Kandypens Crystal Black Review - Crystal Ball
Build Quality75%
Vapor Quality73%
Look & Feel70%
73%100Overall Score

Kandypens is a brand known for its stylish, high-quality devices. Every Kandypens unit guarantees quality, and every unit is a fashion statement. Well, Kandypens is back at it again with the Crystal Black. This concentrate vaporizer features an innovative coilless design that effortlessly produces voluminous clouds of smooth, flavorful vapor. Plus, like all Kandypens devices, it has a stylish design that makes some of the competition look pretty shabby.

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Product Pros

  • Compact design
  • Great taste
  • Easy to use

Product Cons

  • Limited Run
  • Replacement Parts




Kandypens Crystal Black Review: Breakdown


Kandypens Crystal Black front display

Build Quality

Build Quality

The Crystal Black is a compact and dense device. It’s only 10 cm (about 4 inches) tall, and it’s sturdy. This device is clearly well-built, and I’d be willing to bet that it could survive its fair share of drops. I wouldn’t test that theory, but the Crystal Black has a heftiness that allows you to hold it with confidence.

The hefty, premium feel of the Crystal Black is due in large part to its medical-grade electroplated stainless steel construction. The high-quality metal construction and matte black finish work together very nicely to bring a stylish, luxurious feel to the Crystal Black.

We love Kandypens’ use of high-quality materials in this device. The ceramic oil chamber and glass mouthpiece add to the premium quality of the Crystal Black, and they do a lot for the quality of the vapor as well.


Vapor Quality

Concentrate vaporizers typically use metal coils, but the Crystal Black features an innovative coilless design that yields some of the smoothest, most flavorful vapor. The Crystal Black’s quartz crystal glass atomizer only uses ceramic materials.

Ceramic materials are very conductive, so they’re ideal for coils. Plus, ceramic materials have flavor-preserving qualities that make them ideal for the delivery of flavorful clouds of vapor.


Kandypens Crystal Black mouth piece detached


Look and Feel

The Crystal Black is a high-quality, stylish, intricately-designed device. The weight of the stainless steel body gives it a premium heft, and the matte black finish gives it a modern, fashionable look.

Adding the that stylish, modern look, the illuminated “K” on the front of the device changes its color to indicate the temperature setting. Its a very useful feature, and it looks awesome! Overall, this device looks and feels like a luxury product.



The Kandypens Crystal Black is very easy to use. Simply drop your concentrate into the oven and cover it with the splash-guarded glass mouthpiece. The splashguard that’s built into the glass mouthpiece will keep popping oil from burning your mouth.

Once you’ve loaded your oven, turn the Crystal Black on by pressing the button on the front five times. Once the device is on, you can alternate between the four heat settings by clicking the button on the front of the device three times.

Once the Crystal Black has reached the desired temperature, just press the fire button and draw from the Crystal Black to your heart’s content.

Kandypens Crystal Black full kit



The Crystal Black is only 10 centimeters tall, which is a little less than 4 inches. It’s so small that the average hand will mostly conceal it during use, and the small form factor makes it easy to carry around.

The glass mouthpiece makes carrying it in your pocket a little nerve-wracking, but the mouthpiece is so small that it isn’t too worrisome. Just don’t put in your pocket with other items. Otherwise, the Crystal Black is a very compact, portable device.



The Crystal Black’s relatively small size and blacked out paint job make it fairly low-profile, but the illuminated Kandypens logo on the front of the device tends to attract eyes.

That glowing logo is pretty small, so you can easily cover it with your hand if you don’t want the extra attention. For the most part, the Kandypens Crystal Black is a very discreet vaporizer.


Kandypens is known for their consistent dedication to quality, and they’ve proven their dedication yet again with the Kandypens Crystal Black. This is a powerful, stylish device with an innovative, quartz coilless oven. This unique design results in some of the purest, most flavorful vapor offered by a portable oil vape.

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