Joyetech Exceed D19 Review - Exceed Expectations?
Build Quality75%
Vapor Quality75%
70%100Overall Score

One of Joyetech’s latest releases, the Joyetech Exceed D19 kit skirts the fine line between a beginners mod, and a high-performance device. The mod uses a 1500mAh internal LiPo battery with a nominal voltage of 3.7 volts and the D19 tank that allows for a full-functioning and versatile vaping experience. The Exceed D19 kit looks to match the pure performance of these classical devices while providing a safe and convenient experience for beginners and veterans to vaping. 

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Product Pros

  • Versatile coil head options
  • Slim and portable form factor
  • Easy to use

Product Cons

  • Delrin threads prone to stripping
  • Battery life not that great


Joyetech Exceed D19 Review: Breakdown

Exceed D19 kit colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

Available in 5 color options including a plain black, plain white, silver, a black & white gradient mix, and a dark orange, Joyetech has outfitted the Exceed D19 kit with a proper base coat that won’t chip or flake easily. There are no guarantees when the mod is dropped though as most devices are prone to their paint finishes chipping when exposed to enough force.

A 1500mAh internal LiPo battery is encased within the slim stainless steel frame. The construction of the Exceed is pretty solid as is usual with these types of tube mods. The battery isn’t user replaceable which removes the need for any battery door that might wobble or wiggle. A micro USB port can be found on the main body of the mod which allows for charging via any powered USB source. While the port doesn’t support 2 amp charging, the relatively low amperage of the battery means that it shouldn’t take long to top it up when needed.

The D19 tank, like most atomizers, is constructed from a high-grade stainless steel. Unlike other tanks though, the threading on the top cap is made out Delrin. While Delrin is durable enough on its own, it still pales in comparison to the hardiness of traditional stainless steel threads so you’re going to have to be a tad careful when taking the top cap on and off, otherwise, you’ll end up with stripped threads. While the Delrin construction of the entire top cap makes it insulate heat from the coils nicely, providing a cool and comfortable vape, it still would’ve been better if Joyetech focused on overall durability by using stainless steel instead.

Since the Exceed is a tube-style device, it lacks any form of LED display which is used to display remaining battery life. Instead the device uses an LED indicator that frames the firing button which lights up to indicate the overall battery status of the mod. At 60-100% the LED stays lit, at 30-59% it will slowly flash, at 10-29% the flashing speeds up a bit, and the LED will flash frequently when in need of a recharge.


Vapor Quality

The Joyetech Exceed D19 kit includes two coil heads out of the box; a 1.2-ohm mouth to lung that comes pre-installed, and a 0.5-ohm direct lung coil head which can be easily swapped in by threading off the glass chamber and screwing in the desired coil head.

The tank holds up to a maximum of 2ml of eliquid which while not best when compared to similar devices, is still plenty adequate. The tank uses a single slot airflow control ring that delivers just the right amount of restrictiveness with each draw. Despite having only one slot available, the singular slot supports multiple configurations for fine tuning your air flow experience allowing you to get the perfect amount of vapor to your needs.

Joyetech claims that the EX coil heads that come with this kit are flavor oriented, and based on my experience with this kit I’m inclined to believe them. Flavor on the 1.2-ohm coil is intense and concentrated while vapor production is on par for a mouth to lung coil. It’s definitely not a cloud chasing build though, so it’s important to keep that in mind. The 0.5ohm direct lung coil head also delivers a good amount of flavor while upping the vapor production game.

While I’m more attuned to this type of vaping experience, I’ve found that due to the lower resistance and higher wattage output, the contents of the tank depletes rather quickly due to the higher eliquid consumption. Battery life isn’t that great as well thanks to the higher wattage so while the Exceed does support multiple types of vaping, it’s not that well-tuned for a direct lung vape.




The Joyetech Exceed only supports direct output and constant voltage output when vaping, meaning you won’t be able to select the exact wattage you want to vape at. While this isn’t exactly a con for most beginners, those who are accustomed to the options presented by variable wattage mods might find the shortage of customisable settings lacking.

While the Joyetech Exceed is similar to mechanical mods in the way it outputs wattage, one of the main differences is the host of safety features built-in to the mod. The dual circuit protection ensures that your batteries are always operating safely with overcharging and discharging protections which provide a safer and more reliable vaping experience.



With overall dimensions measuring out to a mere 118mm * 19mm, the Joyetech Exceed is one of the more portable tube-style devices available, coming close to the size of larger disposable cigarettes. The minimal weight of 73 grams makes carrying the device around hassle-free and painless while storing the device is equally easy as it comfortably fits in pockets and small bags.

While the 1500mAh battery is more than sufficient when vaping the device with the mouth to lung coil installed, using the direct lung coil greatly diminishes the overall daily longevity of the mod, allowing it to last at about half a day in most regular use cases. While this might be a con for many, it should be mentioned that the battery charges fairly quickly via a powered USB source such as a power bank which makes for an ideal portable experience.


The Joyetech Exceed D19 kit is an unassuming little device with lots of ambition hidden within the design. It’s versatile coil options that let you vape in mouth to lung or direct lung mode make it one of the most promising options for the beginner who isn’t sure what style of vaping appeals to them. If it weren’t for the meager 1500mAh battery that makes for a rather short direct lung vaping experience, this would be a definite must buy for anyone looking to quit cigarettes. But as it stands, if you’re willing to look past the unimpressive battery life, the Exceed kit provides lots of flavor and vapor which is sure to satisfy even the most demanding of vapers out there.

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