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Build Quality90%
Vapor Quality80%
78%100Overall Score

The Juul is a revolutionary vape which from my quick and short time with it, has proven to be one of the easiest and effective ways to make the switch. While it might not look like much, its unassuming design lends to its overall effectivity. It’s simple to use, easy to carry around, and packs a punch.

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Product Pros

  • Uber Portable
  • Cartridges pack a punch
  • Extremely easy to use

Product Cons

  • Locked into the Juul cartridges and liquids




Juul Review: Breakdown

Juul E-Cig with pods


Build Quality

Build Quality

Unfortunately, the early years of vaping haven’t been kind in fostering the reputation of pen style e-cigs. Most of us have been exposed to expensive disposable varieties that never hit the right spots in terms of flavor.

Not to mention that all those disposable e-cigarettes being thrown away are definitely not good for the environment either. Enter the Juul: A simple yet revolutionary design that seeks to overthrow all our misgivings on how well a vape pen performs.

Starting from the aesthetics, the Juul is remarkably compact, sporting the width and thickness of a USB thumb drive with a length barely longer than a Kit Kat chocolate bar. It’s incredibly easy to carry around, and fits into any pocket you deem fit to stuff it into it. In fact, the Juul is so incredibly tiny that my largest concern was easily misplacing or outright losing the device. Featuring an elegant, matte finish, it feels great to the touch, not exuding any cheapness or toy-like qualities that we’ve grown accustomed to from its predecessors.

It also seems like the designers have sought to subvert our expectations of what an e-cig is supposed to like, going for a stylish rectangular design that contrasts the rounded shape of conventional e-cigarettes.

The Juul itself is comprised of merely 3 parts: The pod which holds the flavored solution, the body of the Juul which also serves as the battery, and the incredibly tiny USB charger. Each of these individual components fit easily together making for hassle-free experience whether you’re vaping on the Juul or charging it.


Vapor Quality

The Juul is incredibly easy to operate. Simply take one of the pods, slide it into the Juul which comes fully charged out of the box, and you’re good to go. There are no firing buttons or fancy switches to adjust the settings on this device.

Just simply put it in your mouth and take a drag. The Juul automatically detects negative air pressure and starts firing, delivering a continuous stream of high-quality vapor into your mouth. When you stop puffing, the Juul stops firing as well. It literally couldn’t be easier than that and is miraculously enough, a lot simpler than the alternative.


The pods come in a variety of flavors as well including mint and crème brulee. And while flavor production is satisfyingly sufficient, it naturally comes second to high wattage devices which let you vape a lot more eliquid per puff. It’s also to be expected that this isn’t a cloud chasing device.

Vapor production just slightly outperforms that of a pen style e-cig so for those who might want to get into vaping but are also interested in blowing big clouds, they’ll definitely not find what they’re looking for in the Juul.

Juul E-Cig on back




While the availability of flavors is currently limited to Virginia Tobacco, Cool Mint, Fruit Medley, and Creme Brulee, Pax, the makers of the Juul are promising a whole new line up to choose from.



Needless to say at this point but the Juul is probably the easiest vape to carry around in your pocket. It weighs almost next to nothing and requires zero maintenance, making it the perfect device for those who are always on the move.

The tiny USB charger which connects to the Juul magnetically is roughly the size of a wireless Bluetooth dongle making the Juul extremely convenient to recharge especially when on the go.

Juul E-Cig charging


If you are looking to make the switch, the Juul is the perfect device. It’s portable, easy to use, and has a great draw. For those who already vape on higher wattage box mods, the Juul is a great backup kit especially for when you’re traveling or on the go, requiring very little maintenance and being time efficient in terms of getting your vape on.

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Arash is a massive vape geek who has dipped his toes in all things vape related ever since the original cartomizer was a thing. Aside from vaping, he enjoys climbing the ranks in Rainbow Six: Siege and obsessing over optimal airflow setups for your everyday desktop computer. As an avid fan of the fantasy genre, he also thinks that you should immediately read the Kingkiller Chronicle and Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere series for refusing to do so might result in a glaring lack of joie de vivre.

3 Responses

  1. Manika

    This is a decent product if you enjoy a closed system—and like the flavors they offer. It provides a pretty strong hit.

    I purchased a starter kit from a brick and mortar shop and had issues with their website. I found their customer support to be disingenuous and less than “supportive.”

    I’ve been vaping since it became legal to do so in California, at first to stop smoking, then for pleasure. I’m kind of old these days and a hobbyist. I have several devices. I’ve had so many high and low-end mods and been through I suppose some stages of vaping.

    This is genuinely the first time I’ve come across an unhelpful customer service experience in the vaping world. I’m sure it is probably isolated but it was off putting enough for me to share it.

  2. Rachelle Erb

    I honestly aim not a fan. When I insert a new pod the hits are good. Mine develops bubbles and causes it to crackle..then I start coughing because it’s so harsh. I’ve hardly gotten through a whole pod before i switch it out. This doesn’t help my pocket.


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