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Build Quality70%
Vapor Quality75%
75%100Overall Score

Welcome to our review of the Joyetech EGO AIO. You will recognize the EGO name from Joyetech’s popular starter unit the Joyetech EGO One. The AIO in its name stands for all-in-one, and it’s easy to see where they got this idea from. Everything from the battery to the tank is built into this pen-style unit. That’s right, even the tank!

There’s no denying that this is heavily geared towards an audience that doesn’t have any experience with vapes. You won’t be getting any versatility, and every last part of this is designed to give an experience that you don’t have to think about.

Product Pros

  1. Extremely simple
  2. Better than expected flavor
  3. Good option for converting smokers
  4. Adjustable airflow

Product Cons

  1. Built-in glass tank
  2. Small, internal battery

Joyetech EGO AIO Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

This is a hard category to judge. There are a lot of features that are going to seem very unappealing to the more seasoned among us. Internal batteries are one thing, but a tank that can’t be removed is another altogether. Especially when you consider that it’s made of glass. If it breaks, the vape is pretty much done.

With that being said, these features may be appealing to people who are just switching over from smoking. One of the major hurdles most people have to making the switch is the added complexity when compared to smoking a cigarette. Some people’s eyes just glaze over when you try to explain tanks, batteries, coils, and drip tips. And you can forget about getting into voltage, wattage, and ohms.

This, on the other hand, is just about as intuitive as a vape can get. You unscrew the top, fill the tank with liquid, and use a button to engage the battery. With that in mind, this is built well for what it is. I do think even beginners would appreciate a bigger battery than the 1500mAh one that this has, but all-in-all it isn’t bad for the price.

I know that some people report problems with leakage. My experience suggests this is both an easy problem to have and an easy one to avoid. This is all due to the way the tank is set up. Overfill it even a little, and you’ll run into problems. The recommended fill is indicated for a reason. Make sure to follow the directions and you shouldn’t have any trouble.


Vapor Quality

This is yet another area that makes this vape seem designed specifically for people switching from cigarettes to vaping. For starters, this is definitely a mouth-to-lung style device. You do have some control over the airflow, but not enough to get a good direct lung hit. I’ve seen other people claim that it can used for direct lung draws, but you will be disappointed if you get it for that reason.

On top of the style, the vapor is also warmer than what most vaporizers deliver. This isn’t something experienced vapers would look for, but I can definitely see how people who are used to the much more harsh smoke of a cigarette would like this better. Different strokes for different folks!

The flavor was actually pretty good too. Not anything that can compare to what most box mods can deliver, but better than your usual beginner units.

Joyetech Ego AIO Atomizer



This is not a versatile vape. It may actually be the exact opposite. This was designed for beginners with a goal of delivering an experience that requires little to no thought. You can’t change the wattage, and you definitely can’t control the temperature!

You can change the coils, but you have to be careful about which ones you use. It comes with 2 0.6 ohm stainless steel coils, but you may want to switch out to a 1.5 ohm Clapton if you are switching from smoking. This will help mimic the experience you are used to more closely.

The only other ‘versatility’ to mention is the ability to change the color of the light below your liquid. The fact that I’m mentioning this should help you appreciate how limited the functionality is!



Other than the small battery, this is actually a very portable vape. The way it’s built makes it very convenient to carry, even in a pocket or a bag. Just remember not to overfill it, because leakage could cause major havoc in one of those situations.

The glass tank is also relatively protected, so this should be more durable than most vapes. There really isn’t anything that can break easily on it, so I’d guess it would withstand a few falls and more abuse than your average unit.


Everything about the Joyetech Ego AIO suggests it was designed for beginners who are trying to switch to vaping from smoking. If you are trying to do that, this may be a good device to consider.

The functionality is limited at best, and it’s definitely not something that more experienced users will appreciate. But it is easy. Very, very easy. The warm vapor and mouth-to-lung style draws also mimic cigarettes more closely than most vapes do.

The vapor quality is above average for the price, but still not anywhere close to options that give you more control over your experience.

If you are considering this, I’m going to assume that ease is a major factor in your decision. Remember that not all box mods are complicated. The  Kanger Top Box is a beginner-friendly option that offers a removable battery and tank, plus variable wattage. It’s worth checking out.

If you own this or have a chance to try it, make sure to come back and let us know what you think of it!

We always like to hear our reader’s opinions, so come back and let us know what you think if you try this vape…

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