, making it one of the thinnest kits available. Packing a solid 1800mAh internal LiPo battery, the Trim vapes up to a maximum of 22 watts. With a maximum charging rate of 2amps when plugged into an ample USB power source, the iStick Trim looks to be the ideal device for mouth to lung vapers who want a simple, compact, and easy to use setup.

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Product Pros

  • Slim Design
  • Great flavor production

Product Cons

  • Bottom Fill Tank


E-Leaf iStick Trim Review: Breakdown

iStick Trim Colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

There isn’t anything noteworthy about the Trim regarding its construction. Built similarly to a tiny flask with the trademark chrome-like trims, it’s a mod that feels reserved yet flashy in design. With its extremely thin frame measuring out to a mere 15mm at its thinnest point, it seems to be the perfect device for slipping into your pocket making for an incredibly stealthy (yet elegant) vape. Weighing in at a mere 96.7 grams, the Trim can barely be felt when stored, and combining that with its simple and reserved form factor, make it one of the most comfortable mods to hold.

The light weight can be a bit off-putting for those looking for a bit of heft in their devices as an indicator of solid build quality. While I haven’t drop tested the Trim, it does feel remarkably solid without any audible rattle when moving the mod about.

The Trim doesn’t offer much in terms of a display, merely opting for a simple wattage and battery indicator located on top beside the 510 connection. The display while spartan in design, does a good job of relaying information to the user as to its current status and vaping mode. The 510 connection lets the GSTurbo tank sit flush on top of the device ensuring that there aren’t any connectivity problems throughout the Trim’s use. The shiny firing button does a good job with its overall response and tactility and I also appreciate its design as it complements the aesthetic of the Trim rather well with its chrome-like finish standing out amidst the subdued colors of the device. Also, a micro USB port can be located near the top of the mod which supports a maximum charge rate of 2 amps.


Vapor Quality

The iStick Trim kit comes bundled with Eleaf’s GSTurbo Atomizer, 1 GS Air 1.5ohm coil head, and 1 GS Air 0.75ohm coil head. While both coil heads perform up to par with dense flavor reproduction and surprising enough- a good deal of clouds, something that isn’t expected from a mouth to lung device. My preference leaned slightly towards the 1.5ohm coil head as the lower wattage it supports helps prolong battery life. While I enjoyed the slightly better airflow and vapor production on the 0.75 coil head, I didn’t feel it was worth burning through the battery faster. Your mileage may vary though and I could easily see some preferring the lower resistance coil head instead.

The GSTurbo tank is, unfortunately, a bottom fill design which makes refilling the tank a bit of a chore, relatively speaking, especially when compared to the push to slide mechanisms that Joyetech and Smok use. I really wish Eleaf opted for at least a top fill design on this tank to make things simpler. I do enjoy the adjustable airflow though on the tank as its something I don’t get to experience often on mouth to lung devices such as this.

One of the best features of the Trim is its simple operation. Turning the device on, selecting your preferred wattage, firing the device, and turning it off, are all done with the use of only one button. A simple 5 clicks to turn the device on and off, and 3 clicks to cycle between wattage ranges. There are three ranges to choose from, low, medium, and high. Each setting has a wattage that is dependent on the resistance of the coil head in use. For example, the medium setting will give you 16.5 watts on the sub-ohm coils but when using the 1.5ohm coil head, you’ll be getting 15 watts of power. While the differences are marginal they do make a difference especially since airflow on the tank can be rather tight.

iStick Trim disassembled




To those wondering, yes, the Trim CAN support any atomizer that uses a standard 510 pin. The only caveat is that since the device itself is so thin, pretty much any atomizer you end up using on it will end up with very noticeable overhang.  While this is merely a concern for aesthetics, I’m pretty sure its enough to deter many from experimenting with atomizers not included with the kit.

While the Trim doesn’t go out of its way to give you options such as temperature control, pre-heat functions, and adjustable TCR, it does have its own set of built-in protective features that let it stand apart from the run of the mill mechanical mod. The onboard chip ensures that the device never gets too hot, and there are a set of battery fail-safes in place to prevent overcharging and discharging of the battery.



Unlike many ultra portable mods that sacrifice aesthetics in order to create the slimmest, smallest, and most ergonomic mod possible, the Trim manages to do all these things well. The 1800mAh batter is no slouch either, easily lasting  entires day worth pf vaping even with it set to vape at the highest wattage. In case the battery does need some topping up, the onboard 2 amp quick charge feature should have the Trim up and ready for action in no time.

iStick Trim Flat


The iStick Trim is definitely not a bad choice for first-time vapers. The well thought out combination of a sleek and subtly designed shell with the more than adequate performance, make it one of the potential greats in the recent vaping market. I’m just rather disappointed with E-Leafs decision to utilize a bottom fill design as I consider it a bit archaic at this late point of vaping technology

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