Joyetech CUBOX AIO Starter Kit Review
Build Quality78%
Vapor Quality77%
79%Overall Score

The Cubox AIO Starter Kit is Joyetech’s latest release designed for beginners. Featuring an easy to use, hassle-free design utilizing a 2000mAh internal LiPo battery and a built-in tank that can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid. But can the Cubox AIO really compete with the rest of the pack? Let’s find out in the review below.

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Product Pros

  • Great Coil Life
  • Doesn’t Leak
  • Great Flavor

Product Cons

  • Mouth to Lung Vaping Only




Joyetech CUBOX AIO Review: Breakdown

Cubox AIO Colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

Available in a variety of colors to choose from, Joyetech hit it out the park in terms of creating a pleasing aesthetic for the Cubox AIO, striking a good balance between minimalism and flair, with just the right amount of accents on the mod to let you appreciate its looks without unnecessarily calling attention to the device from far away.

The zinc alloy and plastic construction give the mod a nice heft to it, making it feel solid enough that it won’t break after a single drop while being lightweight so as to make carrying the device as comfortable as possible. Weighing in at only 104.5 grams, its one of the smallest and lightest all in one devices out there

Crammed into a tiny frame that measures out to a mere 22.5 *40 * 67mm, the Cubox AIO is a spectacle in its own way. Sporting an almost seamless design that doesn’t give off any sharp edges, holding the mod is a pure joy with its well-designed ergonomics. The firing button is located at a comfortable position, allowing easy access for either the index finger or thumb, depending on how you prefer to grip your device. The firing button offers a good tactile response, feeling clicky and not at all mushy.

The internal tank is visible from the front and off to the sides of the Cubox, giving you a good view of how much eliquid is left. I particularly enjoy the positioning of the tank away from the firing button, since a majority of vapers including myself naturally lean towards using the index finger to fire their vapes, this means that the tank will be facing you directly while vaping making it even easier to monitor remaining eliquid levels.

The side of the mod features the micro USB port which is used to charge up the mod. Other ultra-compact devices have been undergoing a trend where the USB port is located underneath the device to give it a cleaner look, but doing this makes the mod inconvenient to charge because it means the mod will be unable to charge standing up. I’m glad Joyetech didn’t implement this, instead going for a more practical approach in terms of charging port location.


Vapor Quality

Straight out of the box the Cubox AIO kit comes with two Proc-BF coil heads rated at 0.6ohms each. These feature a restricted draw similar to a mouth to lung style vape which means you’ll be getting a lot more intense flavor with minimal vapor production.

Of course, this can be a good or bad thing depending on what you’re looking for in a vape. I just wish that Joyetech would have included a coil head that allows for more direct lung style vaping just to give everyone the option, especially considering that the Cubox does feature an adjustable airflow ring, giving it the potential to function as a direct lung vape with more airflow.

For a MTL vape the Cubox holds plenty of eliquid with a maximum capacity of 2ml. Refilling the tank is simple enough requiring you to unscrew the top cap off and easily drip down eliquid through the juice ports. Thanks to the all in one design of the Cubox, the tank is also leak proof, so you can rest easy about storing the mod in your bag or pockets without fear of potentially having eliquid leak out all over your belongings.

Cubox AIO Exploded




The Cubox AIO is a regulated mod so there are no options to increase or lower the vaping output. It fires at a fixed wattage depending on the remaining voltage or battery life held by the internal 2000mAH LiPo battery.

While variable wattage is always nice to have as it lets the device work with a variety of coil builds and atomizers, I don’t find it necessary for the Cubox, seeing as its a mod geared towards beginners who are more often than not, going to prefer mouth to lung style of vaping over huge cloud chasing builds.

Needless to say that the Cubox doesn’t have any options for temperature control, preheatable wattage, or customisable TCR. What this device does have however is onboard circuit protection, preventing the battery for from overcharging and over discharging, making it a simpler and safer option to mechanical mods despite both being unregulated.



While the battery of the Cubox AIO isn’t user replaceable and cant be swapped out on the go with a fresh unit, the device feature 2 amp charging ensuring that the battery can be easily topped up if you have access to a USB power source such as a laptop or power bank. Since the Cubox is primarily a MTL style device, he 2000mAh lasts quite a long time and can go for at least a day before needing recharging, but of course, your mileage may vary.

The sleek and smooth design makes it easy to pocket making it a comfortable device to bring with you on the go. The 2ml tank goes a long way as well before needing to top it off with more eliquid, so you’ll rarely need to bring anything else with you besides the mod itself.

Cubox AIO down


The Cubox AIO is a handy and easy to use device perfect for the beginning vaper. The appealing form factor coupled with the strong MTL performance of the included coils should make transitioning from tobacco smoking an easy experience. The Cubox might not be the ideal device for seasoned vapers since the kit lacks any coils that let you vape in direct lung mode, but is still a viable option for advanced users who might want a simple and no-frills secondary vape.

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