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Build Quality63%
Vapor Quality67%
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There is a new pod system in town and it is from Joyetech, a company famously known as one of the primary sources of affordable yet high-quality devices. This time, the design is inspired by a yacht with their new pod-style vaporizer called the Joyetech Runabout. Although it looks more like a surfboard than a yacht, it has a very nice appeal to it because it looks so unique and kind of refreshing since most pod systems on the market look the same. But looks aside, does it have the qualities of a good pod system? We’ll find out.

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Product Pros

  • Unique and stylish design
  • Good battery life
  • Constant voltage output
  • Refillable pod

Product Cons

  • Device finish scratches easily


Joyetech Runabout Review: Breakdown

Joyetech Runabout available colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Joyetech Runabout has a very unique and interesting shape and design. It is said to be inspired by a yacht even though its shape is highly similar to a surfboard. I guess it still works as the theme is the same but the beauty of its shape is that even though it has a pointy bottom that goes wide up top, personally I don’t find this unit as comfortable as the Jucee Slice to hold.

The device is lightweight, but don’t let it fool you to thinking that it has a subpar quality. The Runabout is made of zinc alloy and the device feels very solid. The design characteristics of the Runabout comes from the sticker inlays on the front and back of the device.

There are 6 different design options available, from classic wood designs to hip and stylish marble and zebra patterns, every design will sure suit everyone’s taste. The Joyetech Runabout doesn’t have an automatic draw feature as it has a fire button on the front which also serves as the on and off button.

Some say this will take away the cigarette-like experience from the newbies when they start vaping but I prefer to have a power switch on all of my devices for safety. The fire button has a LED ring around it that lights up when it is in use and also serves as the battery life indicator.

There is also a small LED on the pointy end of the device which lights up alongside the power button. The LED lights can also be changed to other colors of your liking which is pretty cool. The Joyetech Runabout has a decent battery life that can last a whole day of casual vaping.

It has a built-in battery that has a capacity of 480 mah and it features a constant voltage output. The Joyetech Runabout’s pod has a standard capacity of 2 ml and is refillable. The coil is not replaceable and that is to be expected as most pod systems on the market have non-replaceable coil pods.

What I like about the pod though is that it is very lightly tinted so you will be able to see the e-liquid inside clearly. I wish other pod system makers follow suit as it is very annoying when you can’t see how much e-liquid is inside in their dark tinted pods.


Vapor Quality

The Joyetech Runabout has a standard coil build but what sets it apart from most pod systems on the market is its constant voltage output feature. The constant voltage output feature is a game changer in the pod system world as it lets you experience the full performance capability of the device from a full battery to zero.

Compared to most pod systems that don’t have this feature, the vapor quality is like day and night. For a small device, the Joyetech Runabout produces a good amount of vapor which is very satisfying.

It also produces a slightly warm vapor which is my preferred type of vape. The flavor on this device is also decent, it produces a clean flavor and I didn’t experience any spit backs.

Joyetech Runabout mouth piece detached




The Joyetech Runabout is a very simple device that is made for the newbies that are transitioning to the world of vaping. It doesn’t have any bells and whistles such as wattage and temperature control but it is a perfect little device for those who just want very good and portable vape device.

Even though it doesn’t have a power adjustment feature, the constant voltage output makes up for it. Its ability to perform on the same quality regardless of battery life already makes it a better device than most pod systems that don’t have that feature.



The Joyetech Runabout is a very portable and pocket-friendly device. Even though it is slightly bigger than some pod systems on the market, it is only 117mm in height, 30.5mm in length and 15.5mm in width.

It is a perfect device for the vapers who are always on the go as its battery capacity is enough to last a whole day of casual vaping. It is even a better device if you are out on the beach as it perfectly matches the surroundings.

Joyetech Runabout flat display


The Joyetech Runabout is a perfect device for those who want to quit smoking or even the vape veterans who are just looking for a good-performing pod system. It has a cool shape and design and has a good vapor quality to satisfy your vaping needs. It doesn’t have a special ceramic coil and whatnot but its constant voltage output makes it a better buy than most pod systems on the market. Even though it doesn’t have the largest battery capacity, it still has a decent amount of power that can last a whole day of vaping.

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