KandyPens MiNi Review - Unwrapped Kandy
Build Quality60%
Vapor Quality70%
Look and Feel57%
65%100Overall Score

Welcome to our review of the KandyPens MiNi!

This is a short but relatively fat pen-style vaporizer for concentrates, and it has a reputation for delivering very good flavor thanks to an all ceramic vapor pathway. The atomizer is the new dish style, though there is also a dual quartz rod option that you can buy separately

On the surface things look good, but like other KandyPens units that we’ve reviewed recently, there isn’t anything particularly unique or special about the feature list. Despite this, the price is pretty high when you compare it to other units on the market.

Today we’re going to be going over all of the features and its performance to see if it can justify the expense!

Product Pros

  • All ceramic vapor pathway (atomizer + mouthpiece)
  • Good flavor
  • 3 temperature levels
  • Good airflow

Product Cons

  • Not a great value
  • Not as attractive as other KandyPens models


KandyPens MiNi Review: Breakdown



Build Quality

Build Quality

The build quality on this isn’t bad, but it certainly isn’t anything all that special either.

The highlight is definitely the ceramic dish atomizer. It offers a nice deep design, good airflow, and it doesn’t seem to leak. It isn’t rebuildable though, so when you want to replace it, you have to replace the entire middle section of the vaporizer.

The battery has a 950mAh capacity. Most pen-style concentrate vaporizers only offer around 650mAh, so this is a step in the right direction. Another nice feature is the pass-through mini-USB charging. This means you’ll be able to use the MiNi while it is plugged in.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality is actually surprisingly good. As I mentioned earlier, this thing offers a 100% ceramic vapor pathway. Combined with a dish-style atomizer (which are known for delivering better flavor and less burning), the result is excellent flavor. The vapor was smooth on the throat, and you can taste all the subtle flavors in your wax too. This is something that many vaporizers don’t do well.

Vapor strength was average. If you want stronger hits from this, you would need to invest in the dual quartz rod atomizer. You can’t get this with the base, but they are designed to work together.



Look and Feel

I’m not a big fan of how this looks, especially when compared to the sleek designs that other KandyPens units offer like the Galaxy. This just seems clunky and relatively unattractive.

It would be one thing if the design was original or distinct, but it isn’t. There are a lot of vaporizers out there that look a lot like this, including options you can import from China for super cheap. The KandyPens website claims that this was designed and developed in the USA, but if that’s the case they didn’t do a very good job coming up with something unique!



Discretion shouldn’t be a problem with this vaporizer. At less than 4.5 inches tall, you can easily keep the majority of it concealed in your hand. The design isn’t very eye-catching either, so that should help you keep a low profile.

Remember to move it to the lowest temperature setting and take shorter draws when discretion is important. This will keep visible vapor to a minimum.


Ease of Use

This has the exact same setup of almost every pen-style vaporizer out there. It’s a one-button design that you just click five times to turn on. The temperature levels are cycled through by clicking that same button three times while the device is on. The button is back-lit to indicate the current temperature level. Here are the colors and the corresponding temperatures:

  • Red = 350°
  • Green = 390°
  • Blue = 430°



This is an easy unit to carry around. Its nice and short, which makes it easy to slide into a pocket. It’s also thick, giving it a sturdiness that should make it more durable. There isn’t anything on the exterior that can break easily, so that should give you some peace of mind while carrying it around with you as well.

The battery isn’t anything exceptional, but it is a little bigger than average. This should translate to a slightly longer life. In practice, I would expect a day’s worth of hard usage or a couple days of lighter use.


I like the KandyPens MiNi, but I think that it is priced too high.

The vapor quality is great, especially when it comes to flavor. This does a good job capturing and delivering all the subtle flavor profiles that different waxes have to offer. Definitely a major plus.

The rest of the package is pretty average though. You only get one atomizer, and it can’t be rebuilt. The design is nothing new, and it isn’t very appealing either. You get temperature options, but only three options. Nothing here is groundbreaking.

If you are looking for a unit that has a similar style of atomizer at a fraction of the cost be sure to check out the Zeus Thunder 2, a far more worthwhile unit, especially for the price.

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