KandyPens Elite Review - Meet the Elite
Build Quality83%
Vapor Quality79%
Look & Feel81%
80%100Overall Score

Another day, another KandyPens vaporizer hitting the shops in a wide array of funky styles. The KandyPens Elite is a gold and ceramic-style vaporizer for concentrates, designed to be the luxury model for KandyPens collectors. With a gold-trimmed ceramic-style build housing a switchable atomizer setup, the Elite looks to be a must-have for the fancypants vaporizer aficionado. Unlike you, we HAVE to try all the KandyPens to see which ones work the best and with which sort of lifestyle. So, let’s check out the KandyPens Elite and see how it stacks up to the best of the best.

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Product Pros

  • Includes quartz coils and  a ceramic chamber
  • Scratch-resistant build
  • Solid vapor production

Product Cons

  • Only works for concentrates
  • Very similar to other KandyPens designs


KandyPens Elite Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

This is a fairly standard KandyPens device, which you should be used to if you already have one of the brand’s other models. However, the Elite comes with two unique and distinct atomizers which helps to give it some customization.

The new triple-coat paint job should be fairly scratch-resistant as well, making this one of the stronger KandyPens models out there.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality from the Elite is comparable to most other KandyPens models. The difference here is how you can utilize the two different atomizers to get different levels of vapor production. Using the coil-less ceramic chamber is optimum for lower and tastier hits; however, you can also try the dual-quartz atomizer on the lowest setting to still get a fair amount of power. It may also be a good idea to “prime” the atomizer by giving the power button a few quick pulses with some material on the coil.

As far as temperature control goes, there are four temperature settings available; similar to the KandyPens Gravity, you can set heat to 300°F, 350°F. This gives a decent enough overview of tastes, though not really much to write home about.

KandyPens Elite Ceramic Chamber

Look and Feel

The standard KandyPens design is present with the Elite, except now the finish is ceramic-style with gold elements. The Elite also features a triple-thick paint job for extra durability against scratches while the Elite is in use or in transit.

Overall, this is another fine addition to the KandyPens catalogue, if not a particularly essential piece in general.



Like most KandyPens, it’s relatively easy to keep the Elite discreet. The device itself is small and slim enough to be hidden away when necessary, and it doesn’t get super cloudy unless you’re using the dual quartz atomizers at the highest settings. Use the ceramic chamber with low heat and you’ll be able to get covert and wispy draws for discreet effectiveness

As for design, the addition of the gold elements to the design do make it a bit more conspicuous, but not so much you’ll be drawing unwanted attention. This should make the Elite as decent for discreetness as one would need.


Ease of Use

Operation of pretty much all KandyPens is just one button, with five clicks to power the device on or off. It’s best to make sure to only fill the chamber with approximately 0.1 grams of material (around the size of a BB or two).

One of the new additions is an air-carb on the mouthpiece, but this can be kind of a pain to use due to how close it is to the mouthpiece of the device; this means you’ll have to put your hand in an awkward position to effectively use this element.



KandyPens are usually known for being svelte enough devices to being quite portable, and the Elite fits alongside this description. It’s thin and slim, while also being sturdy enough to hold up to a bit of wear and tear while in transit.

The Elite is also touted as having “leak-proof technology” which helps to keep concentrate material from seeping out while in transit. This should also make the Elite good for using with thinner concentrates like oils.


The KandyPens Elite is yet another addition to the stylish KandyPens catalog, but it’s still a bit unclear how worthwhile it is to purchase.

This is a fine device for someone collecting KandyPens, but there’s otherwise not much to recommend for either the casual consumer or the advanced aficionado; I mean, why not just use one of the numerous other KandyPens out there? Rather than collecting all the minor variations of KandyPens out there, it could be a better investment to snag the KandyPens Galaxy, or even the less expensive Zeus Thunder 2. In any case, the Elite is a fairly safe bet for a solid and stylish wax pen; just know your options most certainly do not end there.

How has the Elite stacked up against the rest of your KandyPens collection? Let us know in the comments below!



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