KandyPens K-Box Review - Box Of K
Build Quality70%
Vapor Quality73%
Look & Feel75%
Ease of Use80%
75%100Overall Score

The K-Box is a new take on a wax device for KandyPens. Typically we have seen just wax pens and attachments from KandyPens. The K-Box is a small mod system that works with a wax atomizer or 510 thread liquid cartridges. There are a lot of choices when it comes to wax vaporizers. Here we will discuss the build quality, vapor quality, look and feel, discreteness, portability, ease of use, and our overall assessment on whether we think the KandyPens K-Box deserves to be one of your next purchases.

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Product Pros

  • Glass mouthpiece
  • Simple to use
  • 510 thread
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Affordable
  • Small

Product Cons

  • Not for dry herbs
  • Glass can break
  • Weak battery


KandyPens K-Box Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The overall build quality of the KandyPens K-Box is of decent quality, it is a well-designed device that falls around the average build quality for wax vaporizers. The K-Box kit comes with the glass mouthpiece, a triple quartz coil, a dab tool and the USB charging cable.

The glass mouthpiece piece that comes with the K-Box is of good quality as well. As with anything components made of glass, it stands a chance of breaking if handled incorrectly. Just don’t go throwing this one around. Units such as the PAX and Zeus Thunder are more durable if that’s what you’re looking for in a vaporizer.

A 900 mAh battery is what power the KandyPens K-Box. This is an average size battery that you will find in most wax vape pens. Due to the fact that you are only vaping waxes and oils this battery will be sufficient. Wax and oils do not require the oven to be heated for as long a time period so they can get away with smaller batteries.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality that the KandyPens K-Box is not bad, I was overall content with my session and the variable voltage settings give a good range to switch things up from hit to hit. I personally did not try the K-Box with a 510 oil cartridge but I imagine that it would handle liquids pretty good. The higher temperatures seemed to work best with wax concentrates which is expected.

The coils are average size and they heat up pretty quick. It can be easy to overcook your concentrates so there is a bit of a learning curve with this unit. Overall I thought the K-Box did a pretty good job at vaping my material and after a few attempts, I got more used to playing with the voltage to get a better delivery. The K-Box does have an adjustable airflow which allows you to increase or decrease the draw resistance to your liking.

It will be neat if KandyPens comes out with a water filter attachment for this unit. If not there are a few 510 thread water pieces that you can get to pair to units such as this.


KandyPens K-Box exploded


Look and Feel

The KandyPens K-Box is very compact for a vape mod and tank system. The design is as small as you might be able to get, or at least want to get.

You can tell from checking out the pictures on this page that the KandyPens K-Box is a clean looking simple device.



On a sheer size point of view, the K-Box is one of the most discreet vape mods for waxes and oils. This is however only due to its size. When talking about a concentrate wax and oil vaporizer it can only be so discrete. As soon as you use it your cover is blown.

The K-Box may be small but it can generate a decent amount of vapor.

KandyPens K-Box kit


Ease of Use

The K-Box is a easy device to get used to. To turn it on you press the button 4 times, doing the same will also turn it off. There is an adjustable airflow ring on the ceramic oven, by twisting it you will open and close the airflow. The one button design allows for easy operation.

You can press the button 3 times to change between the 4 temperature modes. Once you have chosen your set temperature and have either your wax in the oven or 510 cartridge in place you simply press and hold the fire button. As you press the fire button you inhale into your lungs and exhale.

The option to use this unit with pre filled CBD oil makes it an appealing product to many new people entering the world of extracts. The K-Box is definitely an entry level friendly device for people looking to start with something simple and easy.



On a portability note the K-Box is as small as they come. Vape mods are more widely known to be used with e-juices and nicotine and usually come with bigger battery mods. With so many devices to choose from on the market we have begun seeing micro mods like this one more often.

The K-Box uses a 900 mAh battery which for its purpose of vaping concentrates is ok. If this was a dry herb vaporizer this battery would be a red flag.

The 510 compatibility makes the K-Box and it’s atomizer more portable as you can mix and match with other industry devices. Most vape mods and tank system also use the 510 thread. This means that if your battery does die and you already have your coil loaded you could potentially use your friends mod. Vise versa, if you’re around someone else who’s battery, died they could use your mod to vape what is in there tank system.


Overall I would say that the K-Box is a practical wax and oil vape mod system. The vapor production is decent and the small size makes it very portable. The triple quartz atomizer that comes with the K-Box wouldn’t personally be my first choice but extra coils are easy to come by. For the low price of around $80 the K-Box is a good entry level product.

There are tons of vape pens on the market and some for every budget, you may find it helpful to check out our vape pen section where we review the top devices in the industry. One popular device that may be worth looking into fits most budgets is the Thunder 2.

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