Joyetech EKEE Review - The BMW of Vapes?
Build Quality79%
Vapor Quality79%
78%Overall Score

The Joyetech EKEE  (E-Key. Get it?) Box mod features a promising ergonomic shape along with a 1.3 inch TFT color display. The device powers up all the way to a decent 80 watts with the help of an ample 2000mAh internal LiPo battery. Modeled to emulate the exact look of the new BMW key fob, it’s clearly a device geared towards the automobile-loving vapers out there. But is the EKEE’s design merely a gimmick to sucker in BMW lovers?

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Product Pros

  • Ergonomic Shape
  • Great vapor and flavor production

Product Cons

  • Weak paint finish


Joyetech EKEE Review: Breakdown

Joyetech Ekee Review


Build Quality

Build Quality

If you’re a BMW fan, one look at the EKEE and it’s obvious that Joyetech didn’t just take inspiration from the car manufacturers latest key fob design, but wholeheartedly copied the overall shape and turned it into a vape device. I’m not bashing Joyetech for this decision. In fact, I find it to be an interesting and novel idea which I wouldn’t mind seeing applied to other popular everyday items. The problem lies within the overall construction and how it pales in comparison to the actual key fob it emulates.   Even without making any comparisons between the two, the EKEE feels like a budget device, evident from the standard TFT color display, dull and uninspiring paint job, and poor weight distribution throughout the mod. If Joyetech wanted to copy a premium item, you would’ve at least expected them to use premium materials, but that sadly isn’t the case here.

One of my biggest complaints with the EKEE is the poorly thought out design from a vaping perspective. The top of the device is rather wide but tapers down towards the bottom, creating a top-heavy center of gravity. Pair that with the fact that the bottom of the EKEE isn’t even flat and has two small protrusions which prevent the bottom from sitting flat on any stable surface and you’ve got a device that tips over with the smallest amount of lateral force. The EKEE simply isn’t designed for standing up straight.

On a positive note, the stainless steel 510 connection is spring loaded and deeply recessed, ensuring any atomizer including the bundled ProCore Motor sits absolutely flush with the top of the mod making a perfect connection. The firing and wattage control buttons are satisfyingly clicky as well somewhat effectively emulating the feel of an actual key fob. And while the TFT color display might have poor viewability in direct sunlight, it works rather well in ideal lighting situations with an informative UI highlighted by the crisp and colorful display.


Vapor Quality

The bundled ProCore Motor comes as a redesign of the original ProCore sub-ohm tank. Not much has changed from its predecessor besides improved knurling and a slightly different drip tip. The ProCore Motor still utilizes the trusty push-to-slide-and-flip mechanism for the top cap which makes filling the tank with e-liquid incredibly easy. Depending on how you set it up, the ProCore Motor can accommodate either 2ml or 4.5ml of e-liquid with the use of the included vent pipe.

The kit comes with 1 ProC1 0.4ohm coil head and 1 ProC1-S 0.25ohm coil head. What’s great about these coils is that they’re cross-compatible with the majority of Joyetech’s tanks such as the original ProCore. Flavor and vapor production is quite good on either of the coil heads but I’m leaning more towards the more open airflow design on the ProC1-S coil head as it allows for a more intense and warmer vape. Coil longevity stands around the median lifespan lasting about 5 days give or take depending on your frequency of vaping, preferred wattage, and the quality of e-liquid that goes into the tank.

Despite its rather shoddy facade, the internals of the EKEE do a good job of keeping the device sufficiently powered. I haven’t experienced any issues when firing the mod, and the ramp-up is pretty good without much firing delay. While it’s not quite as good as the more expensive DNA or YiHi chips, it certainly comes close.

Joyetech Ekee Front and Side




The top of the of the EKEE can accommodate atomizers up to 25mm in diameter without any overhang, something good to see in mods of this size. Thanks to the large diameter capacity, the potential builds for the EKEE are quite numerous with support for a large variety of atomizers giving you plenty of options for getting the vaping experience you want.

As for the software side of things, the EKEE comes with the full suite of Joyetech’s advanced chipset functions such as temperature control for stainless steel, nickel, and titanium. Support for pre-heat in wattage mode, as well as customisable TCR curves, are also included and easy to configure within the device.



The built-in 2000mAh battery does a good job of powering the EKEE to its maximum 80 watts without much voltage sag. But if you’re expecting a full day’s worth of use at this wattage, you might be disappointed. Still, vaping at the recommended 40-50 watts lets the EKEE soldier on through the entire day without requiring a recharge. In case the battery needs topping up, the 2 amp quick charge feature easily gets the mod up to speed. Just plug the EKEE into any USB power source via the micro USB port and you’re good to go.

The dimensions of the EKEE work very well in terms of overall portability. Just like BMW’s key fob, it easily fits into your pocket as it was originally designed to. Ergonomics are on point as well, with the mod feeling plenty comfortable to hold in hand for extended vaping sessions.

Joyetech Ekee in hand


As a vaping device, the EKEE isn’t bad at all. It’s performance definitely is up to par with other devices in its class, the BMW inspired design should make it an attractive offering for fans of the well-loved automobiles. Just take note that this is a budget-friendly device molded after an expensive piece of equipment, so you’re definitely not going to experience the same build quality and premium feel that the key fob offers.

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