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Build Quality85%
Vapor Quality80%
83%100Overall Score

It was only a matter of time before modern everyday technology caught up with vaping trends, and judging from the Cuboid Pro by Joyetech, it looks like that time is now. Sporting the biggest feature set yet to be seen in any other mod, the Cuboid Pro seeks to overwhelm the competition with its wide array of capabilities. It comes bundled with the ProCore Aries tank that has established itself as a mainstay in Joyetech’s kits. I’ve already covered the tank in previous reviews and have concluded that it’s a solid performer worthy of any kit, but can the same be said for the Cuboid Pro?

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Product Pros

  • Responsive touchscreen
  • Customizable settings

Product Cons

  • Firing button feels a bit mushy


Joyetech Cuboid Pro Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

No doubt about it, the Cuboid Pro is a fantastic looking beauty of a mod. Regardless of your color preference, Joyetech has managed to design a minimalist looking device that looks great in any of the colors it’s available in, whether that be blue, yellow, red, silver, or black (though I personally feel that the silver and black versions look the most fetching).

Joyetech didn’t skimp on the quality of paint used either as the finish on the Cuboid Pro looks very good, and feels quite durable. While the device has some heft to it.

Located on the front and back of the device are glass panels that give it a nice premium feel while also making navigation on the large 2.4-inch touch screen comfortable.

On the top of the device is the new spring loaded 510 pins that Joyetech have claimed to be a huge upgrade over the 510 pins found on their older devices, and judging by how well the Cuboid Pro connects to any atomizer with any issue I feel it’s safe to say those claims are correct.

On one side of the mod is the firing button which is well placed, although it has to be said that pressing the firing button feels a bit mushy and you don’t get any of that satisfying click action.

On the side opposite the firing button is the second, firing button which is activated with Joyetech’s innovative TAPTEC technology that lets you fire the device by simply tapping it.

For those who aren’t fans of this tech, the mod allows you to switch to a regular firing mode only via the settings, The dual 18650 batteries to be used in the mod are installed and released via a trap door hinge found on the bottom of the device.


Vapor Quality

The Cuboid Pro vapes quite well and is capable of firing builds of any size thanks to the 200 watts of power delivered by the dual 18650 batteries.

There is no noticeable firing delay when pressing either the regular firing button or the TapTec switch located on the other side. One thing I noticed about the mod though is that it’s best to switch to stealth mode so that the screen turns off while firing the mod.

This helps in preventing any accidental touches or changes to your current settings when firing/holding the mod. Another curious design decision is positioning the TapTec switch on the opposite side of the regular firing button which can be sometimes confusing in terms of picking up the mod and not knowing which side to press on.

Maybe in future versions of this technology, Joyetech can integrate the TapTec switch into the regular firing button in order to create a relatively more streamlined design and feel.

As to vapor production and flavor quality, there really aren’t many things that can be said about the ProCore Aries. It’s a great tank that throws lots of clouds when you want it to while producing great flavor, and cloud volume and vapor density can be kept in check with the airflow control.

The tank is easy to refill with its simple top fill sliding mechanism and with a maximum capacity of 4ml of e-liquid, you won’t be experiencing much downtime in between refills.

It can accommodate a wide variety of coil heads from Joyetech which for the most part perform well, but flavor tends to drop off within a week especially when using E-liquids ladened with plenty of sweeteners.




One of the greatest strengths of the Cuboid Pro is how it’s slowly reinventing the wheel in terms of what modern vaping devices can be capable of.

Upon first glance of the screen, one might mistake it for an iPhone or a similarly styled Android device. The screen looks crisp, and rich with color with its 320×240 resolution. A first for many devices, it supports customisable wallpapers, lock screens, and even sports a

The screen looks crisp, and rich with color with its 320×240 resolution. A first for many devices, it supports customisable wallpapers, lock screens, and even sports a built-in pedometer that keeps track of your footsteps and distance covered while walking for the day. I was almost surprised that it didn’t have

I was almost surprised that it didn’t have an mp3 player built in as well, although that very might well be a feature we’ll be seeing in the months to come. In terms of vaping capabilities, it supports temperature control, customisable TCR curves, and preheat functions which have become standard for devices of this caliber.



The device is a breeze to take on long trips thanks to its sleek, compact design measuring out at 131.5 x 56 x 30mm (tank included) which lets it fit comfortably in the palm of your hand or any pocket.

The onboard 2 amp quick charge feature is nothing to sneeze at as well getting the dual 18650 batteries up to speed in no time at all even when on the go if you have a power bank.


It’s always great to see new innovations in vaping tech, and while not all innovations perform optimally off the bat, the Cuboid Pro comes close in terms of how well the new technology is implemented.

Anyone looking to get a new mod that’s on the bleeding edge of vape tech should definitely be satisfied with the performance of this mod. On the flip side though, many old-school vapers might think to shy away from these innovations and look for more conventional devices.

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