KandyPens Feather Review - Ruffled Feathers
Build Quality90%
Vapor Quality83%
78%100Overall Score

The hype for pod style vaporizers is real! More and more pod style vaporizers are being made by some big vape brands and other companies who are not into any e-liquid vaporizers like KandyPens. KandyPens is known for making vaporizers specially made to be used with vape oils, concentrates, dry herbs and wax, and this is the first time they have really made a product for e-liquids. Since the KandyPens Feather is their first time making apod-stylee vaporizer, they made sure that they did everything right.

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Product Pros

  • Options for dual or triple battery
  • Ergonomic
  • Wattage ramps up instantly

Product Cons

  • The battery is not removable


KandyPens Feather Review: Breakdown

KandyPens Feather inclined view


Build Quality

Build Quality

The KandyPens Feather is made of premium materials with a rubberized texture on the outside and holding it feels nice to the touch. It is made to be a super compact and portable vaporizer and it shows on the design. The shape of the device looks like a feather, hence the name, “KandyPens Feather”. It is super slim and it fits easily in the palm of your hand.

KandyPens is claiming that the Feather is handmade, I’m not too sure about that but I can’t deny that it looks and feels premium. The KandyPens Feather has no buttons. It has a very simple design, with only 5 small LED indicators on the side that shows you how much battery is left and a micro USB port for charging.

It has a 360 mah lithium ion battery that is not removable like all the other pod style vaporizers but what is really nice about the KandyPens Feather is that it has a lifetime warranty on their battery, unlike the JUUL which only has a warranty of 1 year. The pod on the top has a 2 ml e liquid capacity and has a built-in coil with a resistance of 0.8 ohm.

What’s really nice about the KandyPens Feather’s pod is that it is refillable. Unlike the JUUL that forces you to buy pre-filled pods every time you ran out of e liquid, the KandyPens Feather lets you refill its pod with any e liquid you like. The only downside is that you have to use high concentration based e liquids as KandyPens said that the Feather is built and optimized for high concentration based e liquids only.

You might be able to get away with using any other standard e liquids but I can’t guarantee that you will get very good vape out of those when using the Feather. The KandyPens Feather is available in 6 different color options and you can get it in black, turquoise, gray, red, yellow and white.


Vapor Quality

The KandyPens Feather is a starter kit, meaning, it is made with the newbies in mind. The newbies who just quit traditional methods are still used to the tight and restrictive mouth to lung hit, and that is what they will get with the KandyPens Feather, but you can also do a direct to lung drag with it since it has 2 air holes on the side and on the bottom of the pod.

The Feather has a maximum output of 15 watts and a coil resistance of 0.8 ohm, which is a good amount of power to resistance ratio for a perfect mouth to lung vape. Surprisingly, the KandyPens Feather can produce a huge amount of vapor unlike most pod style vaporizers on the market.

KandyPens Feather mouth piece




The KandyPens Feather is a very simple vaporizer. You won’t be able to change how it vapes since you can’t adjust its power and airflow. It is primarily made for smokers who want to switch to vaping so it will always be a mouth to lung vaping device.

This device is optimized for high concentration e liquids but you can still use normal e-liquids.  The 380 mah battery capacity is fairly large for a pod style vaporizer compared to JUUL which only has a 200 mah battery capacity. Its battery capacity can get you 2 to 3 days’ worth of vape time depending on how much you vape in a day.



The KandyPens Feather is one of the slimmest and compact vaporizers on the market right now. It is only 80 mm tall and 8 mm wide, someone might even mistake it for a lighter. It is very stealthy which is good if you travel a lot and is also perfect to bring on parties and social gatherings.

KandyPens Feather side view


The KandyPens Feather is a perfect device for those who are looking for a super compact and portable pod style vaporizer. Don’t be fooled by its size because it can produce a good amount of vapor, and with its power output and coil resistance, it can deliver a clean and smooth hit every puff you take as long as you are using high concentration based e liquids. If you are looking for a stealthy vaporizer and a perfect grab and go device, the KandyPens Rubi is worth checking out.

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