Jane West Onesie Review - The Classy One Hitter
Build Quality86%
Smoke Quality80%
Look & Feel83%
Ease of Maintenance81%
82%100Overall Score

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by! Today we’re reviewing the Jane West Onesie by Grav Labs. The Onesie (formerly known as ‘The Taster”) is a one hitter with that traditional Jane West style. When they gave me the heads up that this was my next piece I was excited to review it for two reasons. First, I was immediately struck by the fact that the description listed features. As someone who considered one hitters to be fairly interchangeable, this piqued my interest. Second, this one hitter has far more style than the traditional don’t-mind-me-I’m-just-smoking-a-cigarette metal tubes that I grew up with. So, without further ado, let’s see just what this this thing has to offer.

Product Pros

  1. Attractive
  2. Won’t roll off a table
  3. Tight opening lessens the chance of getting a mouth full of ash

Product Cons

  1. Tight opening makes it hard to clear without sending a cloud of ash everywhere


Jane West Onesie Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

A one hitter with features? Yeah. A one hitter with features. I was pretty surprised by the concept too. The features included in this piece are so obvious it feels like they should be standard to the category. Anyone who’s inhaled a mouthful of ash at the end of a bowl would agree that the flared restriction bowl is a pretty good idea.

Unfortunately, this feature also makes the piece a little difficult to clear (this is easily resolved with a bobby pin or paper clip). The roll stop too seems pretty obvious, especially if you’ve broken four or five one hitters in your lifetime. Likewise, the flared lip is appreciated by anyone who’s spent any time with their one hitter clenched between their teeth.

Unfortunately, these obvious improvements to such a simple piece of equipment just feel very… obvious. And though they’re unique, they fail to wow the way a lot of other products from this series do.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

I have several one hitters for necessity, butt they’re not my favorite way to smoke. The short length ensures your hits are both hot and harsh. If you load a bowl too large, you’re guaranteed the pleasure of several hits that taste of pure ash.

They’re not the best way to smoke, but we all have a couple, because like it or not, they’re useful. This is 100% a solo piece, sharing a one hitter is really just an exercise in futility. Why sit around loading and reloading a one hitter when you could just as easily load one bowl in a pipe?

That being said, we’ve all got things to do and places to go, and some of these places would frown upon us whipping out a bubbler.  The flared restriction bowl is a nice feature, but there’s simply not much quality to be found in a one hitter.



Look and Feel

This pipe is small and attractive. It has the Jane West styling I love, and if you’re the sort who likes a sense of continuity amongst your pieces, it makes sense to purchase this to go with your other Jane West Products.

The signature flaring is attractive, but caused me to absentmindedly dip the wrong end into my grinder once or twice. All in all it’s more attractive than my other one hitters and has some features that I enjoy.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

There’s nothing easier to clean than a one hitter. Let it sit in a bowl of alcohol and you’re good to go. There’s no parts that could start to stick, no fragile joints or decorations that could break. If you’re looking for simplicity, this is it. This piece’s best design feature is the flared restriction bowl, but it’s also a bit of a maintenance issue.

We all know that clean bowls suck at holding herb. The obvious solution is to avoid cleaning your pipes and one hitters until absolutely necessary. But this flared restriction bowl clogs quickly, so you’ve got to option but to keep this piece pretty clean. It’s a little irritating. Probably another thing that could be resolved with a bobby pin or similar tool, but it’s definitely a complicating feature that came to my attention rather quickly.


I don’t love one hitters, but I own quite a few. Like many people I know, I tend to pick up a one hitter  any time I buy a big piece. Not only are they inexpensive and convenient, one hitters just seem to be the kind of thing you need multiples of.

Like ballpoint pens and socks, they seem to simply disappear. This one is attractive and functional, with a few additional features that make it a little better than the standard. I definitely like the piece, and I’ll definitely use it. But when I inevitably lose this piece, I won’t be heartbroken. It’s a great one hitter, but even a great one hitter is just okay.

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