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Build Quality76%
Vapor Quality74%
75%Overall Score

The Cuboid Lite is basically a shrunk down version of the already awesome Joyetech Cuboid Pro, but having many of the same features that made its bigger brother such a great device. Now packaged with the all-new Exceed D22 sub-ohm tank that promises to cater to vapers of all origins regardless whether you prefer vaping direct lung or mouth to lung.

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Product Pros

  • Customizable
  • Gorgeous Display
  • Versatile Tank

Product Cons

  • Tank Capacity



Joyetech Cuboid Lite Review: Breakdown

Cuboid Lite


Build Quality

Build Quality

Straight out of the box the Cuboid Lite shares a lot in common with the Pro aesthetics-wise. Featuring the same glossy and colorful finish on the sides which are constructed from a high-quality zinc alloy. One thing that is important to pay attention to is that although the Cuboid Lite looks exactly like a mini version of the Cuboid Pro, it does not have the same capacitive touchscreen, instead opting for the typical up and down buttons to cycle between settings. Although fans of high-quality touchscreens might be disappointed with this decision, I can’t help but feel that it makes sense since the Cuboid Lite is a smaller device and it’s easy to see why Joyetech wanted to avoid any issues regarding using such a tiny device with touch functions.

Measuring out to a tiny 26mm* 41mm * 114mm, its definitely a mod that won’t give you any problems when carrying it around or keeping it in your pocket. It’s relatively lightweight too, at a mere 186 grams, anyone keeping it in their purse or shoulder bag shouldn’t be too bothered by the extra weight. The front of the device sports a 1.45 inch TFT color screen that displays colors and details brightly and crisply with very little pixelation seen by the naked eye. Also on the front is a cyclops up and down switch used to navigate the menu or adjust the temperature and wattage settings on the device. While these feel responsive enough, I wish Joyetech would’ve opted for a split button type design to give these buttons an overall better tactile response. The firing bar which spans almost the entire height of the Cuboid Lite is located off to the side.

Pressing on it is easy and comfortable with a reasonable amount of travel that ensures that depressing the button isn’t too stressful on the hand while also making accidental firing of the device unlikely. The top sports the new and improved spring loaded 510 connection which serves as a massive upgrade over the 510s used by Joyetechs older models. Testing a bunch of atomizers including the Exceed on it gave me no connectivity issues and all the tanks sat flush with the top of the mod. The Cuboid Lite can amazingly fit atomizers up to 25mm in diameter which is pretty impressive for a device of this size, so if you have other tanks or RDAs lying around the Cuboid Lite is almost guaranteed to be a comfortable fit for those atomizers.


Vapor Quality

The kit comes bundled with a 0.5ohm direct lung coil head and one 1.2ohm mouth to lung coil head. Both managed to produce more than adequate amounts of vapor (of course expectations have to be managed when using the MTL coil) while flavor production was exactly on point. No complaints with coil durability here either as each of the coil heads easily lasted up to a maximum of 7 days before I experienced any noticeable drop in flavor and vapor quality.

The Exceed D22 tank holds up to 3.5ml of eliquid which to be quite frank isn’t that much considering the Cuboid Lite easily hits the 80-watt mark pretty easily, so if you vape anywhere between 50-80 watts you can expect to be making frequent refills. For mouth to lung vapers though, 3.5ml is easily more than enough and you shouldn’t be surprised if a single tank lasts you the entire day.

The Cuboid Lite works well with lots of atomizers in the market as well making it ideal for vapers who enjoy experimenting with tanks and RDAs of various sizes. Connections sit flush and I’ve yet to experience errors such as atomizer shorts or random misfiring by this device.

Cuboid Lite 2




Despite its size, the Cuboid Lite packs quite the punch with its complete feature set. Sporting the standard set of temperature control options such stainless steel, nickel, and titanium, along with options for customisable TCR values, pre-heat, and an all-new power limit mode that lets you set a specific wattage range for a set number of resistance values.

What this basically means is that the feature protects your high resistance coils from getting potentially burned out when accidentally setting it to higher wattages than what it’s normally rated for.



While the Cuboid Lite doesn’t support a removable battery, it does have a quick charging feature that lets the 3000mAh internal LiPo battery get up and charging in almost no time at all. Simply plug in a micro USB cable to the device and hook it up to an outlet, or power bank.

The design is plenty ergonomic and the firing bar lets you use the device comfortably regardless of your preferred grip making extended vaping sessions a thing for just about anyone who decides to pick up this kit.

Cuboid Lite in hand


While not as fantastic as its bigger brother in terms of overall features, the Cuboid Lite still manages to do a pretty decent job of giving out a decent amount of power with good battery life. The Exceed D22 tank gives you a lot of potential options for vaping the way you want to and last but not least, the Lite simply looks great. Definitely, not a bad pick for beginning vapers and even a handful of advanced users will definitely see value in this kit. If you’re looking for a device that’s packing just a bit more in features and are willing to sacrifice a little portability, check out our review on the Cuboid Pro kit.

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