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Build Quality76%
Vapor Quality74%
74%100Overall Score

If you are interested in trying a true variable temperature vape, then we’ve got a great review for you today because we’re taking a look at the Joyetech eVic VT. This unit is purchased as a kit and includes an eGo ONE Mega tank and two coils, so right off the bat this looks like a good option for someone trying to get started with box mods. 

If you are interested in getting a variable temperature vape or just getting into box mods in general, this is definitely a review worth reading…

Product Pros

  1. Outstanding design
  2. Full kit with tank and coils
  3. Huge battery (5000 mAh)
  4. Great vapor output
  5. Variable temperature
  6. Easy to read display

Product Cons

  1. Difficult to set-up and use when your first get it

Joyetech EVic VT Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

This is a very well-built device. The first thing we noticed was the design. This isn’t just your typical box mod as far as aesthetics go. It feels and looks like some sort of muscle car thanks to the raised middle and the metallic paint job.

I always say that design means nothing if it’s used to hide low-quality construction, but that definitely isn’t the case with this kit. The internal battery in the eVic VT is rated at a whopping 5000 mAh and offers pass-through charging capabilities. The tank that is included is the popular eGo One Mega, and you even get two coils, one made from nickel and one from titanium.

One of the nicest things about the device is the big, easy-to-read display. You control the display using a combination of button clicks and a thumb wheel on top of the unit that can be quarter-turned to the left or right for scrolling through the menu and changing settings.

The only real downside of the unit is you really need to read the user manual before using it. There are a bunch of settings and how to change them isn’t always intuitive. There are different temperature control modes for each type of coil, it will ask whether the coil is new or not, you can change both the temperature and the power, and that’s just the start of your customization options! Don’t get me wrong, more options is a good thing, I’m just letting you know that this may be a bit complicated to figure out the first few times you use it.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality was extremely good. The coils seemed like they were pretty small, but this didn’t affect vapor output in the slightest. Remember all the options I mentioned above? Well they pretty much guarantee that you will be able to find a setting that delivers the absolute perfect vapor for your preferences. Whether you want unbeatable flavor, smooth draws or huge clouds, you’ll be able to achieve it with this mod.




The eVic VT is definitely versatile, for the same reason I just said that it delivers great vapor. There are just so many ways you can use this. There are temperature control modes for both nickel and titanium coils, but you can also choose to forego the temperature control and change it to the typical wattage-based settings.

One small but nice feature is the grooves where you connect the tank to the base. While the eGo ONE Mega tank has airflow settings, these grooves ensure that you can use the base with other tanks that may not have that.

The display is very customizable, allowing you to switch between viewing battery life, a timer, or a draw counter. There is even a stealth mode which turns the display off. If you found yourself in a situation where you thought the light from the OLED display could attract unwanted attention, this may be a nice feature to have.



While this unit feels a bit heavy, the reason is definitely because of the big battery that powers it. This battery will come in handy if you want to use the unit while out and about without having to stop and charge it. The overall size isn’t bad, but I’ve always found box mods to be a bit cumbersome to carry because they don’t fit nicely into pockets. On the plus side, Joyetech does include a convenient silicon cover that protects the base of the unit from scratches or small falls.


You can tell that Joyetech put a lot of work into the eVic VT. This kit is an extremely good deal for the money, as the battery alone could cost over half of the final price. If you are looking for an all-in-one variable temperature device, this will give you all the performance you could hope for.

My favorite features are definitely the design and the temperature control. This unit offers true control of temperature levels, but it doesn’t sacrifice your ability to drop back into a simple wattage mode. The tank is great, the coils perform very well, and the vapor quality was also fantastic.

I have no problem at all recommending this mod. If you decide to get one or already own one, let us know what you think about it. We like hearing from our customers so we can get a better idea of what you like and don’t like in your vapes!

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